WATCH: Furious Rep. Jim Jordan Drops Brutal Truth Bomb On Corrupt DOJ, Obama, And The FBI

Epic video footage has surfaced of furious Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) slamming our dirtbag Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for his refusal to appoint a 2nd special counsel despite the new damning evidence against the corrupt DOJ, Barack Obama, and the FBI for their attacks on President Donald Trump. The roof is on fire, and you don’t want to miss the truth bomb that Jordan just dropped. […]


Roy Moore Won’t Concede, Calls For Recount As ‘Sick Secret’ Comes Out About Alabama Voters

Judge Roy Moore is refusing to concede the election to Doug Jones for the Alabama Senate seat left vacant after Jeff Sessions became Attorney General. Moore told his supporters last night that he contacted the Alabama Secretary of State to formally start the process for a recount. As the voter turnout started to come in, Moore and his team were shocked by a “sick secret” the Democrats don’t want you to know. […]


CNN In Hot Water Again After Anderson Cooper Unloads On Twitter Against President Trump

Be careful what you tweet, my friends. Because, even if you delete it, people will remember. Those late-night posts can spread like wildfire come morning. Something hastily written in anger can blow up in your face. That’s just what CNN’s Anderson Cooper is learning this morning after a late-night tweet from his account, unloading against President Donald Trump, went viral. […]


Mueller’s Chief FBI Investigator & Wife Hid ‘Sick Secret’ In Garage To ‘Take Out Trump’

Robert Mueller and his pack of rats are running scared as his chief FBI investigator, Bruce Ohr, and his wife, Nellie Ohr, were just caught redhanded hiding a “sick secret” meant to “take out President Donald Trump” in their garage at their home in McClean, Virginia. This evidence is so explosive, implicating Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and James Comey, the mainstream media is refusing to touch this report. […]

Cops & Criminals

San Diego Cops Deport THOUSANDS Of Illegals, Trump Sends Them ‘Thank You’ Gift Worth $250K

The Trump administration is making no bones about the fact that local police departments which cooperate fully with federal immigration authorities will be rewarded, and handsomely. After San Diego cops began deporting illegal aliens by the thousands, President Donald Trump sent them a “thank you” gift worth a whopping $250,000. This is awesome! […]


After Megyn’s ‘Coup’ Attempt Against Trump On Live TV, Her ‘Sick Dirty Secret’ Comes Out

Desperate, Megyn Kelly decided to collude with “dangerous enemies of America” as they attempt a new “coup” against President Donald Trump. Kelly’s role is to rehash old news today by interviewing three women who accused Trump of sexual harassment during the 2016 presidential campaign, but the big story is Kelly’s “sick dirty secret” that just came out that will shock every American patriot. […]