Charlie Daniels Blasts Pelosi After Her Rescue Bill Gives $300M To Foreigners

Country icon Charlie Daniels loves Americans. That’s why he is so incensed by the shenanigans Nancy Pelosi and her cohorts are pulling in Congress over the COVID-19 rescue bill. Charlie blasted Pelosi in ways she won’t soon forget after he learned she has now included $300 million dollars to “foreign refugees.” You’ll love this.

Nancy Pelosi, Charlie Daniels (YouTube/Screenshots)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s plan to fight the coronavirus includes giving millions in American taxpayer funding to refugees living overseas.

House Democrats blocked the passage of a coronavirus relief package for American workers, citizens, and small businesses in favor of their own plan that increases taxpayer funding to foreign refugees.

Included in Pelosi’s latest plan is a designation of $300 million in American taxpayer money to foreign refugees:

In comparison, Pelosi’s plan only gives about $100 million in additional funds for runaways and homeless youth in the U.S. and only an extra $15 million to the “Veterans Employment and Training” office to help respond to the health crisis.

Taxpayer money for foreign refugees is also about $100 million more than what Pelosi’s plan specifically designates for the emergency food and shelter program under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act.

Oppositely, President Trump’s State Department has halted refugee resettlement in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

Well, Charlie Daniels quickly made the Speaker regret using this pandemic to divert funds away from deserving Americans.

“I heard Democrats are trying to attach the Green New Deal to a bill to help Americans through this disaster. If this is true, and I don’t doubt that it is, somebody should pass among them with a cattle prod with a fully charged battery,” Daniels tweeted On Monday.

“America, Pelosi is holding up a desperately needed aid package trying to advance a radical agenda, hurting unemployed people’s ability to feed their families to pass junk legislation, Of course, she never misses a meal or late paying the mortgage Democrats for the working people? BS,” posted Daniels.

Charlie then had a sarcastic take on “Congressional priorities.” 

“Congressional priorities 1-self 2-re-election 3-party 4-image 5-donors 6-lobbyists 7-special interest 8-a good parking place 9-global warming 10-manicures 11-shoe shines 12-whats for dinner 14-price of lard 15-if it will rain tomorrow 16-hang nails 17-the American people,” he tweeted.

Daniels also referred to the Democrats adding funding to Planned Parenthood in the Rescue Bill.

“Working America’s two biggest enemies are Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer But they are the best ally an abortionist ever had,” the country icon posted.

“Just to show you why we need Term Limits— Everybody in the country is working together except congress,” Daniels tweeted.

In the last few days, Charlie Daniels has also opined on the overall effect of the pandemic on himself and America.

“I have decided to shelter in place for the next three or four weeks limiting my exposure to no more than four people. Since I’m 83 and in the most vulnerable age group, it seems a small price to pay for avoiding the virus,” Daniels wrote.

“I honestly feel that Donald Trump is doing all that any president could possibly do,” Charlie added. “He has assembled the best and the brightest to deal with the medical part of the pandemic, gone to Congress for the biggest financial aid package in history to help America’s workforce weather the storm, tapped every medical resource the government has to make sure there are enough beds, ventilators, and medical equipment and he is very visible, doing press conferences every day.”

Charlie also put the blame on China and offered a dire warning. 

“China’s silence delayed the time for lifesaving containment protocols to be implemented and manufactured and delivery dates for vital testing kits, and diagnostic tools our Heath experts so desperately need,” Daniels wrote.

Politicians on either side of the aisle who try to score points on this national tragedy only prove they care more about the health of their party than they do about the health of the people and should be remembered as such when the polls open.

I knew that we were dependent on China for way too many products, but when I found out we were dependent on them for so many of the vital drugs we need, I was totally shocked.

The country legend says it’s time all of Americans’ vital needs are made in America. 

“It’s time for America to adopt an ‘If we use it here, we should produce it here’ attitude,” Daniels said.

“For the first time in modern times, thanks to the common sense and foresight of Donald Trump, America is energy independent, our economy no longer has to depend on the largess of Saudi Arabia or any other nation who hates our guts,” Charlie added.

Now it’s time for America to bring it all back home.

If we use it here, it should be made here.

Oh, and by the way, the Chinese government is now saying that America caused the pandemic.

No way, Jose – or Xi – or whoever is responsible for this farce, it originated in China, you let it fester, you didn’t inform a vulnerable world about it. You own it.


Charlie offered a message of hope. 

“I believe America is the greatest nation to ever come forth on this Earth and births a breed of people who are capable of conquering continents and building the strongest and most progressive nation the world has ever known,” he wrote.

“Well, brothers and sisters who love this nation, we are involved in another war, a war with the potential to kill many more Americans than WWII, at least according to Bernie Sanders,” Daniels said. “But in the vernacular of a country boy, ‘That just ain’t gonna happen.’ Because America is able and willing to stand up to this thing, to make the sacrifices and pull the weight to defeat this coronavirus.”

“So, come on, y’all, say your prayers, stay out of crowds, wash your hands, grab a handful of good attitude and let’s go to war,” Daniels declared.

Charlie Daniels truly is a national treasure. At 83-years-old, he is going strong and is filled with the type of wisdom and hope that our country so desperately needs.

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