Brennan: Trump Not ‘Psychologically Capable’ Of Putting America 1st, Gets Blasted

John Brennan, the former CIA Director who spied on the Trump campaign, made the claim that the president is not “psychologically capable” of putting America’s “well-being” first when it comes to the coronavirus.  Well, Brennan didn’t know what hit him when Americans totally blasted him for his remarks. You’ll love this.

President Donald Trump, John Brennan (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Monday on MSNBC, former CIA Director John Brennan questioned the psychological capabilities of President Donald Trump “to put the country’s well-being first,” in regards to the coronavirus outbreak.

Host Andrea Mitchell said, “You’ve dealt with post-9/11. You’ve dealt with crises throughout your career in intelligence, real homeland security issues, inside the White House, and in the agency. This feels so very different.”

Brennan replied, “It is very different. And when I was the Homeland Security adviser for President Obama, three months into the administration, we had to deal with the H1N1 crisis. And this was a crisis that was obviously identified first inside the United States, not abroad, so we didn’t have time to try to figure out how it should.”

Mitchell asked, “How bad? Refresh our viewers’ memory about H1NI.”

Brennan said, “It was identified first in April of ’09 and then through the next year, too, because once it subsided over the summer, it came back in the fall and the winter. There were about 60 million Americans that were affected by H1N1 virus, with about 12,000 deaths.”

“It was different than the coronavirus right now in terms of its transmissibility as well as which demographics were affected by the virus. H1N1 infected younger adults much more seriously than the older population. So one of the things President Obama told us, he wanted to have the science, facts, and data drive administration policies and actions.”

Mitchell interjected, “And later on, President Obama had to deal with Ebola. So he really had two on his watch.”

Brennan said, “Right, and he had created then a pandemic office in the White House that has been taken down by the Trump administration. So, one of the things I think we see the difference here is that Donald Trump, who throughout his entire life, he’s looked through the world through a prism of how things affect his financial and political fortunes.”

“I wonder if he’s psychologically capable to put the country’s well-being first and to subordinate his own interests in trying to spin things in a manner that won’t reflect badly on him,” Brennan concluded.

Why wouldn’t Trump take down the pandemic office? Why would he pay people to sit around and do nothing? The coronavirus is not a pandemic as much as the Democrats want to hype it as one.

Well, Americans blasted John Brennan, who is one of the original swamp creatures. 

“Brennan a Biden supporter claims Trump is not mentally capable of managing this virus. Well..we clearly see ur not mentally capable of voting! Everyone can see Biden is not capable, but he is your guy! Why? He is your meal ticket! Yes, you will eat your words!” tweeted “Copy That.”

“This man is a Sociopathic, Pathological Reprobate…..not only a disgrace as CIA Director– but perhaps the worst Intel Chief of ANY Intel Service in history? (OK, maybe in Top Ten….),” tweeted Scott Uehlinger.

“THIS is the Deep State. THIS is the man who used to run the CIA. THIS is why Americans have rejected the Establishment’s BS,” tweeted Mark Grant.

“What Mr. Brennan’s not saying is that Trump has spent the last 3 + years putting America first. Can’t wait to see you in that jumpsuit John,” tweeted Terry Masterson.

“That’s not exactly how it went down in the Obama regime JB. And that ‘pandemic office’ inside the White House was, and still is, propaganda that spooks cook up,” tweeted “Paladin.”

“12,000 US deaths from H1Ni on this guy’s watch, but Trump’s incapable?” tweeted “Acquitted Voter Scott.”

Making matter worse, Brennan then lectured Trump and his supporters. He claimed they are the ones politicizing the coronavirus.

“Politics need to be damned at this point,” Brennan said. “The health and safety of the American public is most important. Now, obviously, we want to make sure that our economy is going to be able to withstand the traumatic hit it seems to be taking right now, but we want to make sure there is truth and honesty coming out from our public officials. Certainly from the White House and from someone who purports to be president of the United States.”

Oh please. Brennan is rooting for an economic collapse. Suffering Americans under Trump’s watch is what the Democrats have been waiting for all along.

Rush Limbaugh said: “The Democrats are sitting there… they’re rubbing their hands together and they’re salivating over the fact that [the coronavirus] is going to provide an opening for the Democrats. I guarantee you we’ve not gotten to this point where a political party will benefit profoundly by happily noting the suffering of its voters. Democrats, you better be real careful that you are not seen this way.”

It’s up to us patriots to make sure all Americans understand the Democrats are secretly cheering the coronavirus. Those like John Brennan have the audacity to support Joe Biden and then tell us the president is not “psychologically capable?” That sums up just how disingenuous they are when it comes to putting anyone but themselves “first.”

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