AOC Realizes Socialism Isn’t Popular With Americans – She Can’t Handle The Truth

Poor Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. For the last two years, she has given it her all to convince Americans that socialism is the future for governing the United States. Now, that her candidate Bernie Sanders did not catch on with the majority of Democrat voters, she’s starting to realize socialism just isn’t popular with Americans. So, she made a last-ditch effort to make Americans see it her way, and that’s when she got utterly torched. You’ll love this.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

AOC’s utopian dream of making America a socialist failed-state did not catch on. Even with all Joe Biden’s gaffes and his declining mental health, Democrat voters held their noses and voted for the former vice-president on Super Tuesday.

Ocasio-Cortez can’t accept that. She just can’t handle the truth. 

The 30-year-old former bartender made a desperate attempt to make Americans see it her way. “If you believe in: healthcare as a right, a living wage, that working-class & marginalized people deserve power, that climate action should be on the scale of the crisis, that racial justice is key in all this & more. Then we are on the same team. Let’s accomplish it together,” AOC posted.

“Is it just our imagination or does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seem almost desperate in this tweet? Sort of like she’s trying to make Bernie’s platform about anything but socialism. Maybe she learned a thing or two about Americans on Super Tuesday, even her fellow Democrats? Eh, probably not,” Twitchy reports. 

“Honey, just take the L! AOC’s attempt to pretend Bernie’s platform ISN’T a hot dumpster of socialism fails in so many ways,” Twitchy’s headline blared.

The New York Congresswoman was hit with more bad news. Her desperate attempt to sway voters into believing socialism is the wave of the future was met with some serious wake-up calls.

“Someone’s labor is not your right. There’s no such thing People deserve power because they earned it & it’s freely given. I agree, but there is no crisis. Racism has no place in policy; even when it’s a kind you like. We’re not on the same team. You will not destroy this country,” tweeted “PerturbedCaucasianBloke.”

“Healthcare is a commodity. You don’t have the right to someone else’s labor. A living wage varies wildly from one person to another based on numerous factors which is why centrally planning it will fail miserably and cost jobs. The rest is warm and fuzzy feel-good nonsense,” tweeted “Ghosts of Home.”

“I believe the govt is responsible for the problems that you think we need even more govt to fix. You want us to try to put out fires by giving a lot more power to the arsonists. Which ironically makes you responsible for helping create the very problems you claim to be fighting,” tweeted Leonydus Johnson.

“The aim of these policies is to concentrate power in the federal government (you), at the expense of individual rights. I believe in freedom, not slavery to government,” tweeted Jen Stroup.

“Socialism can’t possibly make everyone equally rich. It can, however, make everyone equally poor. Just read some history,” tweeted Tom Morgan.

Bernie Sanders and AOC love to point to the Nordic countries as evidence that socialism can work. Boy, are they wrong.

You’ll often hear supporters of Sanders claim Sweden and Denmark or some other Scandinavian country as their model for socialism. What they fail to tell you is in Sweden where they did try socialism for years, it ended very badly.

“Today, 36 percent of Americans are sympathetic to socialism compared to only 9 percent of Swedes. That’s because Sanders and AOC only point to the 30-year episode of socialism’s artificial success before Sweden crumbled under its reality,” The Federalist reports.

The problem with these policies is that they began to erode the foundations for a successful society,” Swedish economist Johan Norberg said.

“Reversing Sweden’s traditions of small government and an open economy disintegrated its successful business climate. Big companies like IKEA either evaded taxes or left the country. Athletes like Björn Borg and entrepreneurs fled the country. High inflation raged and not a single net job was created in the private sector,” The Federalist added.

The new generation raised in socialism had no incentives to work. The once healthy population began calling in sick because of the generous benefits for sick days. They shamelessly accepted the public benefits that their hardworking parents once despised.

Sweden stood as the world’s fourth wealthiest country nearly five decades ago. Its taxes were lower than most Western countries, including the United States. Then, they got the bright idea to try socialism, and that’s when it went all wrong.

So, next time one of the Bernie Bros tries to throw one of those Scandinavian countries in your face as proof of how “real” socialism can work, tell them the truth. They bought the lie Bernie and AOC were selling.

Yes, we get how “free stuff” can sound so good.

However, it’s time to grow up and get into reality. The myth that Sanders is going to make “the billionaires” pay for all of his plans does not add up.

Even if you could tax all the so-called “one percent,” there isn’t enough money for his plans. It’s always the middle class who get taxed out of existence, and that’s why Americans rejected Bernie Sanders and AOC in the end.

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