Liberals Call for MAGA Kids To Be Burned Alive & Woodchippered, Live To Regret It

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The huge story in America right now is the viral video featuring a Native American activists and several young teens from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky. The left is trying to make these kids look like a bunch of MAGA hat-wearing Nazis.

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The takeaway lesson for liberals right now is that you should never rush to judgment, as uncut videos are now revealing a much different story than was originally reported. Now, the “tolerant” left is doubling down on their insanity, with a series of horrifying and violent tweets aimed at these innocent teens.

The liberal media was foaming at the mouth over the weekend when the event unfolded in Kentucky. They ran with this bogus story that these teens were targeting an elderly Native American. Now, we’re learning that the narrative was much different than they wanted everyone to believe and that Nathan Phillips was actually the first one to approach the young men on Friday.

Rather than doing damage-control and trying to retract the fake story that they made go viral, liberals are now calling for unbelievable acts of violence, revealing yet again the true colors of the “tolerant” left. Hollywood liberals and leftists called for the MAGA kids to be burned alive, sexually assaulted, and even thrown into a wood-chipper.

Most of the tweets were removed by Monday morning, but it was too late for these liberals to cover their tracks. Screenshots of their calls for violence were captured and preserved for everyone to see.

The video featuring a Native American activist and a group of teens from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky is an object lesson in why you don’t rush to judgment.

At the very least, we’re now learning that the narrative is much less simple than it originally seemed and that Nathan Phillips, the Native American activist and elder, was the first to approach the young men on Friday.

However, rushing to judgment is what Twitter is all about, particularly if you have a blue checkmark by your name. And hey, while you’re at it, why not talk about throwing the kids into the wood chipper, burning them alive or sexually assaulting them? That’ll show them to be tolerant.

We warn you that there’s going to be plenty of “adult” language ahead, which is funny because it’s all being spewed by mental juveniles. Reader discretion is advised. [Source: Conservative Tribune]

Anna Merlan, a journalist who ironically specializes in crime, was quick to delete her tweet, swearing that the message had nothing to do with doxing the teens.

Another lovely liberal then suggested that the teen be punched in the private area. The fixation on the location where they’re being punched makes this sound like a possible sexual assault.

Hollywood producer Jack Morrissey decided to hop on Twitter and make some vile suggestions of his own, wanting the teens to be given the “Fargo” treatment. Fargo is a movie from 1996 that is infamous for a disgusting scene where people are put into a wood-chipper.

Other celebrities joined in the depraved rants, with a Detroit rapper and DJ who goes by “Uncle Shoes” declaring over Twitter that he wanted to kill a large number of  Covington Catholic students:

This is yet another shining example of liberal hypocrisy. How can liberals act morally superior and accuse this teen of being hateful, and then turn right around and call for him to be battered, assaulted, burned alive, and put in a wood chipper? This is truly sickening.