Bongino: Pelosi’s Dirty Secret – New Trillion-Dollar Stimulus Could Bankrupt US

Nancy Pelosi is already working on a new trillion-dollar stimulus bill. However, what should concern every American is her dirty secret, according to Dan Bongino. Sources say the House Speaker is hoping to “bankrupt” the United States and leave the economy in ruins for political purposes. She is also pushing faulty data on COVID-19 and laying the groundwork with George Soros to launch another bogus investigation into the president. Don’t miss this.

Nancy Pelosi, Dan Bongino (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Dan Bongino is warning Americans that Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat cohorts are already pushing another trillion-dollar stimulus bill. While we don’t want to see any Americans suffer economically due to the coronavirus pandemic, we also don’t want to be duped by Pelosi whose motives are highly suspect.

“House Democrats are moving rapidly on ambitious plans for a fourth coronavirus relief package, with Speaker Nancy Pelosi eager to put her imprint on legislation that she says could be ready for a vote in the coming weeks,” Politico reports.

“Pelosi told reporters Monday that Democrats are in the early stages of drafting another major bill,” they add.

Bongino, citing an article in the Wall Street Journal, warns Americans the CAREs Act that was just passed last week has one huge problem. “Unless the Trump administration introduces criteria for selective targeting, the money allocated in [CAREs Act] will run out in a month and a half,” Bongino said.

All of America’s small businesses’ expenditures are calculated at $278 billion to run for one month. That’s payroll, taxes, utilities, etc.—their operating costs. According to the CAREs Act, only $377 billion is allocated to funding those small businesses. Thus, after one and a half months the money will be gone.

To stop the use of this money by businesses that don’t need it, economists writing in the Wall Street Journal say the Trump administration needs to have criteria in place so the money only goes to those that need it.

Of course, the Democrats don’t want that to happen. They want the money to run out quickly so Pelosi can sell her new trillion-dollar deal.

The fact is the government passed a $2 trillion dollar stimulus package that will only cover American businesses for 30-60 days. Even if we pass criteria to make sure only businesses in need get the funds, the hard truth is the government cannot sustain our economy for months and months.

That’s why Dan Bongino titled Tuesday’s podcast: “We Need an Immediate Exit Strategy.”

“These folks running these businesses will have to come back again, in a month, for more money—that comes from us!” Bongino said. “The government doesn’t produce any…there is no slush fund. The money is our taxes… our future taxes.”

“We need an exit strategy from this shutdown, and it needs to be announced now,” Bongino said. “We cannot shut down the economy pass April 30. President Trump has the shutdown going until April 30. But the other problem is the Democrat governors who can make their states stay on lockdown until June, and some of them have already said that’s what they are doing.”

Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat cohorts are using faulty COVID-19 data to scare Americans into believing we should stay on lockdown indefinitely.

Two weeks ago, Dr. Anthony Fauci stated we could see up to 2.2 million Americans succumb to the virus. Now, two weeks later that number has dropped to between 100,000-200,000 thousand. In reality, the new number is around 82,000 or lower, says the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Education.

What changed? At the beginning of this pandemic, most countries were using the model advanced by Professor Neil Ferguson, director of the MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis at Imperial College, London.

“Rival scientists are increasingly critical of Ferguson’s original doomsday predictions, noting that his previous modeled forecasts have been found severely wanting,” Breitbart reports.

“At this pace, 2.2 million Americans are not going to die from this pandemic, the headline-grabbing figure advanced by the Imperial College UK, which assumed no changes in behavior or policy,” The Federalist reports. 

Countries like Brazil and Sweden are no longer in total shutdown. Their economies are back up and running and only those who are at high-risk are required to self-isolate. Of course, the leftists are going crazy with Twitter censoring news coming out of Brazil and Sweden.

The other issue surrounding a potential economic collapse in America that the Democrats are pushing has to do with Nancy Pelosi and George Soros laying the groundwork to launch investigations of President Trump.

In his Monday podcast, Bongino told viewers that Nancy Pelosi is currently laying the groundwork for their next investigation of President Trump. It will be a two-fold attack based on lies the Democrats are pushing that “Trump denied that the coronavirus posed a serious threat to the U.S.” and “blaming his administration for the delays of essential medical supplies to those on the frontlines.”

George Soros is helping Nancy Pelosi. 

Evil billionaire George Soros’s Democracy PAC just dumped millions into lefty group Priorities USA’s coffers to launch an ad campaign against President Trump. The ad campaign is a slick commercial taking President Trump out of context to make it sound like he called the coronavirus “a hoax.”

“An Advertising Analytics March 21-March 27 ‘The Week in Review’ report found that, out of ten coronavirus ads aired on TV last week, Priorities USA’s anti-Trump coronavirus ad ‘Hoax’ led the pack with a whopping ‘1,074 airings.’ Advertising Analytics noted that ‘The top advertiser for the week was Priorities USA,'” Newsbusters reports. 

The Democrats and their cohorts aren’t letting the coronavirus crisis “go to waste.” What Americans can do to help the president is back his plan to end the economic shutdown on April 30. We the People are smart enough to practice social distancing and take precautions on our own.

The truth that is starting to emerge is the media has hyped this pandemic to apocalyptic proportions together with the Democrats, who have a sinister plan to ruin our economy and blame Trump for not taking it “seriously.” When the truth is they are the ones who compounded the crisis for maximum pain to our economy through a series of trillion-dollar stimulus packages that will devastate our country in the end.

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