‘Brilliant Move’ By Founding Fathers Could Become Joe Biden’s Worst Nightmare

According to recent polls, many Americans believe the Democrats are trying to steal the election, and we can say “are trying” because of the brilliance of the framers of the Constitution. The constitutional process of electing the president is not over yet. You don’t want to miss how this could become the worst nightmare for Joe Biden and his supporters.

President Donald Trump, Joe Biden (Screenshots: YouTube)

In his splendid book American Exceptionalism, Charles Murray reminds us that it was foreigners who took the lead in claiming Americans are different:

For whatever else these observers might say about the United States, they all agreed on one thing: the United States was quite unlike their own or any other nation. It was exceptional.

Those words echo today as we face the biggest constitutional crisis this nation has ever seen. Robert Curry reminds us of the reality of our situation via American Greatness. 

“Those who deny the obvious fact that the Democrats stole the vote know the truth as well as you do. They are following that protocol loved by totalitarians everywhere, the Big Lie; simply keep repeating the Lie no matter what happens,” Curry said.

The Big Lie comes in two varieties. In the first version, there is no evidence of wrongdoing in the election when you and I voted. In the second version, the Electoral College has spoken and that’s the end of it.

Both versions are obviously false. There is overwhelming evidence of fraud, and the political process is not over. The people who say it is over know better.

Curry then reminds us our Founding Fathers put into place “a process” knowing corruption would happen in our elections. 

It’s important for us to remember that we are still in the midst of the political process. That is why the Democrats and their minions in the media and the Republican Party are now rolling out a barrage of Big Lie propaganda. The Democrats also need to win this phase of the political process to get away with stealing the election. The election is ongoing.

An aroused American public that refuses to accept this attempt to steal the election from them will make it possible for those in Congress to do what they generally try to avoid doing—living up to their constitutional duty. They should not certify this attempt to steal the election.

“What happens then?” Curry asked. “In simplest terms, the new House of Representatives, presided over by Vice President Mike Pence will choose the president. Since each state has one vote and there are more Republican-led delegations in Congress, a reasonable expectation is that the winner of this three-step process will be Donald Trump, the man who actually won the first step in the process—thanks to the brilliance of America’s Founders.”

Curry goes on to outline what happens in the Senate:

And, also according to the framers’ design, the new Senate chooses the vice president, with each senator assigned one vote. This provision of the Constitution elevates the results of the two senatorial elections in Georgia to unusual importance. The voters in Georgia have a special opportunity to “stop the steal”—again thanks to the Founders’ brilliance.

The people who came to America were different from their neighbors who stayed behind—more self-reliant, more resourceful, more willing to face great challenges in order to seize the opportunities life in America offered. America was different because Americans were different.

Thus, our election process was designed differently. One of the biggest differences has to do with the power of We the People. For it to work, the American Idea—government by, for, and of the people under the Constitution—requires American citizens who have that certain something that sets Americans apart.

The 2020 presidential election raises a question: will Americans sit back and wait for authorities to rescue us or will we rise to the occasion? Will the people demand that unless this is fixed we refuse to be governed?

Americans are exceptional. We fought the most-deadly military in the world to gain our liberty, and that American spirit of our ancestors lives in us today. That’s one thing the elites didn’t count on.

The Democrats believe their effort to ignore the American Constitution is about to be rewarded, but they forgot they are fighting the same people whose motto “live free or die” birthed the very country they are trying to destroy.

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