Couple Who Recorded Themselves Doing Sick Thing to Kids Gets Slapped by the Law
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Couple Posts Videos As They Do Nasty Things To Kids, But Their Sentence Is Even Sicker

While so many good couples are unable to have children, it’s truly saddening that sickos who have been blessed with kids see their little ones as nothing more than objects for abuse. One such depraved man and woman, who don’t deserve to have children, filmed themselves doing nasty things to their kids and then posted it on the internet, but what’s sicker than their actions is the sentence they received. […]

Black Lives Matter Defaces Thomas Jefferson Statue, Instantly Get Schooled on History

Black Lives Matter Defaces Thomas Jefferson Statue, Fed-Up Patriots Make Them Regret It

President Donald Trump warned Americans that the alt-left is on a mission to wipe out our history and culture, and a recent incident is proving this to be true. However, real Americans aren’t going to just sit and watch it happen. Members of Black Lives Matter decided to vandalize a statue of Thomas Jefferson at the University of Virginia, but fed-up patriots taught these thugs a lesson that they won’t soon forget. […]

As Hillary Rants About Election Loss, Patriot Kris Kobach Blows the Lid on Her Voter Fraud Scheme

As Hillary Rants About Loss, Patriot Kris Kobach Blows The Lid Off Her Fraud Scheme

Hillary Clinton has been making headlines recently for her upcoming memoir What Happened, in which she puts the blame for her election loss on everything and everyone but herself. However, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, a champion of President Donald Trump’s America First Agenda, is revealing the dirty truth about what Hillary did on election day and her fraud scheme. […]

Black Lives Matter Thug Michael Bennett Insults Police, Instantly Gets Busted by Cops
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VIDEO: Black Lives Matter Thug Michael Bennett Insults Police, Instantly Gets Busted

Unfortunately, liberals have transformed the NFL — once a wholesome American pastime — into a cesspool of Marxist filth. Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett is the latest punk to use football as a way to shove identity politics down our throats, but after making disgusting remarks about police, Bennett was instantly put in his place by the boys in blue. […]

Man Walks Into Taco Bell, What Employees Serve Leaves Him Dead!
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Ohio Thug Enters Taco Bell & Places ‘Special Order’, Employees Serve Up Instant Karma

Although it’s loved by many, Taco Bell is famous for the consequences of eating their food. Conventional wisdom says that if you want to spend three hours on the toilet hating your life, then go buy yourself a Burrito Supreme. However, that may be the least of your problems if you’re an entitled thug. An Ohio thug learned this lesson the hard way after he entered a Taco Bell and placed his “special order,” but the employees decided that he was entitled to something else. […]

Trump Receives Amazing News from Alabama Conservatives, RINOs Will be Wringing Their Hands!

Trump Gets Amazing News From Alabama Conservatives, Career Politicians Panic

Although President Donald Trump won overwhelming support from conservatives across the country during the 2016 election, the GOP establishment has consistently failed to get the message. Traitorous RINOs like John McCain, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan have done all they can to stop Trump’s legislative agenda. However, a clear message from Alabama conservatives is making the back-stabbers tremble in fear. […]

What This DACA-Loving Democrat Said About Gen. John Kelly Will Make Your Blood Boil

DACA-Loving Democrat Launches Attack On Gen. John Kelly, 2 Words Will Make Your Blood Boil

President Donald Trump’s announcement that he is rescinding Barack Obama’s illegal DACA work program has given the left something else to riot over. One low-life Democratic Congressman just showed why Americans are sick of loony liberalism when he insulted Trump’s Chief of Staff, retired Marine Corps General John Kelly. You will wish you could deport this Congressman along with his beloved illegals, especially after two words he used to launch his attack. […]

Just In: Sessions Officially Delivers Trump's Decision on DACA, Liberals Preparing to Riot!

Just In: Sessions Officially Delivers Trump’s Decision On DACA, Liberals Prepare To Riot

After months of waiting, patriots now have a definitive answer about the future of former President Barack Obama’s illegal DACA amnesty. President Donald Trump just sent illegals a clear message about respecting our nation’s laws — and angry liberals are already preparing their riot gear. In return, Americans must be prepared for the violent chaos that’s likely to ensue. Here’s what we know. […]

Ghetto Shoplifter Threatens to Shoot Store Employees, Security Guard Teaches Him a Little Respect
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Ghetto Shoplifter Threatens To Shoot Store Employees, Gets Taught A Little Respect

The world is full of cowards who talk tough and prey on the weak. It’s always satisfying to watch a low-life get his just desserts, which is what happened to one sticky-fingered punk who made the big mistake of biting off more than he could chew. After the ghetto shoplifter threatened to shoot store employees, he was taught a little respect — a lesson that he won’t soon forget. […]