Months After BLM Race-Baiter Tried To Stop ‘Dixie Stampede,’ Dolly Delivers Nasty Surprise

Last summer, a Black Lives Matter “activist” named Aisha Harris tried to ruin Dolly Parton for good. Harris traveled to Dolly’s “Dixie Stampede” with one goal in mind; she wanted to accuse Parton of being a racist so the country music legend would have to shut down her theme parks. Parton is a true patriot who loves America, and after Harris took her best shot with a scathing article and campaign to destroy “Dixie Stampede,” Dolly just gave her a nasty surprise. […]


After Hillary Shocks Crowd With Crazy Halloween Costume, Patriots Give Her Nasty Surprise

Hillary Clinton says she is ready for Halloween. With all the big Washington, D.C., parties going on, Bill and Hillary have been known to go all out, wearing elaborate costumes. Hillary has previously dressed up as Dolly Madison, Dolly Parton, and one year, at the White House, she showed up as a witch. However, this year, she has gone too far, and after she revealed her crazy costume, patriots gave her a nasty surprise. You don’t want to miss this. […]


After Co-Stars Bash Trump At Emmys, Dolly Parton Reveals ‘Sick Secret’ They’ve Been Hiding

Country music legend Dolly Parton has finally spoken out about her appearance at the Emmys one month ago, where she reunited with her co-stars Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda from the classic movie “9 to 5.” Tomlin and Fonda decided to bash President Donald Trump as soon as the trio took the stage, and now, Parton has revealed the “sick secret” they’ve been hiding ever since. […]


Shocking The Liberal Hollywood Crowd At Emmys, Dolly Does 1 Thing On Stage For Trump

Dolly Parton was the only class act at last night’s Emmy Awards show. The beloved country singer was reunited on stage with her “9 to 5” co-stars Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda, who are both well-known hardcore leftists, and they made that clear at the Emmys. However, they were completely shocked, as was the entire audience, with the one thing Dolly did for President Donald Trump while on stage. You don’t want to miss this. […]

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Dolly Parton Shocks Fraudsters With Nasty Surprise After They Target Her In Sick Scheme

Dolly Parton is reeling after learning that she was the target of a sick scheme by fraudsters who she caught red-handed. The country singer is best known as one of the most giving entertainers in the business, but that didn’t stop these disgusting individuals from taking advantage of her big heart. However, Dolly is a fighter, and you’ll love how she shocked those fraudsters with a nasty surprise they never saw coming. […]


Shocked Dolly Parton Fights Back After BLM Race-Baiter Tries To Shut Down ‘Dixie Stampede’

Aisha Harris, a Black Lives Matter “activist,” is out to ruin Dolly Parton, for good. The BLM thug has gone to extraordinary lengths to sabotage the country legend’s theme parks, saying that, as a “daughter of the old South,” Parton needs to be shut down. Parton is known as a good person who loves America, but that’s just the problem according to Ms. Harris — Dolly’s too “American.” But, the blonde bombshell is fighting back against the BLM, proving they’ve picked on the wrong “Southern Bell.” […]


World-Renowned Celebrity Psychic Predicts Death Of Presidential Candidate

Known as “Medium Thomas,” Thomas John is a world-renowned psychic who has made many accurate predictions, including the deaths of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, just to name a few. In addition, he’s also predicted natural disasters and shootings with impressive accuracy, so finding out he’s seeing the death of one of the United States’ presidential candidates is something incredibly huge. […]