Beyoncé Utterly Destroyed After Banning Photos During Kobe Bryant Memorial

Beyonce Knowles was asked by the family of Kobe Bryant to start off the memorial service on Monday by singing two of her hit songs. However, the pop icon gave strict instructions that her photo not be taken, and she was ruthless in enforcing the photo ban. Even Kobe’s widow, Vanessa Bryant, had no such photo ban. Well, that’s when it went all wrong for the pampered singer, and she was made to regret it. Don’t miss this.

Vanessa Bryant, Beyonce Knowles (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Beyonce is one of those superstars who lends her name to promote leftwing causes and candidates. She also is extremely self-centered, and the evidence of her narcissism came to light right before the memorial for Laker basketball legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna.

While Kobe’s wife Vanessa faced the huge memorial with her remaining children, she of all people might want to give instructions to the paparazzi about photos. Vannessa knew the people of Los Angeles were mourning with her, and she allowed photos of herself. No one could blame her for banning photos of her children.

Then, there’s Queen Bee. Beyonce made the memorial about herself. 

“Photographers were forbidden from taking snaps of Beyoncé during her performance at Kobe Bryant’s memorial in Los Angeles on Monday, according to several photo agencies,” Page Six reports.

“Editors at the Associated Press and Getty Images told The Post that organizers of the live-streamed Staples Center event prohibited them from taking photos of the Grammy-winning singer or Bryant’s children,” Page Six added.

The arrogant superstar kicked off the memorial to the Lakers legend and his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, by performing her hit songs “XO” and “Halo.”

It was traumatizing enough for the children of Kobe Bryant, but what is Beyonce’s excuse? This ridiculous ban of photos was Beyonce pulling a power play. Talk about in bad taste. In fact, the tweet of Beyonce from the memorial that Page Six posted in their article has been banned. That’s how ruthless she is being about enforcing her photo ban.

One insider at the event said, “It is so offensive to Kobe’s family and the fans, Beyoncé is so controlling of her image — she usually only allows approved selected images of her to be released — so no photographers at the Kobe memorial were allowed to take her picture. Really, at a memorial? Not even the family of Michael Jackson did that.

“A Staples Center staffer was dispatched to make sure not a single camera was focused on the stage. The photographers couldn’t believe it. This doesn’t help Beyoncé’s image at all, it hurts her. It makes her look like a diva. The memorial wasn’t about her. The only shots of Bey that did emerge were screen grabs from TV. None of the other artists at the memorial asked for this, not Christina Aguilera, not Alicia Keys,” the insider added.

Well, Americans across the country were also disgusted by Beyonce’s behavior. 

“Of course it’s all about Beyoncé at a memorial – Sorry but only enhanced Photoshopped pictures are allowed to circulate with the public. How insecure can one person be?” tweeted Caroline Holten.


“It certainly doesn’t help Beyoncé. She showed herself to be a stuck up bee-atch nothing more. She is NOT the center of attention; Especially at a memorial service for Kobe Bryant!!” tweeted “KAG IN ’20.”

Kobe’s children I understand…but Beyonce? This wasn’t about her….#diva Beyoncé bans photos of her performance during Kobe Bryant memorial,” tweeted Kim Vols. 

@STAPLESCenter @Beyonce C’mon!! Really! It’s not always about you!” tweeted Alexander Richards.

Beyoncé’s publicist has previously targeted media outlets, demanding that “unflattering” pictures of the singer be removed online.

This is just pure self-centered narcissism. People like Beyonce can’t comprehend that everything isn’t about them. It was her job at the memorial to just sing a couple of songs. It was not her place to demand anything or make the situation more problematic for the Kobe family or the staff. So sad. Typical behavior for Beyonce.

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