Staffer Alleges Roberts Exploded While Talking To Other Justices Over Texas Lawsuit

Texas Congressman Matt Patrick (CD-32) spoke at the Texas presidential electors legislative session and made bombshell allegations against Chief Justice John Roberts. Patrick claimed a SCOTUS staffer’s damning testimony alleges Roberts’ “moral cowardice” lead to a massive fight in chambers over the Texas election lawsuit. Some are now calling for Roberts to step down immediately. Don’t miss this.

Chief Justice John Roberts (Screenshot: YouTube)

Texas State Elector Matt Patrick’s bombshell testimony is going viral. 

To be fair, it should be noted that the claim comes with no specific citation for further review or analysis, and considering the heightened sense of concern over the election, more details should be requested before making assumptions about the described incident.

“This was written by a current staffer of one of the Supreme Court justices,” Patrick said. “And I’ll just describe the report that I read and you can make of it what you will.”

“He said the justices as they do go into a closed room to discuss cases and they debate. There’s no phones, no computers, no nothing. No one is in this room but the nine justices. It’s typically very civil—they usually don’t hear any sound as they just debate what they are doing.”

“But when the Texas case was brought up, he said he heard ‘screaming through the walls,'” Patrick added. “As Justice Roberts and the other liberal justices were insisting that this case not be taken up.”

“And the reason…the words that were heard through the wall when Justice Thomas and Justice Alito were citing Bush versus Gore from John Roberts were: ‘I don’t give a (curse word) about that case, and I don’t wanna hear about it. At that time we didn’t have riots'” Patrick declared.

“So what he was saying was that he was afraid of what would happen if they did the right thing,” Patrick stated. “And I’m sorry but that is moral cowardice. And we in the SRCE—I’m a team member—we put those words in very specifically because the charge of the Supreme Court is ultimately to be our final arbitrator, our final line of defense for right and wrong and they did not do their duty.”

Americans were outraged over this allegation.  

“Thanks to John Roberts for letting us know that the Supreme Court is just another elite Democrat private club,” tweeted Dean Browning.

“It’s now being reported that Chief Justice John Roberts didn’t want to take the Texas Supreme Court case because he was scared there would be mass riots. We all know that means they would rule in @realDonaldTrump’s favor!” tweeted Evan Kilgore.

“Six at least! But, the more we learn about the Supreme Court’s closed door arguments, the more John Roberts surfaces as a cowardly villain, afraid of nationwide riots!” tweeted Daniel F. Baranowski.

“John Roberts has done more damage to the Supreme Court over the last 15 years than any other Justice in US History,” tweeted Brigitte Gabriel.

“Who else wants to see John Roberts resign?” tweeted Lori Hendry.

“Just spoke to one of my liberal friends. He admitted ‘we cheated’ to get Joe Biden elected. It’s obvious. The Supreme Court is lead by a COMPROMISED Chief Justice John Roberts!!” tweeted David Benjamin.

“Corruption & deceit have reached most powerful office in our country – the Chief Justice of U.S. Supreme Court. This is a sad day for our country but a day on which we must wake up & face the truth. Roberts is reason that SCOTUS has not acted on election cases. Others involved,” tweeted attorney Lin Wood.

While the clip is consistent with Roberts’ disposition to dodge any cases that might potentially agitate liberals as he did in the Obamacare case, we will need to stay tuned for interviews and exposes to get more clarity on this staffer’s report.

What John Roberts and the other Supreme Court Justices did in denying the right of Texas to challenge other states’ unconstitutional election processes is a travesty of justice. “Moral cowardice” is exactly the right way to describe John Roberts who has been a thorn in the side of conservatives for over 15 years.

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