Black Lives Matter Gets Throttled By Black Grandma After They Destroy Her Store

Black Lives Matter made the wrong move when they allegedly destroyed the store of one New York grandma, who believes they don’t care about black lives at all. Now, the video footage is going viral, as BLM and their leftwing allies are working hard to shut it down. You don’t want to miss this.

Black grandma in front of her New York store (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

You sure aren’t going to see this story presented accurately on CNN or MSNBC. An elderly black woman became outraged as she allegedly found her New York store looted and destroyed by Black Lives Matter.

Shocking footage posted on social media shows the distraught New Yorker blasting the actions of looters as she stands in front of her shell of a store with its front now exposed and wires seen dangling down from the ceiling.

“The problem that bothers me? You said ‘Black Lives Matter,’ the emotional black grandma is heard saying while other people cleaning up the destruction look on.

“I’ve worked here part-time, and I’m a part-owner of this store,” she adds.

“You said Black Lives Matter! Why don’t you choke me? I’m black!’ she says as she makes a choking gesture on her throat.

The distressed woman points out all the damage done to the store, the exact location of which is not clear.

“Look what you did to my store. Look!” she says gesturing at the damage as the camera rolls onto the now exposed storefront following the fifth night of rioting and looting in the Big Apple.

“Look at the things you done! We’ve been here all night cleaning up!” she says.

The woman, wearing plastic gloves from cleaning up the damage, then walks over and points out a pile of destroyed goods from inside the store which is now on the sidewalk.

Tell me Black Lives Matter? You lied – you wanted to loot this store. You needed money – get a job like I do!” she declares. “Stop stealing. This is the neighborhood – we trying to build it up and you tearing it down.”

Social media platforms have been attempting to remove the video. 

“So weird that this video that contradicts the leftist BLM narrative was removed from Twitter. Good thing I downloaded it first!” tweeted Michael Knowles, a reporter for the Daily Wire. 

Leftwing activists and the Democratic Party, who are supporting the nightly rioting and looting by calling them “peaceful protests,” are worried Americans will see people of color who do not agree with their agenda.

Another African-American woman made a video after she and her friends were attacked by Black Lives Matter. 

The unidentified woman was outraged, screaming that a Black Lives Matter supporting looter, pulled a gun and put it in her face.

“SHE FEELS HOPELESS. A looter pulled a gun out and threatened to hurt her and 5 other girls while they were cleaning up their community. She felt like she was nobody and her black life didn’t matter when the black guy pulled his gun out. BLACK ON BLACK CRIME #blacklifematters?” tweeted Terrence K. Williams along with the video.

Well, this is definitely not the type of publicity the instigators and agitators of the riots want. 

Meanwhile, there is descent in the Democratic Party as younger black voters aren’t accepting Joe Biden as the answer to their problems. Tuesday on CNN, syndicated radio host Charlamagne tha God called presumptive Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden’s legislative history in the Senate “racist.”

On the 2020 election, Charlamagne said, “It’s not a sure thing at all. We still don’t know how Donald Trump won in 2016. A lot of people will say Donald Trump is the illegitimate president. Just like Joe Biden is leading in all the polls, Hillary Clinton was doing the same thing in 2016. That’s why it’s very important for Joe Biden to really lean into blackness.”

They still don’t know how Trump won in 2016? The same way he is going to win in 2020.

There are people of color who see how Donald Trump did far more for them than Barack Obama ever did. Trump managed to pass prison reform, black unemployment was at an all-time low before the pandemic, and African-American employment was the highest it has ever been.

These two African-American women are proof that everyone in the black community isn’t on board with the radical leftwing agenda. That’s why it is so important these videos aren’t censored. Every American needs to see the truth about Black Lives Matter who are used by the Democrats to sell a lie to the African-American people.

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