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Dom is a conservative Christian who specializes in Middle Eastern affairs, Islamic immigration (hijra), Christianity, Islam, and Sharia law. She hopes to expose Islam as a fundamentally violent, political and religious ideology that seeks to use freedom and democracy to destroy freedom and democracy.

Police Horrified When They See What Refugee Left Next To Mutilated Woman

June 27, 2016

A Muslim asylum seeker who has lived on welfare for the last 13 years politely knocked on his neighbor's door before pulling out a knife and brutally stabbing her multiple times. However, as soon as police arrived on the scene, they were more disturbed by what was next to her mutilated body than anything else. [...]

What Virginia Man Spots Going Down U.S. Highway Is Causing Nationwide Panic

June 27, 2016

Just after Donald Trump predicted Britain would exit the European Union and promised to defy the United Nations as president, conservative activists have called for the US to follow in England's footsteps and declare independence from the UN as well. However, what a Virginia man captured on camera, traveling down an interstate, bodes a sinister warning for every freedom-loving American. [...]

Liberals Praise Successful Asylum Center, Then See What’s In Refugee Bedroom

June 27, 2016

Open borders activists were excited to flaunt their progress at an asylum center for mostly Muslim refugees in an attempt to prove that the migrants can coexist and assimilate if only we extend our tolerance. However, when the workers were making their rounds on Sunday afternoon, what they discovered in a refugee's bedroom had them running for their lives. [...]

Muslims Are Rounding Up Thousands Of Family Dogs For Sickening Purpose

June 25, 2016

Loving dog owners were suspicious when Muslim officials showed up at their houses and told them they had orders to confiscate their canines for vaccination. Hesitant at first, the pet owners handed over their precious pups after being told they could pick them up after the process was complete. However, if they'd known exactly what the Muslim authorities had planned, they never would have let their animal companions go. [...]

Muslim Leaves Wife In Pool Of Blood When He Sees What She Served Him

June 24, 2016

During the month of Ramadan, worshippers often indulge in lavish meals at the end of each daily fast. Looking forward to his late dinner, a famished Muslim was excited when his wife brought in the meal she worked so hard to prepare. However, as soon as the man discovered what was in his dinner, he grabbed his knife and butchered his wife to death on the spot. [...]
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