America, We Have An NFL-National Anthem Protest Problem — Here’s The Solution

America is facing a big problem within the NFL; namely, the increasing and seemingly constant protests of our national anthem that’s leaving many fans furious and creating controversy. Football Sunday has turned into a day of political discord instead of a moment to break from the weekly hustle and stress. Everyone seems to have something to say about it if you take a look at social media, but few are offering solutions, so we got one for you. […]


Checkmate! Trump Proves His BRILLIANCE As Media Gets Played On Travel Ban

We are once again seeing a battle played out between President Donald Trump and the liberal mainstream media. Although the leftists think they are winning, they didn’t see the brilliant, stellar play by Trump that led them to completely and utterly defeat themselves. It’s checkmate for the MSM over the travel ban, and they only have themselves to thank as Trump forced them to do his dirty work for him. […]


Feminists Admit Their ‘Women’s March’ Was A ‘Fight’ Over 36 CENTS

After feminists descended on Washington, D.C. and other cities across the United States over the weekend, many Americans were left dumbfounded, unsure why these women were protesting in this Women’s March. While each individual marcher may have their own unique reasons for their protest, one common and odd theme emerged — and it all involved a fight over 36 cents that will blow your mind. […]


Before ‘Feminists’ March For Me, Here’s What I Want Them To Know

After sharing my thoughts about the recent Women’s March on Facebook, rabid “feminists” quickly attacked, displaying their “love” and “tolerance” as they “lovingly” called me a twat and worse. That didn’t bother me. What irritated me was the “We did this for you” remarks. Before these feminists march for me again, there’s something I want them to know. […]