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Michelle ‘Couch Party’ With Tom Hanks & Wife To Push ‘Vote By Mail’ Goes Wrong

Michelle Obama held a “couch party” on Monday with Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson. Their goal was to sway all Americans into believing the only way we can vote this November is to “vote by mail.” In fact, they held a virtual voter registration drive. Well, that’s when it went all wrong for poor Michelle and her celebrity friends. You’ll love this. […]

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Michelle: ‘Too Risky’ To Go To Polls, Demands ‘Mail-In Voting’ – She Regrets It

Michelle Obama is using this pandemic to push “mail-in” voting for every state in the nation. The former first lady is using her own organization, which features a slew of Hollywood celebrities, to make sure this happens for the 2020 presidential election. She’s claiming the coronavirus makes it “too risky” for Americans to go to the polls. Well, poor Michelle was made to regret it. Don’t miss this. […]

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‘This Stings!’: Obama Cried After Trump’s Win, Insider’s Details Of Secret Breakdown

Barack Obama was a hot mess watching the 2016 presidential election returns, according to new reports coming from an insider. As the night wore on and Barack knew Hillary Clinton had lost, he had a massive breakdown. But that’s not all. The former president was allegedly so distraught, he had to calm himself down with a favorite activity. You don’t want to miss this. […]

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Michelle Upset Food At WH Wasn’t Free & Jarrett Won’t Accept Trump, They Regret It

Good buddies Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett are complaining to Americans. Michelle Obama whined about her stay at the White House, claiming she was very shocked and upset that the food wasn’t “free.” Michelle also lamented about “the help” at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Her sometimes housemate Valerie Jarrett added she still hasn’t accepted Donald Trump as our duly elected president. Well, they were made to regret it. Don’t miss this. […]


OPINION: Roseanne’s Pissed, Just Revealed ‘Sick Thing’ Michelle Did To Her She Can’t Forgive

Roseanne Barr went on the offensive over the weekend, torching former first lady Michelle Obama. The 66-year-old comedian claims she won’t ever forgive her. Barr was giving a candid interview when she dropped the bomb on the 54-year-old “Becoming” author, revealing the “sick thing” she did. It’s causing quite a firestorm, and Obama fans are livid. You don’t want to miss this. […]

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Michelle’s Secret Bid To Get Back To White House, Rush Busts It Wide Open

Michelle Obama has a secret dream to get back to the White House, and Rush Limbaugh just shocked the Obama camp yesterday when he exposed the entire plan. In fact, the conservative firebrand busted the former first lady’s secret dream wide open as he declared Barack and Michelle never had any intention of leaving Washington, D.C. You don’t want to miss this. […]

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Joy’s Caught In ‘Blackface’ Halloween Costume From 1980’s, ABC’s In Panic Mode

Joy Behar is trying to cover-up her blackface moment. The 76-year-old admitted in 20216 that she dressed up for Halloween as a “beautiful African-American woman” in a clip that has resurfaced amidst the recent controversy over the Virginia Governor. “The View” has intentionally refused to discuss the blackface controversy. They must be terrified that Behar’s antics will be exposed. ABC fired Roseanne Barr over a tweet, and now they are in panic mode. Is karma coming to get Joy Behar? Don’t miss this. […]