Behar: Trump Supporters Don’t Realize They’re Just Pawns, Gets Brutal Smackdown

Joy Behar is once again disrespecting Americans who support President Donald Trump. On The View on Tuesday, the 77-year-old leftwing cohost claimed Trump supporters are too stupid to realize they are just pawns in the president’s political game. Well, that’s when poor Joy got a brutal smackdown proving she is the real political pawn of the Democrats. You’ll love this.

Joy Behar (Photo Credit: Twitter/Screenshots)

Tuesday on ABC’s The View, co-host Joy Behar said President Donald Trump’s supporters did not realize they were “pawns” in his “political game” to get reelected by making wearing masks amid the coronavirus pandemic a political choice instead of a health directive.

“There are certain rules that you have to follow, you know, you can’t drive if you’re drunk,” Behar said. “You have to wear a seatbelt. You’re not allowed to smoke in public, things like that, that you sign away your freedom in a way to be restricted in your car. And if you don’t abide by this, you go to jail, or you’re fined.”

“The rules being distorted by Trump and his enablers in the Congress,” she added. “In particular, the leaders in Congress who are enabling him, he’s playing a political game with people’s lives. And these people do not realize that they are pawns in his game. He only wants to be reelected. He doesn’t really care if you live or die.”

It’s becoming quite obvious that the Democrats are using things surrounding the coronavirus, like wearing masks, as the new political correctness. For example, Joe Biden’s handlers made the decision to change his Twitter profile picture to the former vice-president wearing what they are calling a “badass” black mask.

Then, he told all Americans: “Wear a mask.”

Most Americans find Biden’s Twitter profile picture and his virtue signaling ridiculous.

Joy Behar has become Biden’s full-blown political pawn as she echoes his sentiments without really understanding the real reason why this has become the new Democrat talking point.

“The circle of virtue signaling is now complete. It became apparent during Memorial Day weekend the resistance allies, democrats and media, were going to use the wearing of ‘masks’ as the hot new 2020 virtue signal. All of the Blue-bot governors quickly fell into line with their own demands for compliant mask-wearing in their states,” Conservative Treehouse reports. 

“As with most modern left-wing extremes, influencing the behavior is an issue of control, a compliant community, it takes a village etc. The issue is not a medical benefit. Toward that end, Joe Biden gets the command signal and joins the movement,” they add.

Thus the politicization of masks is complete.

Masks, in general, have little benefit in the public setting. Lisa Brosseau, ScD, is a nationally recognized expert on infectious diseases and reports cloth masks are useless against the virus. There are many reasons why this is a fact, and most medical professionals know it’s only in a sterile setting of isolation and wearing isolation garb with training that warrants any real safety.

Luckily, the risk is extremely low in contracting the COVID-19 virus by just going to the store or running errands. We now know most people get infected in their homes by prolonged exposure, or by being in tight areas like a cruise ship. Washing your hands is the most important thing you can do.

Poor Joy got blasted by Americans on social media. 

“Behar is the pawn. @TheDemocrats own her. Her opinion is that of the last @DNC press release she saw,” tweeted John W. Wilson.

“@JoyVBehar must not realize she’s the biggest pawn ever for the Dems & Liberal Socialist!!” tweeted Dot Phillips.

“Behar, you wish to see a pawn? LOOK IN THE MIRROR!” tweeted Francis Figliola.

“Joy Behar and Joe Biden are both the same age, 77, and have the same mental fitness. Not pretty,” tweeted Greg Perko.

“#DemocratPawns don’t realize they are the ones being used. Promises by Dems to Blacks are worthless!” tweeted LJ Spagnoli.

“Does this Idiot realize that every time she opens her pie hole, Nonsense & Bull Schifft come out. Rhetorical, of course. The Morons that actually watch her are pathetic. They make AOC look Brilliant!” tweeted Ron Stearns.

At 77-years-old and living in New York, Joy Behar is vulnerable to the virus. However, she knows the majority of Americans are not living in “hotspots” and need to get on with their lives.

What she really does not know is how she and her fellow cohosts are used as some of the biggest pawns by the Democrat party. The producers of The View, who set the talking points on the ABC talk show, seem to be in lock-step with the Democrats.

Joy’s just parroting whatever nonsense Nancy Pelosi and her cohorts are selling to Americans. Too bad that most Americans are laughing at Joy and her buddies, whose virtue signaling and political correctness is just confirmation they have no independent thoughts and have no idea what they are really talking about.

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