Biden Handlers Put Joe In ‘Time Out’ For Alleged Bad Behavior, Patriots Love It

Former Vice-President Joe Biden is being placed in a strange “time out” by his handlers for what may be the rest of the campaign. In fact, this move by the Biden people comes on the heels of his “bad behavior” that would lead to a big loss this November if it was allowed to continue. Well, patriots across the country are celebrating this bizarre move. You don’t want to miss this.

Joe Biden (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Poor Joe. He really loved getting in front of the cameras at his tiny events and rambling on. Well, that’s been put to an end by his handlers. Joe’s been placed on a verbal “time out” by his campaign. He no longer will be allowed to go off-script at any time.

“It’s likely no coincidence the day AFTER Joe Biden got caught saying he was able to stay home because some black woman was stocking shelves that suddenly his ‘quips’ and stories will magically be written instead of spoken,” Twitchy reports. 

“Guess they don’t want Sleepy Joe telling more Black Americans that they ain’t black if they don’t vote for him OR claiming the Black community doesn’t think for itself,” they added.

“Folks, starting today, I’m trying something new,” Biden’s Twitter account posted on Monday. “I’ll be writing notes to you about my plans to build our country back better. And I’ll be sharing personal stories and behind-the-scenes moments from the campaign trail, too. I hope you’ll follow along.”

This is a totally unprecedented move by a presidential campaign. 

Joe will be putting out “notes.” Why put out “notes” when there are so many ways you can talk directly to the American people?

It also says so much about how Joe’s closest advisors view him. They just cannot risk any more racist remarks or gaffes by the Democrat candidate.

They had to weigh the fallout of such a bizarre move against the probability that Joe has already damaged his campaign so much that they cannot risk voters punishing the Democrat down-ballot candidates. In other words, it can be argued that this move says Biden is done, but the Democrats are now just trying to salvage their candidates running for the House and Senate.

While the same public polls that claimed Hillary Clinton was beating Donald Trump by double digits in October 2016 are now claiming Biden is leading Trump by the same margin, that’s not the likely reality.

Both campaigns take internal polling that they keep close to their vests. Meanwhile, the few pollsters who got it right in 2016 all did one thing differently: they only polled “likely voters.”

“The monthly Democracy Institute Sunday Express poll for the Presidential election shows that Mr. Trump is still on course for victory with 46 percent of the popular support compared to his Democrat rival Joe Biden’s 45 percent,” Express reports.

Then, there’s Professor Helmut Norpoth, whose model predicted five of the past six presidential elections correctly, and he has predicted Trump in 2020 will win by a “landslide.”

Americans blasted Joe and his campaign advisors for placing him in “time out.” 

“Joe’s Notes: I am Joe. I have 47 years experience. My son Hunter makes a lot of money. I am running for the Senate. My 401k did well since 2016. I will vote for Trump, oops, not suppose to say that. Basement is warm tonight. I will sleep in tomorrow. I plan to work part time,” tweeted “Trump’s Hidden Majority.”

“I thought you were going to say you were going to start telling the truth and stop plagiarizing. Nope I was wrong!” tweeted “My Views Are My Own.”

“What is this, Valentine’s Day? Will Fallon’s Thank You Notes music be playing? Lol, come on, man!! Guess this is a way for your handlers to keep you from answering direct, unscripted, spontaneous questions, like will you pack the Supreme Court & who is on your SC list,” tweeted “On a Night Drive.”

“Notes, because 1) You can’t talk due to cognitive decline, 2) You’re not the one actually writing anything at all, it’s your staff, 3) Another way to hide,” tweeted “Truth Harbinger.”

“Oh boy I can’t wait. Story time with creepy Joe. It’s bound to be an incredible work of fiction,” tweeted Bob Cox.

“Looks like all the gaffes yesterday didn’t sit well with the handlers. Now, he will read from script provided by Bernie and the rest of the gang,” tweeted Sandy Williams MD.

What does this move say to the American voters about Joe Biden? 

It suggests that his closest advisors see him as an incompetent candidate who they cannot trust. Well, they know him far better than those of us who only see him on certain occasions.

In fact, President Trump acknowledged on Sean Hannity’s show that if he had not been so quick to interrupt “Biden’s lies” during the debate, there is no doubt Joe would have been caught in one of his senior moments.

Trump said he will try hard to let Joe just ramble on during the next presidential debate. For now, this latest news about Sleepy Joe can only be interpreted as very bad news for the Democratic Party. They have no confidence in Biden, so why should the American electorate?

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