Behar: Trump Spreading Lies About Coronavirus, Doctor Gives Her Reality Check

Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg have been blaming President Donald Trump for the coronavirus. They claim that he wasn’t prepared and that he is spreading lies about it. On Friday morning, The View welcomed a doctor to their panel, and right off the bat, Behar repeated her wild accusations about Trump. That’s when the doctor gave the blowhard a huge reality check. You’ll love this.

Joy Behar, Doctor Jennifer Ashton (Photo Credit: Twitter/Screenshots)

In case you missed it, on Thursday Whoopi Goldberg made the wild accusation that Trump knows the coronavirus is coming to America and will be apocalyptic. She also claimed he’s so scared of the impact that he put Vice-President Mike Pence in charge, so he would not get blamed.

“Whenever [Trump] wants to look like he is doing something really good, he will do something and then put somebody else in charge of it when he knows there’s a cliff coming,” Whoopi said. “And so I think he’s, I’m sorry, I think he’s setting [Pence] up!”

Goldberg is parroting the same lies the Democrats are telling hoping to panic Americans.

“If people are saying we don’t have to worry about it — it’s just the flu — it’s a little more complicated than that and I think you can’t do this to people. We need to put people in charge who know what to do,” Goldberg declared.

Whoopi was referring to President Trump telling Americans to “treat the coronavirus like the flu.” He went on to explain that the medical experts are saying to “wash your hands, keep your countertops clean, take the normal precautions—but don’t panic.” The president also said that the yearly flu is similar to the coronavirus, except the flu has a much higher mortality rate.

Well, Joy Behar wasn’t buying any of it. Trump must be lying and downplaying the severity. That’s why she was so happy to air her grievances in front of a medical expert.

“Trump said to treat the coronavirus like the flu. Is that right?” Behar said to Doctor Jennifer Ashton.

Well, the biggest concern to you, and you, and you today is influenza,” Ashton said to Joy’s horror. “It’s not coronavirus. Uhm, and we have to remember—.”

Joy rudely cuts in: “Well, what’s the difference?”

“So, different family,” Ashton said. “There’s the Goldberg family, the Ashton family, the McCain family…they are all respiratory viruses, and they are not the only ones. There’s the rhino-virus, the adenovirus, and they behave differently but coronavirus isn’t brand new. This strain is new but—.”

This time it was obnoxious Ana Narravo who piped in: “But coronavirus is more deadly than the flu.” This is another lie the Democrats and the mainstream media are claiming.

“Well, if we are going to get into numbers, that is the 800-pound gorilla in the room,” Ashton responded. “Because we don’t have a good grasp of the numbers. When we hear 80,000 cases worldwide, 80,000 to me is less interesting than how many people have been exposed, how many people infected, how many people are tested, and so a number in isolation you really have to take it with not a grain of salt but a chunk of salt.”

“Right now, according to the CDC, this is a highly transmissible virus with a very low mortality rate or fatality rate,” Ashton declared. “And that’s really important right now.”

So, the yearly flu is much more deadly than the coronavirus. That is what we know so far. It’s very contagious, but most people recover.

Joy Behar just could not accept what the doctor was saying. She then claimed she heard the coronavirus was like the Spanish influenza of 1918 which killed 20-50 million people worldwide.

Doctor Ashton went on to inform big mouth Behar that it’s important not to spread misinformation.

“One of the biggest problems with this story is where people get information,” Ashton said. “And where people get misinformation.”

The good doctor looked right at Joy.

“You have to get your information from credible, credentialed, sources. If you don’t, not only does it not do you any good, but it actually endangers public health with your response,” Dr. Ashton said giving all the shrews of The View a huge reality check.

There is no doubt this was not how Whoopi Goldberg and her crew of Trump-haters hoped this segment would go.

They found out the hard way that when they politicize the coronavirus and spread lies about something so important, doctors who have no agenda except the truth will expose them for the idiots that they are. Well, it couldn’t have happened to more deserving people.

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