Political Opinion

Feminists Admit Their ‘Women’s March’ Was A ‘Fight’ Over 36 CENTS

After feminists descended on Washington, D.C. and other cities across the United States over the weekend, many Americans were left dumbfounded, unsure why these women were protesting in this Women’s March. While each individual marcher may have their own unique reasons for their protest, one common and odd theme emerged — and it all involved a fight over 36 cents that will blow your mind. […]

Political Opinion

Before ‘Feminists’ March For Me, Here’s What I Want Them To Know

After sharing my thoughts about the recent Women’s March on Facebook, rabid “feminists” quickly attacked, displaying their “love” and “tolerance” as they “lovingly” called me a twat and worse. That didn’t bother me. What irritated me was the “We did this for you” remarks. Before these feminists march for me again, there’s something I want them to know. […]

Health & Science

Horrifying Photos After Cosmetic Procedure Leaves Woman Grossly Disfigured

After a Florida woman was left grossly disfigured by a routine cosmetic procedure, the horrifying photos of her botched results are garnering a lot of attention as they serve as a graphic warning to other women. Blind and suicidal after being deformed by a professional who did one thing wrong, the victim of the malpractice is now speaking out, hoping to save others from suffering the same fate. […]

Political Opinion

Black Activist Launches RACIST Attack On Band Performing At Inauguration

A black man, who disguises himself as a “race activist,” has launched an attack on a band set to perform at the inauguration of Donald Trump. With one word, he rallied his followers to bully and harass the group for agreeing to perform. His racist attack proves who the real oppressors are, and it’s enough to leave anyone, who truly values positive race relations and unity, pissed off. […]

Social Issues

What’s Seen Lurking In Chinese Waters Should Scare The Hell Out Of Us All

As Americans are distracted by the false narrative that Russia is a threat because they allegedly hacked our election, a real danger was seen lurking in Chinese waters that should scare the hell out of us all. As pictures are emerging of China’s not-so-little secret, what’s captured in those images should have all of our hearts beating a little bit faster. This is a game changer, to say the least. […]

Social Issues

Muslim Invited To Cathedral, Stuns Crowd With What Comes Out Of Her Mouth

After a Muslim woman was recently invited to a cathedral, she stunned onlookers with what came out of her mouth when she stood, capturing the attention of the congregation as well as cameras in the audience. The tolerant Christians were given a “gift” that proved exactly what she thinks of the Christian faith, and it was all caught on video, leaving viewers in disbelief that the invitation led to such an attack. […]

Social Issues

Before You Send Your Facebook Friend A Message, Here’s What You Should Know

Friends are able to stay in touch today like never before, thanks to advances in technology, such as the messenger app available through the social media giant Facebook. However, before you send your Facebook friend what you think is a harmless message, there’s something you should know — and it should have you stopping before hitting the send button. […]

Cops & Criminals

Hospital Staff HORRIFIED As Patient Admits What He Did To Missing Teen Girl

After being found unconscious by one of his two girlfriends, Jacob Sullivan, 44, was rushed to the hospital for an apparent suicide attempt, where his life was saved. However, his sickening admission would soon leave some wishing he had been left for dead after he told hospital staff the horrific things he did to a missing teen girl as the child’s own mother not only watched but helped. […]

Cops & Criminals

Trump Fans Attack After Hearing BLM Chant, There’s Just 3 ‘Small’ Problems

Another story of rabid Donald Trump fans attacking peaceful liberals is gaining traction on social media after Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ activists posted about the assault they endured, including pictures of their injuries. As their accusations paint Trump supporters as vicious animals always ready to strike, at least 3 “small” problems have surfaced, and this needs to spread before their lies do. […]

Political Opinion

Trump Uses Michelle’s Advice In SHOCKING Response To Her ‘No Hope’ Remarks

After Michelle Obama recently sat down with Oprah Winfrey and said Americans are hopeless after Donald Trump’s election, many anxiously waited for the president-elect’s response, with some hoping that he’d let her have it in true Donald fashion. Instead, Trump surprisingly used Michelle’s advice when he finally hit back at the outgoing First Lady. However, his response didn’t disappoint and was nothing short of shocking. […]