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Hospital Staff HORRIFIED As Patient Admits What He Did To Missing Teen Girl

After being found unconscious by one of his two girlfriends, Jacob Sullivan, 44, was rushed to the hospital for an apparent suicide attempt, where his life was saved. However, his sickening admission would soon leave some wishing he had been left for dead after he told hospital staff the horrific things he did to a missing teen girl as the child’s own mother not only watched but helped. […]

Cops & Criminals

Trump Fans Attack After Hearing BLM Chant, There’s Just 3 ‘Small’ Problems

Another story of rabid Donald Trump fans attacking peaceful liberals is gaining traction on social media after Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ activists posted about the assault they endured, including pictures of their injuries. As their accusations paint Trump supporters as vicious animals always ready to strike, at least 3 “small” problems have surfaced, and this needs to spread before their lies do. […]


Trump Uses Michelle’s Advice In SHOCKING Response To Her ‘No Hope’ Remarks

After Michelle Obama recently sat down with Oprah Winfrey and said Americans are hopeless after Donald Trump’s election, many anxiously waited for the president-elect’s response, with some hoping that he’d let her have it in true Donald fashion. Instead, Trump surprisingly used Michelle’s advice when he finally hit back at the outgoing First Lady. However, his response didn’t disappoint and was nothing short of shocking. […]


Loud Noise On Porch Wakes Couple, What Cameras Captured Panics Community

A couple, living in the usually peaceful suburbs of Hillsborough, California, was awoken by loud noises from outside their bedroom recently. When the wife went to investigate, what she saw happening on her front porch had her quickly slamming the door. Now, the community is in a panic, seeing what the security cameras captured before a mess was left behind as a reminder of the danger lurking outside. […]


Western Muslims ‘Party’ With Little Girls, Nurses Included For Sick Reason

A gross trend is emerging as Muslims migrate to Western nations, bringing Islamic teachings with them. Allegedly fleeing the barbaric practices of their home countries, they are now inflicting the same savagery in the West. Devout Muslims are holding disturbing “parties” for little girls, with nurses included for one sick reason. Islamic values and leftist ideals are colliding as the gut-churning events are exposed. […]


Football Great Jim Brown Has 6 Shocking Words To Describe Meeting Trump

After Barack Obama destroyed race relations and the liberal left ran a campaign of lies, feeding a false narrative about a bigoted Donald Trump to minorities, the now-President-elect has his work cut out for him. To heal the divide, Trump is meeting with leaders in the black community, including legendary football great Jim Brown, who shocked many with his description of the encounter — and it only took 6 words. […]

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Before You Tag Your Friend In That Photo, Here’s What You Should Know

There’s a new trend on Facebook, and if you’ve spent any time on the social media giant recently, you’ve likely seen it by now. Images are popping up with an attention-grabbing picture, telling you to tag a friend. The message is usually along the lines of “I’m waiting for Dave” or “Chris said he’d meet me,” followed by instructions to “tag him for me,” but before you do, here’s what you should know. […]