DOJ & FBI Swamp Rats Caught In Coup, Panic As Trump Invokes ‘Presidential Powers’

Shocking developments are coming out of the White House as President Donald Trump just called the bluff of the DOJ and FBI swamp rats who inserted a spy into his 2016 campaign. Trump’s taken the kid gloves off as he demands Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray report to the Oval Office immediately for a showdown. He’s invoking his “presidential powers.” This is what patriots have been waiting for — don’t miss this. […]


Harry’s Furious At Meghan After Trump-Hating Bishop Embarrasses Queen At Wedding

The leftists are touting Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon at the royal wedding as legendary. Don’t be fooled, the “over the top” rambling rant was laden with shocking “New Age” teachings that are hardly Christian. In fact, it’s pure evil. The Queen was mortified along with many royals as Curry’s theme was straight from hell. Prince Harry was livid at Meghan, and what happened behind the scenes left her in tears. […]

Gun Rights

Hogg Screams, ‘You Don’t Give A Sh*t About TX Shooting,’ Patriots Make Him Cry

There is horrific news coming out of Sante Fe, Texas, as another school shooting rocks Americans. While most people were somberly awaiting the details, anti-gun narcissist David Hogg immediately believed this shooting is all about him. Screaming at all gun owners and politicians, Hogg exclaimed, “You don’t give a sh*t” about the Texas shooting. This pissed off patriots, who then smacked “little Hitler” Hogg so hard, they made him cry like a baby. […]


Obama’s Spy Who Infiltrated Trump’s Campaign Named, President’s Taking Them All Down

Stunning revelations are rocking the Washington, D.C. swamp. We now know the name of the well-known Republican politico who infiltrated President Donald Trump’s campaign as a spy at the behest of former President Barack Obama. The swamp is on fire as the mind-blowing details of this spy’s dirty deeds come to light, and Trump is furiously ready to take them all down. […]

Cops & Criminals

Trump ‘Broken Up’ After Fallen Officer’s Mom Does 1 Thing, Media Refuses To Report

In Washington, D.C., President Donald Trump held the annual “Police Week” ceremony with the family members of officers who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty. The president became “broken up,” his voice faltering with emotion after 90-year-old Adriana Valoy, mother of a fallen officer did one thing. It was such a touching moment between Trump and Valoy, yet the mainstream media refuse to report on it. […]