BLM Rioters Attack Drivers In Hollywood, That Doesn’t End Well For One Of Them

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The leftwing media is continuing to carry water for the Black Lives Matter movement by inaccurately reporting an incident that happened in Hollywood on Thursday night. The Los Angeles Times reported the incidents under the headline: “Vehicle plows through Breonna Taylor protesters in Hollywood, hitting at least one person.” Except that’s not what really happened. You don’t want to miss this.

BLM rioter that attacked truck & falls off (Photo Credit: Twitter/Screenshot)

Rioters in Hollywood attacked two vehicles that refused to stop as they blocked traffic Thursday evening during “Black Lives Matter” protests against the grand jury decision in the Breonna Taylor case in Kentucky.

The LA Times claimed that a truck drove against the “flow” of the protest, “striking at least one person as it sped through the crowd.”

The Times included footage of one angle of the incident, claiming protesters were “struck”:

However, footage of the incident shows that the person who was allegedly “hit” had climbed on top of the truck and fell off when the truck braked.

Eye-witness citizen journalist Ian Miles Cheong obtained several angles of the incident and tweeted: “WATCH: The BLM protester who goes flying off the hood wasn’t actually struck by the truck in Hollywood. She jumped onto the truck while her comrades assaulted the truck and tried to pull the driver out. When the driver accelerated she fell off.”

The crowd attempted to attack the truck before the driver sped away. The Times noted that the alleged victim of the hit-and-run refused to cooperate with the police after being taken by ambulance to a local hospital.

In another incident, rioters attempted to stop a Toyota Prius that was attempting to drive through an intersection they had blocked, and they began attacking it.

When the driver attempted to escape, the rioters chased it with a truck and a support vehicle, forcing the Prius to stop. Rioters then assaulted the driver: one even smashed the windshield with a flag, which apparently read “Black Lives Matter.” The driver eventually managed to drive away.

“Another angle. Prius tries to drive around a protest in Hollywood as the mob converges on the vehicle, hitting it. The driver speeds off, prompting militants to chase it down in a truck, smash the windows, and try to pull the driver out of the car,” Ian Miles Cheong posted.

However, you can imagine the fear they must have felt being attacked by a mob:

The Times notes that police were investigating both incidents and that both drivers “maintain they were accosted by protesters.”

Taylor, 26, was killed in March in Louisville, Kentucky after her boyfriend fired at police when they attempted to serve a warrant late at night, and they fired back. She was killed in the crossfire.

Riots took place in Louisville and other cities for the second straight night. And by all accounts, these latest riots over the Breonna Taylor grand jury decision is another hoax produced by lies the BLM crowd has been spewing for months.

BLM claimed that Breonna Taylor was shot in her bed while she was asleep. They also said it was a “racist” murder by cops who were serving a “no-knock” warrant. None of that is true.

Taylor got caught up in a narcotics investigation that lasted several months. Her ex-boyfriend, Jamarcus Glover, was a known drug dealer and target of the investigation. According to witnesses interviewed by investigators, Taylor’s apartment was used to stash his drug earnings.

Just six weeks prior to the shooting, Jamarcus Glover is videoed driving a car registered to Breonna Taylor in which he is suspected of drug dealing activity in the car.

Kentucky Attorney General David Cameron made it clear that the three police officers serving the warrant did “knock,” and that was backed up by eye-witnesses in the apartment building. Breonna Taylor’s current boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, opened fire at the police officers first as they were serving the warrant, hitting one in the leg.

That’s when his partners opened fire, and sadly, Breonna Taylor was hit by gunfire in a hallway in her apartment. The grand jury rightly did not indict any of the officers for murder. Bad things happen. Terrible things happen. That does not mean someone is to blame.

You have to wonder what Taylor’s boyfriend was doing with a gun and why he so quickly started shooting. The district attorney dropped charges against Walker.

BLM claimed the cops had zero reasons to be at Taylor’s apartment even though there was an extensive investigation which backed up the probable cause to search her apartment. BLM twisted the story, left out facts, and whipped up their useful idiot followers to riot.

This has to stop. We cannot afford for these domestic terrorists to continue burning down our cities, shooting cops at these riots, and causing mayhem. They must be officially labeled domestic terrorists and should be arrested and face tough prison sentences in the future.

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