Michelle Jets To Spain For Secret Meeting To Cover-Up Barack’s Big Crime As President

While Michelle Obama appeared to be on a quick jaunt to the Spanish coast, flashing her legs in beach attire which made all the tabloids, we are now learning that she was doing much more. Michelle was sent by Team Obama to make sure Barack’s big crime, committed while he was president, stayed covered up, and that meant she had to travel to Spain to meet with the one man who could ruin their world if he turned on them. You don’t want to miss this. […]


Kamala Harris Gets Slapped Hard After She Accuses AG Sessions Of Ridiculous ‘DACA Crime’

Kamala Harris is ranting again, and this time it’s directed at Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Harris, who is trying to make a name for herself as a tough woman on Capitol Hill, just got slapped hard after she made a ridiculous statement to Jeff Sessions over the recent Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) decision. Harris accuses Sessions of a sort of crime against DACA’s “dreamers,” and now, she is regretting it, big time. […]

Trump Receives Amazing News from Alabama Conservatives, RINOs Will be Wringing Their Hands!

Trump Gets Amazing News From Alabama Conservatives, Career Politicians Panic

Although President Donald Trump won overwhelming support from conservatives across the country during the 2016 election, the GOP establishment has consistently failed to get the message. Traitorous RINOs like John McCain, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan have done all they can to stop Trump’s legislative agenda. However, a clear message from Alabama conservatives is making the back-stabbers tremble in fear. […]


Obama Signals Violent Thugs To Riot Over DACA, Trump Shuts Him Down With A Nasty Surprise

Barack Obama is back to community organizing leftist thugs, and he is targeting President Donald Trump and his decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) act. Obama just signaled illegal aliens and their cohorts, the violent leftist, in his sick “manifesto” against our president. Barack thinks he’s pretty slick, ratcheting up “civil unrest,” but Trump just shut him down with a nasty surprise, and patriots are loving it. You don’t want to miss this. […]

Just In: Sessions Officially Delivers Trump's Decision on DACA, Liberals Preparing to Riot!

Just In: Sessions Officially Delivers Trump’s Decision On DACA, Liberals Prepare To Riot

After months of waiting, patriots now have a definitive answer about the future of former President Barack Obama’s illegal DACA amnesty. President Donald Trump just sent illegals a clear message about respecting our nation’s laws — and angry liberals are already preparing their riot gear. In return, Americans must be prepared for the violent chaos that’s likely to ensue. Here’s what we know. […]

Maxine Waters Goes On Embarrassing Rant Against Jeff Sessions, Patriots Give Her EPIC Schooling!

Maxine Waters Goes On Embarrassing Rant Against Jeff Sessions, Gets Schooled By Patriots

Maxine Waters (D-CA) is the biggest laughingstock in the political community. She’s on a non-stop tirade against President Donald Trump as a way of distracting from her own long list of scandals. However, when she tried slandering hero Jeff Sessions as a “racist,” patriots showed her how woefully uninformed she really is. To say the Poverty Pimp got schooled is putting it mildly. […]

Alert: Obama's Sick "Welcome" Gift to Trump Uncovered, American Lives are in Danger!

ALERT: Obama’s Sick “Welcome” Gift To Trump Uncovered, American Lives In Danger

When Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election against all odds, Barack Obama knew the jig was up. His horrendous anti-American legacy would soon be undone. So, he began doing all he could to undermine the incoming Trump administration. Now, many months later, one of Obama’s “welcome” gifts to President Trump has just been discovered, and it will make you furious. American lives are in danger, and here is what you need to know. […]

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Militant Antifa Leader Vows More Beatings Of Conservatives, Trump Delivers Brutal Justice

A militant Antifa group on steroids, called “BAMN,” espouses that, through violence or “By Any Mean Necessary,” they will overthrow President Donald Trump and silence anyone who does not agree with their Marxist ideals. Their leader, Yvette Felarca, engaged in violently attacking protesters, burning buildings, and inciting a riot. She vows to bring a bloody revolution, but Trump just delivered brutal justice, and Felarca doesn’t know what hit her. […]


Trump Warns Obama To ‘Get A Good Attorney’ After What His Investigators Just Found At WH

President Donald Trump is warning Barack Obama to “get a good attorney” after what his team of investigators just found within the White House records. This definitely was something Obama was trying to hide, and he must be burning up the phone lines, calling his legal team and warning his cohorts. Trump’s senior adviser and attorney Jay Sekulow just dropped this bombshell, and this shocking evidence against Trump’s worst enemies will blow your mind. […]