‘F*ck This’: Alyssa Milano Demands America Shut Down Now – Gets Brutal Smackdown

Alyssa Milano believes that the coronavirus is totally out of control and that sending kids back to school is a death sentence. “F*ck this,” she said. “We are losing this battle. And all these a**holes are talking about our kids going back to school?! NOPE. We need a NATIONAL shut down NOW.” The Trump-hating activist also is promoting “Universal Basic Income.” Well, that’s when poor Alyssa got a brutal smackdown. You’ll love this.

President Donald Trump, Alyssa Milano (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Hollywood actress and left-wing agitator Alyssa Milano isn’t satisfied that California is going back into economic shutdown mode. She wants the whole country to close down — now! — over the coronavirus.

The Charmed actress, whose estimated net worth sits at $10 million, demanded a national shutdown in a recent tweet in which she called for the government to print cash and create a universal basic income. She also criticized politicians who want children to return to school in the fall, calling them “a**holes.”

“F*ck this. We are losing this battle. And all these a**holes are talking about our kids going back to school?! NOPE,” she tweeted. “We need a NATIONAL shut down NOW. Print cash. Give people UBI until we get this pandemic under control.”

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) ordered this week the indefinite closure of gyms, indoor restaurants, salons, and all bars as the state continues to see a surge in cases of the Chinese coronavirus. Many of these businesses had only recently re-opened following months of forced closure.

Alyssa Milano also tweeted out a Wikipedia link to “quantitative easing” — an economic policy whereby the Federal Reserve infuses cash into the economy by buying bonds. This is a sure-fire way to kill our economy. There is no indication that the death rate is going up. In fact, it is going down nationwide.

Germany’s latest study proves kids in the classroom are not at high risk of getting COVID or spreading it. “The results showed that ‘the dynamics of virus spreading have been overestimated,’ the universities said, adding that the study suggested that schools did not become the coronavirus ‘hotspot’ after reopening, as had been feared,” CNBC reports. 

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham has been on the cutting edge of exposing how the COVID crisis has turned into a political game. Citing new scientific studies on the virus, she posted: “Keeping children home even on a reduced schedule during the school year is anti-science and in many at-risk children a form of state-sanctioned child abuse.”

Laura also blasted Dr. Anthony Fauci on Wednesday night by using his past interviews to prove he has flip-flopped many times: 

Minnesota State Representative Anne Neu also corrected the faux COVID death narrative by reading directly from the CDC: “I was just called out on the House floor for sharing false information. I literally read directly from the CDC website.”

It’s the Democrats and their cohorts who are not “following the science and data,” and that’s why Americans blasted Alyssa Milano. 


“Why do ill-educated actors think they know anything about national economics; why do people listen to them?” tweeted Alan Moran.

“No, F you. You are a communist traitor and should be prosecuted as such. Leave the country. You are the problem,” tweeted Evan F Williams.

“I love how these out of touch with reality called celebrities; living in their mansions behind walls and with armed bodyguards to protect them and their money think it’s great for the rest of us peons to do without,” tweeted “Mayan Lady.”

“‘Print Cash.’ She thinks the economy is a game of Monopoly,” tweeted “Rachel RN.”

Alyssa Milano is a good example of a Hollywood activist who is completely out of touch with reality. 

The D-list actress was also caught promoting an effort from Black Lives Matter activists called the “People’s Budget L.A.,” which would defund the LAPD by 90 percent.

Can you imagine cutting the Los Angeles Police Department by 90 percent? That would result in some of the most dangerous areas in the country having no police patrol at all. Many of these areas, like South Central L.A., are populated by low-income minorities who would find themselves held hostage by violent gangs.

Right now the Democrats and their mainstream media co-conspirators are using the coronavirus faux narrative as a weapon to win the election in November. We must launch a counter-attack with the truth. Blast them with the actual “science and data” that proves the COVID crisis is exaggerated. Patriots are too wise to this game and won’t be fooled by them again.

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