Nancy Rips Up Trump’s Speech After He Gives Epic Address, Americans Torch Her

President Donald Trump gave what many are calling the best State of the Union speech ever given. What does Speaker Nancy Pelosi do? She tears up the speech knowing she is on live TV. Well, that’s why the American people utterly torched her. You’ll love this.

Vice-President Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi, President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

If you missed President Trump’s State of the Union speech, it was one of the most moving America first speeches that many are calling the best of all time.

Trump started the address by saying the “great American comeback” was launched three years ago and he is here to talk about the results. He said the country is thriving and highly respected again. He said America’s enemies are on the run and America’s future is blazing bright. The years of economic decay are over, he said.

Highlights that had Americans’ eyes brimming with tears: 

  • Trump honors a 100-year-old retired Tuskegee Airman and his great-grandson, an aspiring Air Force Academy cadet. The president promoted Charles McGee to a brigadier general.
  • Trump honors Rush Limbaugh who is given the Presidential Medal of Freedom taking him by surprise. Limbaugh was teary-eyed as First Lady Melania Trump put the medal around his neck.
  • Trump surprises Amy Williams and her kids from Fort Bragg with the return of her husband, Sergeant First Class Townsend Williams, who was on his fourth deployment to Afghanistan, to “USA! USA!” chants.
Rush Limbaugh receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom from First Lady Melania Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Every one of those moments had one thing in common: Nancy Pelosi refused to stand. Trump’s conclusion on America being a land of heroes and pioneers:

As the world bears witness tonight, America is a land of heroes. This is the place where greatness is born, where destinies are forged, and where legends come to life. This is the home of Thomas Edison and Teddy Roosevelt, of many great Generals, including Washington, Pershing, Patton, and MacArthur. This is the home of Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, Amelia Earhart, Harriet Tubman, the Wright Brothers, Neil Armstrong, and so many more. This is the country where children learn names like Wyatt Earp, Davy Crockett, and Annie Oakley. This is the place where the pilgrims landed at Plymouth and where Texas patriots made their last stand at the Alamo.

This is our glorious and magnificent inheritance.

We are Americans. We are the pioneers. We are the pathfinders. We settled the new world, we built the modern world, and we changed history forever by embracing the eternal truth that everyone is made equal by the hand of Almighty God.

This Nation is our canvas, and this country is our masterpiece. We look at tomorrow and see unlimited frontiers just waiting to be explored. Our brightest discoveries are not yet known. Our most thrilling stories are not yet told. Our grandest journeys are not yet made. The American Age, the American Epic, the American Adventure, has only just begun!

Our spirit is still young; the sun is still rising; God’s grace is still shining; and my fellow Americans, the best is yet to come!

Thank you. God Bless You. God Bless America.

The powerful speech made all American patriots so proud. As Congressmen and the guests in the chamber stood and applauded, those of us at home were applauding too. That’s why it was so classless when Pelosi stood and ripped up the speech which had the names of our fallen military men — and the look on her face was one of complete anger.

She had lost, and Trump had won!

Americans took to social media and torched the rude and anti-American Speaker as “classless.” 

“The names of dead US Soldiers were on that speech that Nancy Pelosi ripped up. It’s a classless move from someone who is really just losing her temper in front of the American people. The American people deserve a Speaker with more class!!” tweeted Brigette Gabriel.

“Pelosi has disgraced herself, her office, and the House yet again. Her antics throughout the speech, and her drama thereafter, further expose her as a classless political hack,” tweeted Mark Levin.

“Classless, addle-brained, alcohol-infused, embarrassment to this nation’s government. She wants to do the same thing to the US Constitution,” tweeted Chad Prather.

Tonight President Trump highlighted his record of #Results for our country in his #SOTU He invited amazing guests with extraordinary personal stories that capture the American Dream. Meanwhile, Petty Pelosi tears up the speech. How classless,” tweeted Rep. Elise Stefanik.

“Nancy Pelosi huffed & puffed throughout entire #SOTU Fidgeting! Her behavior behind #POTUS speech was childish & classless. She then rips up speech (which had names of our fallen). It wasn’t courteous! @speakerpelosi your behavior doesn’t rise to level of speaker of the House,” tweeted Scherie Murray.

“The Senate is going to rip up classless Nancy Pelosi’s partisan articles of impeachment tomorrow,” tweeted Ryan Saavedra.

“BREAKING: This is what a CLASSLESS CHILD looks like! This is what the worst Speaker of the House in HISTORY looks like! This is the sum of the dumpster fire that is the Democratic and their failed hopes of winning an election! NO CLASS!” tweeted Graham Allen.

“It a clear sign of desperation; as President Trump approval numbers jump significantly while the impeachment effort fails; and seeming to accept that Democrat 2020 ambitions are evaporating in front of her eyes; Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi tears up the printed copy of President Trump’s State of the Union remarks at the conclusion of the speech,” Conservative Treehouse reports. 

Toward the end of the president’s address:

America is the place where anything can happen! America is the place where anyone can rise. And here, on this land, on this soil, on this continent, the most incredible dreams come true!

Our spirit is still young; the sun is still rising; God’s grace is still shining; and my fellow Americans, the best is yet to come!

There are a few times in the last three years when you knew you were watching history in the making. Monday night’s State of the Union was one of those moments. Nancy Pelosi realized all of the Democrats’ efforts to oust Donald Trump, all of their childish faux outrage that led to impeachment, all the wasted time and money had led her to that moment—and President Trump had won.

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