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Liberal Loser Sheriff Israel BUSTED! ‘Dirty Secret’ Tying Him To School Shooter Just FOUND

Hillary Clinton-supporting Sheriff Scott Israel has been hoping no one would find out about his dirty secret that proves he and the 19-year-old shooter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were well acquainted. Most people have come to know Israel as a weasel, working with CNN and the anti-gun, anti-Trump crowd. Now, he has been busted big time. His dirty secret is out, and it places those deaths right at his feet. […]


Anti-Gun Media Darling David Hogg MISSING From CNN Town Hall, His Mom Tells Shocking TRUTH

David Hogg, the new media darling for the anti-gun, anti-Trump crowd was strangely missing from CNN’s town hall shout-fest Wednesday night. Hogg had been vocal about attending the town hall after openly rejecting President Donald Trump’s “listening session,” saying on live TV that he was committed to bringing change and that was going to happen only at CNN’s town hall, but he never showed up. It seems Hogg has mysteriously disappeared, and his mom just told the shocking truth. […]


Dad Blasted By Anti-Gun Trump-Haters As He Found Daughter Dead, Just Got Sweet Revenge

Andrew Pollack was wearing a “Trump 2020” t-shirt, driving around in his truck, and searching for his daughter Meadow right after the shooting at the Florida high school last week. Someone snapped a pic of Pollack, and the Trump-haters lambasted him in the press and on social media as he searched in vain. Meadow had been shot nine times and was dead. Well, Mr. Pollack was just at the White House, where he got sweet revenge on those haters. […]


SEE IT: CNN Harasses Trump Voter Screaming She’s A ‘RUSSIAN SPY,’ Reporter Gets Screwed

CNN is doing some stellar investigative reporting lately, like tracking down supporters of President Donald Trump and trying to tie them to Russians. This is no joke. CNN reporter Drew Griffin went out to the home of Trump supporter Florine Goldfarb and ambushed her right in front of her home. He accused her of colluding with the Russians on live TV, and well, Florine wasn’t going to play that game at all. […]


Anti-Trump David Hogg Tells President ‘F U’ After Oprah & George Clooney Back His NEW SCAM

David Hogg is the seventeen-year-old student who skyrocketed to fame after the horrific school shooting in Parkland, Florida, last Friday. After much speculation about his role in the aftermath of the shooting, one thing is clear: Hogg is a puppet for the gun confiscation lobbyists. He is also virulently anti-Trump, telling the president “f*ck you” after George Clooney and Oprah Winfrey just volunteered to back his latest scam. You won’t believe this. […]


Michelle Uses Black Panther Movie To Race-Bait, Fed-Up Americans Give Her Brutal Surprise

Michelle Obama was causing racial division in America again, and this time, it was over the movie Black Panther. In case you missed the debut, it’s a Marvel’s superhero picture, and yes, the superhero is black. Michelle decided to use Black Panther in a ridiculous race-baiting move, and fed-up Americans who are sick of her shenanigans gave the former FLOTUS a brutal surprise. […]


SEE IT: Anti-Trump Kids Leading ‘Movement’ To Confiscate Guns Are Scammers Hoaxing America

Immediately after a nineteen-year-old man shot seventeen people at a high school in Parkland, Florida, the news vans couldn’t get there fast enough. Reporters didn’t have to do much to get interviews with one kid named David Hogg, along with six of his friends who were all begging to be on TV. Now, Hogg and his Trump-hating cohorts have been caught on video, scamming Americans in order to take away our guns and end the Second Amendment. […]


After Oprah Sabotages Trump On ’60 Minutes,’ President’s Brutal Surprise SHOCKS Her & CBS

Oprah Winfrey popped up on the CBS weekly news show 60 Minutes as a reporter. Yep, Oprah was on 60 Minutes to do some unbiased “political reporting” on President Donald Trump in what CBS and Oprah were hoping would turn into a “sabotage piece” on the president. Well, it did not go as planned for Oprah and CBS after Trump shocked them with a brutal surprise they won’t ever forget. […]


Reporter Says Trump Doesn’t Care About Shooting Victims, Sarah Blasts Him With TRUTH Bomb

It is Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ job as White House press secretary to combat the numerous lies told by the mainstream media about President Donald Trump. Disgusting, lying reporter Phillip Rucker intentionally trash talked the president’s trip to Florida, saying that when it comes to supporting children in America, Trump’s nowhere to be found when tragedy strikes. Well, Sanders blasted him with the truth, making him look like an utter fool. […]