BLM Targets & Harasses Trump Supporter At His Home, So He Grabs His Shotgun

Black Lives Matter activists in Milwaukee, Wisconsin took to social media to target one man who displayed Trump flags prominently in his yard. “Pull up at 5:30 today!” the Facebook post said along with his address. The Milwaukee man had a “Trump train” flag in his front yard, and the BLM activists claimed he was a “racist.” The mob harassed the man, and that’s when he got out his shotgun. Don’t miss this.

BLM mob outside of Milwaukee man’s home (left), Milwaukee Trump supporter with his shotgun inside his home (right) (Photo Credit: Twitter/Screenshots)

The new tactic of BLM is to target Trump supporters in their own homes. Sadly, many large cities are run by leftwing politicians, and that’s why this incident did not end well for the Trump supporter.

This should be a cautionary tale for all Americans. There are hoodlums who support Black Lives Matter who are now targeting Trump supporters in their own homes.

We don’t have any information about this Trump supporter except that he lives in Milwaukee and displayed a “Trump train” flag and an American flag in his front yard.

Members of the BLM mob claimed on social media that their actions of targeting him and harassing him were justified because he is a “racist” and has a confederate flag. The “confederate” flag was not seen in the videos, but an American and Trump flag was hanging prominently on the front of his home.

A large mob assembled in front of his home with bullhorns and loud music. After the frightened man pulls out a shotgun, the mob calls the police. The Milwaukee police arrest the Trump supporter.

Oh, the irony. The “defund the police” BLM crowd calling the cops on a Trump supporter.

BLM group, including children, pouring onto someone’s property that they seem to be harassing after he was arrested by police. They’re calling him ‘Probation Pete,’ and are celebrating his arrest,” Kitty Shackleford posted.

“So it’s just a ‘racist neighbor’ they went and protested, the story is that he pulled a gun on them and he was arrested,” she added.

However, in live-stream footage of the incident, the mob is clearly seen stepping on to the man’s property.

“They went specifically to his house to protest him for ‘being a racist.’ The homeowner was arrested, and the crowd remains outside. They seem to have gone on his property. WTF Milwaukee?” Kitty Shackleford, a Twitter user that archives riot footage, tweeted along with videos.

Reporter Andy Ngo had additional footage.

“BLM protesters in Milwaukee, Wisc. surround a man’s house. He has a Trump & US flag on the outside. He appears to ready a gun from inside the home. He was reportedly arrested for brandishing the weapon,” Ngo posted.

After the mob was outside his home for more than two hours, the police arrived. As they entered the man’s property, the rioters cheered for police and called for the man’s arrest, yelling about how he had a weapon.

When the man was taken outside, seemingly in cuffs, the crowd went wild.

The BLM militants were threatening the man and saying that he was going to have big problems if he dared to step outside. As they threatened him, shined lights into his home, and pranced all over his property, he showed them that he had a shotgun.

Yet, he is the one arrested. This brings to mind the McClosekeys of St. Louis who were also the victims of a leftwing district attorney who charged them with felonies for protecting their own property.

Milwaukee’s district attorney, John Chrisholm, is a huge supporter of Black Lives Matter. In fact, after riots in areas surrounding Milwaukee, the police union spoke out against DA Chrisholm.

The president of Milwaukee’s police union says he has no confidence that Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm will charge anyone in connection with the so-called “peaceful protest” in Wauwatosa that turned violent.

“I honestly believe he will not be charging anybody. I think he wants to give into those who are running the show, and I think he wants to make sure that nobody is ever charged,” Dale Bormann Jr., president of the Milwaukee Police Association, told Empower Wisconsin.

“Chisholm, a partisan Democrat who politically weaponized his office to target the left’s political enemies in secret and unconstitutional John Doe investigations, doesn’t seem interested in charging radical activists engaged in what appears to be clear criminal conduct,” Empower Wisconsin adds.

This is why all elections, even those for a district attorney, are so important. These radical leftwing politicians will twist the law and ignore the truth as long as it helps them politically. If we want to see justice once again in our communities, then make sure you vote out every Democrat, and encourage patriots to support those who will denounce Black Lives Matter, and rightly label them a domestic terrorist organization.

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