Barack: Americans Need Obamacare Expanded To Fight COVID-19, Gets Reality Check

Barack Obama is using this pandemic to defend his socialized version of healthcare. In fact, he wants all Americans to be covered by Obamacare alone, claiming it is the best way to fight COVID-19. That’s right, he actually said now is the time to “protect it, build on it, until we cover everyone.” Well, that’s when he got a huge reality check about government-run health care that made him look like a fool. You’ll love this.

Barack Obama, President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

It was just a matter of time before we heard from Barack Obama during this national emergency. So, it really wasn’t any surprise when he used his Twitter feed to promote his legacy legislation known as Obamacare.

“Ten years ago today, I signed the Affordable Care Act into law. It protected preexisting conditions, cut the uninsured rate in half, and lots more. But it’s still under political attack right when we need care the most. We have to protect it, build on it, until we cover everyone,” Obama tweeted to his 114 million followers.

Italy is one of the hardest-hit countries battling COVID-19, and they have government-run health care.

“Coronavirus victims in Italy will be denied access to intensive care if they are aged 80 or more or in poor health should pressure on beds increase, a document prepared by a crisis management unit in Turin proposes,” The Telegraph reports. 

If you are over 80-years-old, you will be left to die. If you are under 80 but have other “complications” like asthma, heart disease, lung disease, or cancer, it’s likely you won’t receive care in a hospital, either. This is according to a document produced by the civil protection department of the Piedmont region in Italy.

“The ability of the patient to recover from resuscitation will also be considered,” The Telegraph adds.

What does that mean? People who are in poor health, or if they have a severe case of COVID-19, have a harder time coming off of a ventilator. So, if the doctors don’t like your chances, then they will deny you care based on that criterion.

“[Who lives and who dies] is decided by age and by the [patient’s] health conditions. This is how it is in a war,” said one Italian doctor.

Oh, but that can’t be the norm of socialized healthcare systems? What about the Brits? They have a great government-run system. 

Wrong. In the United Kingdom, the phrase “Boomer Remover” was recently coined after the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson gave them a coronavirus update. The government has basically decided that the U.K. is going to “take it on the chin,” according to the Prime Minister himself.

Johnson made the comments recently as the pride of Britain, the National Health Service, is creaking under the weight of handling a normal healthcare routine, much less a full-blown pandemic.

“More families are going to lose loved ones before their time,” Johnson told U.K. citizens. The NHS plan in Britain is to let 60 percent of their population get infected. They claim that will lead to “herd immunity.” Yep, you read that right.

“Two days ago, ‘taking it on the chin’ was just a wacky theory. Now, it’s being put into practice under the pretext of achieving ‘herd immunity.’ Guys: herd immunity only works when the herd has been vaccinated. Otherwise, we call it ‘natural selection,”‘ tweeted U.K. journalist Joanne Harris.

Americans also gave Barry a reality check about his legacy legislation: Obamacare.

“I worked at a health [insurance] company. I wish I could tell you how many people hated Obamacare. Some were crying because the deductibles were killing them. And for worse care,” tweeted Pam Smith.

“You lied 23 times about keeping doctor and plan? Rates went through the roof and deductibles were $8,000 and more! You are the face on evil!” tweeted “Manonthestreet.”

“In Minnesota we already had a health care plan to help those with pre-existing conditions. You lied to Americans. We lost our doctors, and our costs skyrocketed. Worst ‘Care Act’ ever. Nothing affordable about it. Can’t wait until it’s gone forever,” tweeted G.Meyer.

“Failed ObamaCare cost the average American family $5,000 more per year – doubling our healthcare insurance costs. Obama’s ‘Affordable’ Care Act Greatly Increased Premiums costing the Average American family $5,000 EVERY YEAR; See ObamaCare study,” tweeted Wayne Dunlap.


ObamaCare #Obama sent out our taxpayer money to insurance companies WITHOUT a Congressional appropriation artificially propping up #Obamacare to make it appear to be working. The “uninsured rate” dropped in large part because ACA forced people to buy plans they can’t afford,” tweeted “OccupyCorruptDC.”

In Sweden, which Millennials love to herald as an example of socialized nirvana, the government has come up with a novel idea for combating the virus.

Just don’t talk about it.

Anders Tegnell, who is the state epidemiologist of Sweden’s Public Health Agency said, “We will no longer say that we have 458 or 562 cases. Instead, we will talk about which areas of Sweden are being affected, and how badly.”

He added that it is “no longer important” to know how many cases of COVID-19 there are in the country, reported the EU Times.

America is still the world’s superpower, and we can clearly see that a government-run healthcare system would be a total disaster. We have the best doctors and medical centers in the world. It is a well-known fact that market-oriented health care (with real competition) is the best way to go to achieve the best outcome for any society.

“Death panels” are not a joke, and they exist in every socialized healthcare system. If a patient’s illness is not “cost-effective,” even during times of no pandemic, the protocol will be “palliative care,” which means they will keep you “comfortable” until you die. There may be real treatment available, but the government has decided it’s not “cost-effective.”

That’s why Americans have rejected Obamacare. If we have learned anything with this pandemic, it’s that we need to get back to a market-oriented healthcare system where insurances must compete to get our business.

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