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Dom is a conservative Christian who specializes in Middle Eastern affairs, Islamic immigration (hijra), Christianity, Islam, and Sharia law. She hopes to expose Islam as a fundamentally violent, political and religious ideology that seeks to use freedom and democracy to destroy freedom and democracy.

Ohio Muslim Brutally Honor Kills Daughter, Family Excuses It With 4 Words

September 29, 2016

Islamic honor killing is rearing its ugly head in America, especially since an Ohio man brutally murdered his beautiful young daughter in front of the entire family. However, when questioned by police, the devout relatives had just 4 words to excuse why their patriarch killed his child in cold blood. [...]

U.N. Sides With U.S. Black Lives Matter, Orders Whites Do Sick Thing For Blacks

September 28, 2016

With racial tension at an all-time high in the U.S., a United Nations panel decided to meet and come up with a plan to quell the race war between Black Lives Matter protesters and the notorious hate group's opposition. However, instead of trying to unify the two sides, the U.N. has announced a disturbing demand that it believes whites should do immediately for the black population. [...]

Entitled Muslims Furious When They Hear What School Will Teach About Islam

September 28, 2016

Muslims in a Tennessee were overjoyed to hear that even though they are one of the smallest minorities in the country, the public schools had dedicated a section solely to Islam. However, the smiles were quickly wiped off their faces when they found out just what the state would be teaching to students about Islam. [...]

Muslim Imam Tells Followers To Kill Infidels, Should’ve Seen Who Was In Crowd

September 26, 2016

A prominent Muslim imam was giving a sermon at his mosque when he began candidly calling for his Muslim congregation to go out after their prayers and slaughter innocent non-Muslims. However, the devout preacher didn't realize that there was someone sitting in his congregation who was going to make him regret his hateful, violent message. [...]

Woman Gave Muslim Husband Nasty Wedding Gift After He Took 2nd Wife

September 26, 2016

A Muslim man was unhappy with having just one wife, so the perverted husband secretly married a second woman. However, after returning from a jubilant wedding and honeymoon with his new bride, the first woman-of-the-house greeted the cheating husband with an incredibly nasty wedding "gift" that will stay with him for the rest of his life. [...]
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