Obama Praises NBA Players Boycott Over Kenosha Shooting, He Gets Reality Check

Former President Barack Obama heaped praise on NBA players for “standing up” for what they believe in on Wednesday. Three playoff games were called-off as a form of protest over the officer-involved shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin. Well, that’s when Obama got a huge reality check, making him look like a fool. You’ll love this.

Barack Obama, NBA players take a knee before a game (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

It sure looks like the Democrats are doing all they can to make police officers look like the bad guys. The minute a person of color is involved in a police shooting, the leftwing media ensures only a snippet of video is released which puts the suspect in the best light possible and makes the cops look guilty.

Then, they mobilize their race-baiters to employ the suspect’s family to hold a tear-jerking press conference within hours after the officer-involved shooting.

The only thing missing is the entire context of what occurred. 

They know police departments will not comment during an active investigation. So, only one side of the shooting is being told and vital information is ignored by the mainstream media.

Lo and behold, they get the useful idiots to riot, loot, and burn down businesses. This is where the leftwing elites come in like NBA players and Barack Obama.

The Milwaukee Bucks, and several other players and teams, decided to not play their three playoff games on Wednesday. Instead, they believed that their efforts could be better utilized fighting for “social justice” in the wake of the shooting of Jacob Blake.

“The dramatic series of moves began when the Bucks — the NBA’s team from Wisconsin, a state rocked in recent days by the shooting by police officers of Jacob Blake, a Black man — didn’t take the floor for their playoff game against the Magic,” Breitbart reports.

Barack loved this boycott by these entitled NBA players. 

“I commend the players on the @Bucks for standing up for what they believe in, coaches like @DocRivers, and the @NBA and @WNBA for setting an example. It’s going to take all our institutions to stand up for our values,” the former president tweeted.

Obama and those NBA players got some bad news Thursday morning. Kenosha resident Jacob Blake, who was shot by the cops, did have a weapon inside his car. 

“The Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) reported late on Wednesday that Jacob Blake, the man who was shot by a police officer in Kenosha on Sunday, had a weapon the floorboard of his car,” Daily Wire reports. 

This just cements this as a justifiable shooting by the Kenosha police officers. Another example of damning evidence in a case the Democratic race-baiters used to start this summer of violence has to do with George Floyd.

Medical examiners have concluded that Floyd’s level of fentanyl was so high he would have died even if no one had kneeled on him.

“Mr. Floyd’s lungs were 2-3x their normal weight at autopsy. That is a fatal level of fentanyl under normal circumstances,” Andrew Baker, the Hennepin County chief medical examiner said. “If Mr. Floyd had been found dead in his home (or anywhere else) and there were no other contributing factors he would conclude that it was an overdose death.”

Let that sink in. The damage done by these Democrats who jumped on the George Floyd bandwagon before we had all the facts is mind-boggling. People have died at these riots. Countless businesses are gone.

Americans throttled Barack Obama on social media. 

“Nothing like taking a stand for a man who has multiple felony arrests, who was attempting to grab a knife to stab the police officers trying to arrest him for his open felony warrant. Nice move Barry,” tweeted Michael Ferguson.

“The guy was reaching for a knife for god sake if the bad people would just follow the directions of the police there would be less killings. I could care less if pro sports continues,” tweeted “Rodney.”

“Of course you do. It plays right into the racial division you and your administration escalated during your presidency. Thanks for nothing,” tweeted “Jeramie.”

“I guess the knife that Blake was going after had nothing to do with him being shot and he breaks free and unaffected by the taser and from the officers wanting to handcuff him for his 3 felony warrants were a non-factor? Just asking….” tweeted “Shawne.”

“There you go again, weaponizing. Gitmo is too good for you,” tweeted “I’m Simple; America 1st.”

“Lol, Blake was a sex offender who was armed. Great guy to defend,” tweeted Walter Johnson to Obama.

“Had pulled his gun at cops previously. 911 call for trespassing. Disobeyed a police officer’s orders. Taser didn’t stop him. But the cop is the bad guy,” added W Jeffrey Robins.

“Like We watch the NBA/Sports anymore. Nooo, but We can always count on the Divider to way in to stir Divisions… that is the ONLY thing you & Michelle were good at! We see #AntifaTerrorist… B urn L oot M urder #DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica,” tweeted “ProudDeplorableKlyn.”

Jacob Blakes’s own girlfriend called 911 on him. She told the police he was not supposed to be on the premises.

Blake was stirring up trouble so badly that the girlfriend dialed 911. Once the cops arrive on the scene, Blake starts acting combative toward the police officers. They attempt to arrest him at that point, and that’s when he starts to walk away toward the car.

They then employ the taser on him, and he just keeps on walking to the car. Knowing this guy is a felon for various violent crimes, the cops shoot him when he reaches into the car. Now, we know there was a knife on the floorboard of that car.

The riots were manufactured by the Democrats and their race-baiting cohorts. They sure have a lot of explaining to do.

We do have a silver lining. These riots and the phony narrative about the so-called racist police have back-fired big time. Polls are showing Americans are tired of the Democrat lies. It looks like there will be a reckoning on Election Day.

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