Roseanne Yells ‘I Thought B*tch Was White,’ As Whoopi’s Sent Message ‘You’re Fired’

Roseanne Barr is lashing out at ABC and the double standard that exists at the network after Whoopi Goldberg cussed out Judge Jeanine Pirro. Of course, ABC fired Roseanne over an infamous late-night tweet without listening to her side. In a new video, Barr screams, “I thought the b*tch was white,” after the producer kept badgering her. Now, Whoopi Goldberg is freaking out as she gets a message saying, “You’re fired now.” […]

Gun Rights

“Darling Davis” Assaults Pro-Gun Kaitlin Bennett, Gets Brutal Surprise From FBI

Kaitlin Bennett is the pro-gun college graduate who made headlines when she posed for her graduation pictures with her AR-10 rifle. Of course, this pissed off anti-gun David Hogg, and one of his crazed groupies started to stalk Ms. Bennett. Things got out of control when this groupie followed Kaitlin to a restaurant to assault her, and that’s when the sick stalker got a brutal surprise from the FBI. […]


After Exploding On TV, Whoopi Chased Judge Jeanine Backstage & Got Nasty Surprise

Judge Jeanine Pirro bravely agreed to appear on the anti-Trump show, The View, only to find when she got there the producers had pulled a fast one. But the show must go on. The Judge, a true professional, was bombarded by the shrieking shrews which culminated in Whoopi Goldberg losing her mind. Then, Goldberg chases Judge Jeanine backstage, cursing her until the Judge whips out a nasty surprise. […]


‘I’m Under Attack’ Screams Maxine, Oathkeepers Run Her Out Of Town With Nasty Surprise

Maxine Waters is finding out the hard way when you start a war and call for leftists to attack supporters and Cabinet members of President Donald Trump, there will be a reckoning. Well, Auntie Maxine is screaming, “I’m under attack,” after she caught the attention of an organization made up of former cops and military veterans called the Oathkeepers, who are running her out of town with a big nasty surprise. […]


‘Dad’s Death Meghan’s Fault’ Screams Samantha Markle, Duchess Leaves UK In Disgrace

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is in panic mode as her royal fairytale life comes to a crashing halt. Her half-sister, Samantha Markle, is now telling the world their father’s death will be Meghan’s fault. Making matters worse, the new Duchess had an extreme meltdown. Meghan was caught yelling at Prince Harry that she can’t stand “all the stupid rules,” and now she is leaving the U.K. all alone, in utter disgrace. […]


Anti-2nd Amendment ‘Borat’ Star Tries To Dupe Gun Store Owner, Gets His ‘Butt Kicked’

Sacha Baron Cohen, the actor best known as “Borat,” has been making headlines as he tries to resurrect his dwindling career with a new Showtime special. Cohen is targeting conservatives, focusing on his anti-gun views. Well, the Borat star chose the wrong gun store, as he dressed up in disguise hoping to buy arms illegally. Cohen ended up getting his butt kicked on video, and you can bet this scene won’t be on Showtime any time soon. […]


Michelle Jets To UK Following Trumps, Brits Give Her Nasty Surprise When She Lands

Michelle Obama slipped out of the United States and jetted to the United Kingdom, arriving in Scotland just as President Donald Trump and Melania Trump were leaving. This seems to be a pattern with the Obamas, who shadowed the Trumps all over Europe last summer. As the former first lady proceeded to trash Trump supporters when she landed, the British citizens gave her a nasty surprise. […]


After Queen Gives Trumps Royal Welcome, Obamas Plant Fake News & It Backfires

Barack and Michelle Obama are missing all the power and privilege that comes with being the First Couple. They are especially missing being the center of attention. When Queen Elizabeth II rolled out a very special royal welcome to the Trumps, that the Obamas never got, they were pissed off. Hoping to smear President Donald Trump and Melania’s visit to Windsor Castle, they planted a ridiculous fake news story, and it backfires big time. […]


After Joy Says ‘Russia Hacking Same As Bombing Pearl Harbor,’ Patriots Make Her Cry

Joy Behar is reaching new levels of utter absurdity. The loudmouth co-host of “The View” shrieked on live TV, claiming, “The Russians hacking us is the same as bombing Pearl Harbor!” Behar made a fool of herself as she equated the loss of thousands of American lives at Pearl Harbor to a fake hacking scheme. Patriots were pissed off and immediately made the delusional seventy-five-year-old nitwit cry. […]


After Swamp Rat Places ‘Spy’ In Oval Office, Trump’s Brutal Surprise Destroys Her

Right now, the Democrats and the Deep State rats are mobilizing to undermine and overthrow President Donald Trump. Never before have the brazen anti-Trump forces worked so feverishly to obliterate the president. So when one of the swamp rats place a “spy” in the Oval Office, Trump destroys her with a brutal surprise that every American has a right to know about. […]