VIDEO: Parents Put Little Girl Front & Center For Drag Queen Dance – Regret It

A very disturbing video has emerged of a little girl whose parents have seated her “front and center” for a drag queen dance while they cheer in the background. Well, that when it goes all wrong in what many people are calling classic child abuse. Don’t miss this.

Little girl with Drag Queen (Photo Credit: Twitter/Screenshot)

When cultural Marxism invades a community or country, it always goes against cultural Christianity. It’s based on Karl Marx’s ideal of what we today call “social justice.” The first thing Marxists did when they took power was to introduce “sex education” to children, writes Stephen Thomas Kirschner. 

This is the same ideals the new far-left Democrat Party is embracing in America today. Make no mistake, they may conjure up new terminology for their brand of “Democratic Socialism,” but the underlying plan is to attack our families, patriotism, Christianity, and our sexual restraint.

When you undermind our basic morality, this will break down the family and the authority of parents, and thus people will turn to the government as their new teacher and god. There was a very good reason our Founding Fathers based our founding documents on Christian values, which brings us to this poor little girl who was subject to what many are calling child abuse.

Conservative radio host Wayne Dupree wrote: “How many more of these disturbing videos of children being sexualized and groomed by adult liberals do we need to see before somebody steps in and puts an end to it? The ‘Drag Queen and kids’ phenomenon needs to end. Quickly. This is child abuse. This is a sick perversion. This is grooming and it will traumatize these children.”

The video was found on Tik Tok, and it appears to have been posted by someone “sympathetic” to the “Drag Queen” movement. You can gather that by the comment on the video reading, “This sweet little girl asked her mom to get a better view.”

Give me a break. Stop with this nonsense. This is a small child. If she wanted to sit inside a lion’s den at the zoo, would you allow her to do that as well? This is likely even more dangerous than doing that.

“Here’s a drag queen dancing suggestively for a young girl while the adults look on and cheer,” tweeted Matt Walsh.

Well, Americans were livid and made sure the parents knew this was utterly disgraceful. 

“So…disturbing…. 1. This tells you something about the morality of the drag queen thinking it’s ok to do this in front of a child. 2. Then it tells you those adults should not be parents…and that room is full of morally depraved individuals…” tweeted Will Campbell.

“Our culture is complete garbage. In no universe should ANYONE dance like this in front of a CHILD. WHY ARE THE ADULTS/PARENTS CHEERING?! You call it ‘drag queen acceptance,’ I call it what it actually is: Pedophilia normalization. Don’t @ me on this,” tweeted Ginny Robinson.

“My feed today: – Dems celebrating the coronavirus – Dems celebrating the stock market drop – Dems celebrating a drag queen suggestively dancing for a small child – Dems celebrating attacking a street preacher And yet they have the nerve to claim moral superiority…” tweeted Leonydus Johnson.

“I’m in to be told this is normal! It isn’t! So you’ve got a drag queen dancing suggestively to a child, and it’s the new modern way. Educating a child…seriously! Liberals are sick,” tweeted GW Leeds.

“Heartbreaking. Soul shaking. Fresh hell. A drag queen dances suggestively for a very young girl, while the adults in the room look on with sick twisted glee. Child abuse. End of,” tweeted Teagan Reilly.

“We are doomed as a society… Take away the fact that it’s a drag queen, dancing like that for a child is just wrong and disturbing… Parents should be ashamed of themselves!” tweeted Matt Gabbola.

“There is no place on this earth that this should be allowed to happen to a child. I fear for our children’s future. This is unacceptable. This is child abuse. This is vile. God help this little girl,” tweeted Femme Fatale.

For those of us who are Christian and believe that evil does dwell on earth, there is nothing more sacred than the soul of a child. 

You don’t have to believe in Satan to acknowledge that anyone who abuses a child by sexualizing them like this is pure evil. For those of us who do believe that demons roam the earth, we don’t have to look any further than the Democrats acceptance of all things immoral.

“Be alert, be on watch! Your enemy, the Devil, roams around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.” 1 Peter 5:8

This far-left movement by the Democrats is embracing the same values as cultural Marxism. They can no longer deny it just by the mere fact they all claim to kill a baby at nine months gestation is a “woman’s choice.” A vote for any Democrat is a vote for killing babies and corrupting the minds of our little ones. It’s up to us to make sure all our family and friends get this message. The soul of our country depends on it.

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