Bette Attacks Trump For Keeping America’s Coronavirus Numbers Low, Regrets It

Bette Midler is the perfect example of why Americans refuse to listen to Hollywood celebrities. The 74-year-old singer went bonkers on Sunday by attacking President Donald Trump for taking precautions to protect Americans from undue exposure to those with the coronavirus and keeping the numbers low. You read that right. We can’t make this stuff up. Well, she instantly regretted it. Don’t miss this.

Bette Midler, President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Actress Bette Midler was in rare form by lashing out at President Trump on Sunday for not wanting “America’s coronavirus numbers” to “go up.”

“Trump wants to leave sick people on that docked cruise ship so America’s coronavirus numbers don’t go up. After hearing this I had to wash my brain for 20 seconds with hot soapy water while singing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice,” Midler tweeted.

She really tweeted that:

Midler’s unhinged rant goes too far. 

“She’s attacking Trump for not wanting to see the number of coronavirus cases in the country go up,” John Nolte via Breibart writes. “She thinks that’s a criticism. She thinks Trump not wanting to increase the number of coronavirus cases reflects poorly on him, that it is some kind of cover-up, some kind of conspiracy.”

Bette Midler is apparently referring to the Grand Princess, a cruise ship with 21 passengers who have tested positive for the coronavirus. The ship and its 2,421 passengers and 1,113 crew members were scheduled to dock in Oakland, California, on Monday.

On Sunday, out of an abundance of caution, because he is not the spokesman for the White House response, US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson said he did not want to “preview the plan right now” for the cruise ship.

“I think it needs to all come from a solitary source. We shouldn’t have 16 people saying what the plan is — particularly when it hasn’t been fully formulated,” Carson added.

On Monday morning, according to the latest news reports, passengers and crew are in fact disembarking as scheduled, and under highly controlled circumstances.

“All of us at Princess Cruises offer our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the federal, state and local authorities who are coordinating, collaborating and activating resources and personnel in support of this response to provide care and attend to the health and well-being of our guests and crew,” the president of Princess Cruises said in a statement.

“Midler is acting like Trump’s doing something wrong, something immoral, something sneaky that will benefit him politically — and what is that political sin? Keeping the number of coronavirus sufferers low,” Nolte adds.

Well, Americans agree. Bette Midler has lost her damn mind. 

“Its called ‘quarantine’, dummy Preventing the spread of a deadly disease is called ‘proper Public Health measures’,” tweeted “CaptiaLiszt.”

“Actually the ship is the best way to quarantine a group of individuals while receiving treatment. The local health department is responsible for the quarantine. Why don’t you open your home to care for the passengers,” tweeted “Retired.”

“So if he allowed them back into the population, and they infected mass quantities of fellow Americans, you’d be cool with that? GTFO. You’d rip him infinitely more. Laughable take,” tweeted Ryan Schuiling.

“I’m trying to wrap my head around how unintelligent, it turns out, you actually are,” tweeted Queen Velvet.

“Oh and let’s forget about the common flu, it spreads no differently & we have vacancies…so far this year it killed thousands. So what to do…run…hide…AND BLAME TRUMP! GOT IT,” tweeted Steve Davis.

“I agree with you, Bette. We must get those coronavirus numbers up. It is unfair and undemocratic that we have so few while China and Italy have so many,” tweeted Scott Davis.

“You’re absolutely right, Bette! He should demand that ship release all those people across America so those numbers skyrocket! I mean, who wouldn’t want America’s coronavirus numbers going up?” tweeted “Aldous Huxley’s Ghost.”

Bette got the memo from the Democrats to politicize the coronavirus to hurt Trump. But we are pretty sure they did not want their side to look like utter fools.

The only other thing you need to know about Bette Midler is her love for mini-Mike Bloomberg. As a resident of New York, Midler claimed Bloomberg was the best mayor ever.

“Rail at me all you want, but I saw New York City go from being down on its knees to standing upright and proud after 9-11. It was a long haul, tough; not without mistakes, but he got it done,” Bette ranted.

Of course, Bloomberg wasn’t the mayor during 9/11. That was Rudy Guiliani. In fact, Bloomberg was a Republican when he won the 2002 mayorship. Then, he flip-flopped on public policy, turned into a flaming liberal and is best-known for making “Big Gulps” illegal.

What’s laughable is Bette Midler and Joy Behar get confused as the same person. Both are living in New York, both are ignorant big mouths who hate Trump with a vengeance, and they both care about  “climate change” more than they do babies in a mother’s womb.

Too bad Bette isn’t worried about the disease she already has — Trump Derangement Syndrome. Those suffering from TDS could do all Americans a big favor and self-quarantine themselves until after the presidential election.

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