You Refuted Your Own Point!: Bongino Scorches Brazile Over Russia Bounty Hoax

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The leftwing media and their Democrat cohorts like Donna Brazile are once again pushing a Russia hoax just before the presidential election. This latest hoax claims “anonymous sources” say the president ignored reports that Russia was putting a “bounty” on our military men. Brazile made the big mistake of trying to push this new hoax in front of Dan Bogino who then utterly scorched her. You’ll love this.

Donna Brazile, Dan Bongino (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

On Friday, three New York Times reporters wrote that “American intelligence officials have concluded that a Russian military intelligence unit secretly offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants for killing coalition forces in Afghanistan — including targeting American troops — amid the peace talks to end the long-running war there, according to officials briefed on the matter.”

This allegedly airtight intelligence was “briefed to President Trump but the White House had yet to authorize anything.”

It should be noted here that the president and his entire cabinet deny these reports. 

The anonymous leakers of the information, the reporters claimed, are totally certain that “Russian operatives” offered and paid bounties, but they have “greater uncertainty” about who authorized the plan. The reporters included some speculation about why such a bounty operation would be done.

There was no speculation about the motivation of the leaking “officials.”

Wow, this sure sounds like another Russia hoax. In fact, it comes from the same New York Times reporters who also pushed the false Russia collusion witch hunt for years.

“It is worth noting that the three New York Times reporters — Charlie Savage, Eric Schmitt, and Michael Schwirtz — also played key roles in disseminating the Russia collusion hoax, in which anonymous intelligence officials worked with co-conspirators in the media for years,” Mollie Hemingway reports via The Federalist. 

The New York Times was one of the biggest outlets engaged in the Russia hoax. The reporters even include some of their previous Russia collusion hoax spin, and omit key facts about Trump’s actions against Russia, in their bounty story,” Hemingway adds.

There is another person who knows a thing or two about the lying media when it comes to these Russian hoax stories. Dan Bongino wrote two best-selling books uncovering the Russian collusion witch hunt of 2016.

So, when Donna Brazile decided to push this new hoax on live TV, Dan Bongino really scorched her. 

After Fox News’ Pete Hegseth claimed “we should believe the White House when they say the president wasn’t briefed on this [Russia bounty] situation,” Fox Business host Lisa Kennedy then turned the question to Brazile.

“Do you think that President Obama did it right in terms of Russia and will Joe Biden continue that?” she asked.

“Here’s what I want to say,” Brazile said. “I understand that every time you have a conversation that Donald Trump is to blame for something, you have to bring it back to Barack Obama, George Bush, or Abraham Lincoln. I don’t really care.”

“President Trump has now known for four days that the Russians may have spent money to try to kill our troops, four days,” Brazile continued, turning back to President Donald Trump. “What are you going to do about it, Mr. President? Are you going to let Mr. Putin kill our troops?”

“I can tell you as the daughter of a veteran,” Brazile added, “If I knew somebody put a bounty on somebody serving in my military I would not be sitting here trying to play some game. Get off your behind and address it, I have to say that.”

“Donna, that was nice but you refuted your own point,” Bongino replied, noting the intelligence is not confirmed. At best, these are rumors. Should we attack Russia over a fake news report?

“This is why you don’t make decisions based on information that’s not confirmed,” Bongino concluded. “You refuted your own point.”

Dan also excoriated poor Donna Brazile just minutes later over her support of “defund the police.”

“We need to defend our police,” Bongino told Brazile. “Not defund them or attack them.”

Just like clockwork, the Democrats are grasping at straws by promoting a new Russia hoax ahead of the presidential election.

It was in July 2016 when we first heard the rumblings of what would morph into the Russia-Trump witch hunt. This latest Russia bounty story sure has all the hallmarks of another scam from the same deep state players.

It comes from “anonymous sources” that no one can verify. The same “fake news” reporters all swear it’s from a very reliable source. It would be almost laughable if this wasn’t an election year.

Luckily, we have great investigators like Dan Bongino who will never allow this hoax to go unanswered. Stay tuned, we expect more ridiculous accusations to come from the same leftwing reporters who take their marching orders straight from the Democrat leaders at the DNC.

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