After South Dakota Mom Tells Melania Her ‘Christmas Wish,’ First Lady Just Made It Happen

A South Dakota mom wrote a letter to First Lady Melania Trump, praying to receive a reply. Even her two kids told her it was a “long shot” to expect to get anything from the White House, let alone directly from the first lady. After Candace Schumacher had almost given up all hope for her “Christmas wish,” a shocking letter arrived from Melania Trump saying “her dream had just come true.” You don’t want to miss this. […]

Virginia Parents Furious, Demand Answers After Seeing Teacher's Inappropriate Quiz
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Virginia Parents Furious, Demand Answers After Seeing Teacher’s Inappropriate Quiz

When parents send their children to school, they trust that their child’s teacher will educate them in an acceptable way. Unfortunately, several parents in Hopewell, Virginia, learned that wasn’t the case when they found out that their middle school children were being given an inappropriate quiz. In fact, it was so out of line, parents were left furious and demanding answers for the teacher’s disgusting behavior. […]

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Computer Nerd Hires Psychotic Prostitute, Horrified At Sick Gift She Left In His Head

An IT security specialist from Washington state recently made the horrific decision to hire a prostitute, thinking it would be a great experience because she called herself an “escort.” Much to his dismay, the hooker he hired turned out to be a psychopath. Now, the story has gone viral after the perverted geek ended up in brain surgery after the sick gift she left in his head. […]


WATCH: Liberal Teacher Rants About ‘White Supremacy,’ Latino Student Quickly Shuts Her Up

A video has surfaced on social media showing a confrontation between an unidentified “right-wing” student and his hideously liberal teacher. When the educator embarked on a misguided rant about “white supremacy” and all of the reasons that President Donald Trump is supposedly a racist bigot, the Latino student quickly shut her up. As it turns out, the teen was far brighter than the teacher, who had spent years in liberal academia. […]