Alec Baldwin: ‘Trump’s Presidency Must Die So That We Can Live’ – Gets Torched

Actor Alec Baldwin has made the outlandish claim that Americans must vote President Donald Trump out of office if they want to live, which is an apparent reference to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. Well, that’s when poor Alec got torched by patriotic Americans. You’ll love this.

Alec Baldwin (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

Alec Baldwin is a well-known hater of President Trump. Lately, he has been making wild accusations. Baldwin is mimicking the Democrats who are attempting to make Americans believe that the COVID crisis is out of control and that it’s all Trump’s fault.

The truth is the exact opposite. Dr. Michael Levitt, a Stanford professor who also has a degree from Cambridge, claims that COVID-19 in the US will basically be over in 4 weeks.

“US COVID19 will be done in 4 weeks with a total reported death below 170,000. How will we know it is over? Like for Europe, when all cause excess deaths are at normal level for week. Reported COVID19 deaths may continue after 25 Aug. & reported cases will, but it will be over,” Levitt tweeted July 25.

Meanwhile, Alec Baldwin claims: “Trump’s presidency must die so that we can live.”

Alec Baldwin has made a series of strange and unverifiable claims about President Trump in recent weeks. Last week, the actor pushed a wild conspiracy theory that the president could use armed force to stop the election in November, citing the recent decision to send federal agents to quell the rioting in Portland.

In May, Baldwin declared that President Trump “has a degenerative mental illness that is costing 1000’s of lives.” He also claimed that Trump supporters who vote to re-elect the president November are “mentally ill.”

Americans blasted Baldwin’s ridiculous remarks on social media. 

“Think about that statement and how awfully close he is to calling for the President’s assassination. #awful @AlecBaldwin is a #traitor. #investigate Alec Baldwin!” tweeted Max Jones.

“What do you want to bet this clown was a frequent guest on Epstein Island? His opposition is too desperate not to be personal,” tweeted “MOCKBADOC.”

“Ain’t nothing dying but every hope and dream you got Alec. I want you to look out yonder… You see that? You hear that Mr Baldwin? That’s a big rolling train called ‘The Mighty USA’ that’s going to CRUSH you and the entire dEmocrat party. Might want to step out of the way,” tweeted “Wolf.”

“The fact that he has such material support speaks volumes about America’s absurd claims of exceptionalism. The man is an unprecedented idiot,” tweeted “Chipampe.Mark.Chibwe.”

“Again tell me Alec, How is Trump not letting you live? The Left is keeping America locked up. The Left is not letting children go to school. The Left is full of thugs rioting, looting tagging, and burning. The Left is canceling movies, books, and history. Trump 2020 F*ck Baldwin,” tweeted “Robie.”

“@SecretService For God’s sake, arrest this worthless piece of treasonous crap, @AlecBaldwin,” tweeted “American Eskimoniac.”

The 30 Rock star has stated that he supports Joe Biden’s bid for the White House. But in February, Baldwin slammed Biden, saying that he “is struggling, after 8 yrs as VP to articulate his vision.”

Baldwin also implied that Biden is experiencing cognitive decline. “Some Dem candidates have campaign finance issues, sexual harassment issues, credibility issues, cognitive issues, budget balancing issues,” the actor tweeted.

This proves the Democrats and their Hollywood supporters are very aware that Biden’s cognitive function is failing. However, their hatred of Trump is so out of control they’d rather have a doddering old man take control of the most powerful military in the world than see Trump triumph for four more years. That’s the very definition of insanity and the big reason why no one takes what Alec Baldwin and his cohorts say, seriously.

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