Biden Caught Quoting ‘N-Word’ 13 Times In 1985, Black Vote Turns To Trump

Joe Biden is under scrutiny after transcripts surfaced from 1985 proving the presumptive Democrat nominee used the “N-word” 13 times. But that’s not all. Even though the mainstream media polls are reporting Biden is way ahead of President Donald Trump, new information about the black vote turning to Trump is causing the leftists to freak out. You’ll love this.

President Donald Trump, Joe Biden (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Video of one such instance where Biden used the N-word twice when he was quoting someone else already surfaced late last month.

The Senate hearing series during which Biden repeatedly used the offensive term was when he was questioning William Reynolds, then-President Ronald Reagan’s assistant attorney general for civil rights, when Reynolds was under consideration for a promotion to be associate attorney general.

However, what is really damning to Joe Biden is a memo that was uncovered from that same timeframe.

This memo was quoting then-Republican Rep. Charles Emile Bruneau of New Orleans. Allegedly, he opposed the left’s desired redistricting plan for Louisiana in starkly racial terms. “We already have a n***** mayor (in New Orleans), and we don’t need another n***** bigshot,” Bruneau was quoted in that document as saying.

In Biden’s line of questioning in these 1985 hearings, Biden repeatedly brought up this exact quote and kept using the N-word. In fact, U.S. Senate transcripts from the time demonstrate that Biden used it a total of 13 times, Breitbart reports.

“The first instance occurred during the morning of June 4, 1985, when Biden first used the term twice. A later instance, from the next day, June 5, has already had widely circulating video of Biden reciting the derogatory term from the quote twice,” Breitbart adds.

While some people circulating the video left out the context that includes proof Biden was not using the N-word himself but quoting someone else saying it, the mere question as to if that is even acceptable has dogged politicians for some time. 

The point here is if this was Trump saying the N-word 13 times, regardless of the context, the Democrats would be hammering him day and night over the videos. The other point is, Biden did not have to keep quoting the N-word over and over, but he chose to do it, which is a huge issue in 2020.

The other big story that the mainstream media is trying to bury has to do with Biden’s lack of support from African-American voters. 

While the leftwing media and Fox News are reporting the president trailing Biden in the polls by margins from 10 points to 5 points, CNN is hiding the bigger story of the black vote.

Most Americans will dismiss the polls that claim Biden is way ahead of Trump. However, any pro-Trump polling coming from CNN is something we can take to the bank.

CNN is sounding the alarm for the Democrats, warning in a piece on Tuesday that former Vice President Joe Biden is underperforming while President Donald Trump is over-performing with black voters.

“Joe Biden’s advantage over Trump with Black voters is currently smaller than Hillary Clinton’s was,” read the headline on Tuesday from CNN’s Harry Enten.

The opening paragraphs of Enten’s article note that despite Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests nationwide,  the incumbent GOP president is outperforming expectations against the presumptive Democrat nominee in the black community.

In fact, the CNN piece claims Trump is picking up support from younger African-Americans and Hispanic voters.

CNN is hardly the first to notice Biden’s serious problem in the black community. USA Today earlier in July published a feature piece headlined: “Young Black voters say they aren’t enthusiastic about a Joe Biden presidency.”

In it, author Rebecca Morin quotes a number of black voters who are unimpressed with Biden. Then Morin noted a trend that Enten later picked up on at CNN: Biden has a polling problem with black voters.

“With the November election four months away, polling shows Biden’s support with younger Black voters trailing significantly behind that of older Black voters,” Morin wrote. “And while polls show the majority of young Black voters support Biden over President Donald Trump, many are unenthusiastic at best or hesitant at worst.”

Back in April, McClatchy’s Alex Roarty published his own story detailing how Democrats are “worried” about Trump’s strength with young black and Hispanic voters.

This is really bad news for the Democrats. Seasoned pollsters have long held that if the Democrat nominee loses just a few percent of their minority vote, they have no way to win the presidency. This is why they are constantly pandering to black and Hispanic voters.

The Democrats have nothing to offer the American people. Their entire game plan is to play identity politics and hope to anger minority voters with charges of GOP racism. But it’s not working anymore. We may very well be witnessing the utter demise of their stranglehold on the minority vote as the younger African-Americans and Latinos start to embrace President Donald Trump.

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