Barack & Michelle Win Big At Oscars, Then Get Torched As ‘Liars & Hypocrites’

Barack and Michelle Obama left the White House only to become movie moguls by signing a multimillion-dollar contract with Netflix. Last night at the Oscars, the Obamas won “Best Documentary” with their film “American Factory.” However, the sick secret the Obamas were hiding about the film came out, and they got torched as liars and hypocrites. You’ll love this.

Michelle and Barack Obama (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

Winning an Oscar no longer has any meaning. What once was one of the biggest nights for movies has turned into a joke thanks to the politized Hollywood crowd, who give horrible speeches, while the academy for motion pictures bases who wins on political correctness.

That brings us to the Obamas production company called “Higher Ground.” 

Barack and Michelle’s company signed a multi-million dollar contract with Netflix to produce a bevy of “woke” documentaries. And just like clockwork, the Academy Awards gave their nominated film American Factory the win for “Best Documentary.”

“The film, American Factory, was backed by the Obamas’ production company Higher Ground. It tells the story of Chinese company’s purchase and repurposing of an American factory in Ohio,” Breitbart reports.

“We want to be in relationships with people and connect with them and work together with them,” Obama said in a promotional video about their decision to back the film.

Michelle Obama said that the story about American workers reminded her of her father. “That was my background, that was my father and that was reflected in this film,” she said.

What they all forgot to mention while making the film was the former president’s role in shutting down that same Ohio factory. 

Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH), the former mayor of nearby Dayton, Ohio, wrote last year, the movie leaves out President Obama’s own role in making life worse for the GM workers who lost their jobs.

Obama’s auto bailout, he recalled, helped force the plant’s closure and made it harder for the workers to find new jobs because his administration was granting political favors to its favored union allies — and they were in the “wrong” union.

“The hypocrisy of this Obama-backed film is astounding. Mr. Obama fails to acknowledge his direct role in creating the hardships the Moraine workers weathered. He had nothing whatsoever to do with the plant’s reopening—that was all the work of state and local officials and community leaders,” Rep. Turner writes.

As Rep. Turner recalled, his retired father — who had once worked at the plant — lost his health insurance in Obama’s auto bailout.

“How does a nearly two-hour film telling the story of these workers fail even to mention the direct role the co-owner of the film’s production company [Obama] played in creating their hardships? Did the filmmakers think no one would remember?” Rep. Turner said.

Well, Americans did remember and made it crystal clear Barack and Michelle are just a bunch of liars and hypocrites.


“Read this to find the truth behind the liberal facade & corrupt romance between Hollywood & Mr. O The ‘bailout’ gave $ to Union which funneled lots of $ back to Dems! Obama’s Oscar-Winning ‘American Factory’ Omits His Own Role in Ohio Factory’s Closing,” tweeted “RedState Guy.”

“Former Pres. Obama played a DIRECT role in the hardships of the workers featured in American Factory, the Oscar-winning documentary his production company produced. This is EXACTLY like his Nobel Peace Prize. I’m still trying to figure that one out!” tweeted Sam Covfefe.

“Obama’s ‘American Factory’ Omits His Own Role in Ohio Factory’s Closing—his auto bailout forced plant’s closure, made it harder for workers to find new jobs bc his admin was dealing political favors w its favored union allies—& they were in ‘wrong’ union,” tweeted “I Stand With Trump.”

The #FactsMatter when it comes to Obama’s first Oscar win… Thousands of employees were left to fend for themselves due to Obama admin & unions!” tweeted Denise Rogers. 

Rep. Mike Turner wrote in the Wall Street Journal last September, after the film’s release:

It’s a fascinating and at times moving film. What’s interesting about it, though, is that it never once alludes to the part Mr. Obama played in diminishing the ability of Moraine’s laid off workers to transfer to other GM plants. The president’s role wasn’t indirect and isn’t a matter of dispute: His administration’s bailout deal for GM included a backroom exclusive agreement with the United Auto Workers.

“American Factory” documents the UAW’s efforts to unionize the reopened auto glass factory without any mention of the same union’s direct role in the GM plant’s closure. The Dayton community was left out in the cold—thousands of jobs lost, families devastated, longtime GM workers out on the street looking for work.

The Obamas have zero integrity. Can you imagine if this was President Donald Trump? The mainstream media would be in overdrive spewing utter outrage that the president could be such a hypocrite and liar.

Well, we see its quite fitting that the Obamas’ first big win at the Oscars will always be tainted for reminding Americans that Barack’s failed policies actually led to the closure of that Ohio factory. You can’t make this stuff up — it’s so ridiculous.

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