Chelsea: Trump Screwed Up, Obama Warned Him About Virus – Gets Reality Check

Chelsea Clinton is making the accusation that former President Barack Obama warned President Donald Trump about a “novel virus” pandemic. She also says that Trump really screwed up and wasn’t prepared and “did not get out in front of this.” Well, poor Chelsea didn’t know what hit her as she got a huge reality check. Don’t miss this.

President Donald Trump, Chelsea Clinton (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Chelsea Clinton is joining the mix of Democrats and their cohorts in the media who are using this national emergency to spread misinformation. Hillary Clinton’s daughter used her large Twitter platform of 2.5 million followers to highlight a post by a former Obama cabinet appointee.

The Obama team warned Trump’s staff about a possible pandemic. Whether it was lack of preparation or staff turnover, the necessary work wasn’t done to get in front of this,” tweeted Chelsea. 

She added this post by former Obama White House cabinet secretary Chris Wu: “BREAKING: A week before Inauguration Day 2017, Trump team participated in a tabletop exercise with outgoing Obama team about preparing for a ‘major domestic incident.’ One incident discussed was a pandemic. I participated in that exercise.”

Let’s be clear: while all hospitals and government personnel are “warned” about the possibility of a pandemic outbreak, each virus/disease is different, and the response is tailored to that specific disease.

For example, the H1N1 Swine flu hit children in much higher percentages than any other pandemic. The response must be tailored to that fact. So, this blaming and shaming of the Trump administration is another campaign of misinformation.

Another big factor that saved thousands of Americans’ lives would not have happened under Obama or any Democrat administration. That factor is Trump’s travel ban on China taken at the end of January.

Well, there is much more to that travel ban than most people know. 

Margot Cleveland, who is a reporter for The Federalist, did a deep dive into the events that led to the China travel ban. “THREADETTE: I’m reading House testimony re coronavirus and had NO IDEA how ballsy @realDonaldTrump decision to ban travel from China was! Apparently, the bureaucrats ran academic models on the scenario & those concluded travel should not be banned.

“Cuccinelli recommended ban travel anyway, but told Trump what modeling said. Trump banned travel from China and saved untold number of lives. Tell me any Democrat would have made that call!! Now, how did I discover this? Well in testimony, Rep. Titus had this to say about Trump’s lifesaving call…”

“Rep. Titus then went on to say: ‘I think it probably was and this Administration has very little respect for anything intellectual. And this is yet another example.'”

“This is an epic case of TDS: Rep. Titus condemns Trump for being anti-intellectual for making a better call than an academic model and saving American lives!! UN-FRICKIN’-REAL,” posted Cleveland.

Americans also made Chelsea Clinton regret she ever started spreading misinformation.

“Why exactly is this News Chelsea? What the hell did the outgoing administration do themselves to prepare for a pandemic, other than notify the incoming administration? Please stop trying to sound intelligent. It’s not working…” tweeted Fred Comella.

“If this pandemic would have broken out on the day Obama warned Trump, they would not have been ready and it would have been worse than it is today. Your point, Chelsea?” tweeted “Ecksfile.”

#Propaganda @Chrislu44 No, the Obama team ‘did not warn’ about anything. You are taking about exercises in hypotheticals. The Obama Admin never had any foresight; nor could they foresee events where no evidence existed ~3 years ago,” tweeted “”

“Democrats (communists) are directly responsible for any delays in the response,” tweeted “Military4Trump.” They added a timeline that shows the Democrats were busy impeaching Trump, while the president was taken decisive actions.

Historians are saying Trump’s lone call to ban travel from China will go down as one of the most important decisions of any U.S. president.

All the “expert models” were warning the president to not go ahead with that ban.

At the time, Joe Biden said: “In moments like this, this is where the credibility of a president is most needed, as he explains what we should and should not do.”

“This is no time for Donald Trump’s record of hysteria and xenophobia, hysterical xenophobia, to uh, and fear-mongering,” Biden continued. So, we know “President Joe Biden” would not have made that call, and many more American lives would have been lost.

Chelsea Clinton knows this, and the only thing her party of death is doing is lying to Americans by trying to take advantage of a national crisis. This goes to the very heart of the election in November. Do you want politicians who are lying to you to score political points? Or do you want a real leader who has great intuition to make the tough calls that save American lives?

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