Cher Bombs For Biden At Las Vegas Rally: ‘I’ll Wave Goodbye & That Will Be It’

Cher, the pop icon who has been one of the biggest haters of President Donald Trump on social media, agreed to appear at a Joe Biden rally in Las Vegas over the weekend. Poor Cher became upset and bombed. The Biden campaign really screwed this up, big time. You don’t want to miss this.

Cher (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

There is something really interesting going on. Pollsters tell us Joe Biden is still eking out a lead over President Trump nationwide. However, on the ground reports of spontaneous “rallies” for Trump combined with his planned rallies show a much different story.

“A combination of what I would call ‘old school’ activism is taking place everywhere. Car parades, boat parades, marches, rallies, and massive swarms of American MAGA supporters are literally flooding the political space on a scale that makes it impossible to ignore,” Conservative Treehouse reports.

Then, there’s the Biden campaign who can hardly get a crowd. This is what happened when Cher appeared in Las Vegas. 

Cher was disappointed at the low turnout. But that’s not all. The 74-year-old Grammy Award winner appeared to experience technical issues while campaigning in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Saturday. It really made this an embarrassing amateur event.

Well, maybe there were Biden supporters watching online? Not really. The event on the Biden YouTube channel marked 72,000 views, total. Cher seemed upset by the weak crowd. She came on stage to strained applause and said: “Who do you want to win?”

In comparison, the Trump rally in North Carolina tallied just under a million viewers on Fox News’ YouTube channel. Rightside Broadcasting’s YouTube channel marked 693,000 viewers for Trump’s Ohio rally on Sunday.

When Cher asked the crowd who did they want to win, it did not sound like “Biden.” It sounded like “ahhhhhh!” This caused the leftwing actress to let out a sarcastic laugh.

“Ok, hahaha,” Cher blurted out. That’s when it was obvious she was ready to leave before it even got started.

“OK, we’ll talk, then I’ll sing, and then I’ll wave goodbye and that will be it,” Cher added.

Well, the technical difficulties exposed that Cher was not going to sing “live.” It really was a total disaster. After “singing” a couple of songs, Cher attempted to engage the crowd.

“Something really important and that is you cannot build anything unless you build it on the truth, and I believe that is one of Joe’s great, great attributes is he is honest. He is truthful,” she said.

“He knows what he’s doing. He’s smart,” she continued, explaining that Biden will be coming into office with “the best people” who are “ready to work” and “change this what this man in the White House has done.”

Cher claimed that Trump is “ripping the guts out of America” and that his reelection would result in the mass loss of freedoms.

“If he got four more years, we wouldn’t recognize it. We wouldn’t have any of the freedoms that we have. I don’t even know that we’re going to be able to get the freedoms back. It’s going to take a long, long time to get the freedoms back that we’ve taken for granted,” she added.

One Twitter user got a video of the event showing part of the crowd. There were white lawn chairs spaced out about six feet. In total, it looks like maybe 2-3 rows. It really was a rather pathetic turnout.

No wonder Cher was laughing sarcastically and cut her performance short. She stayed on stage for approximately 10 minutes. Then, she waved goodbye.

The “Dark Lady” singer is expected to campaign for Biden in Phoenix, Arizona, on Sunday and participate in a star-studded “I Will Vote” concert, featuring Jon Bon Jovi and Lizzo — both of whom have campaigned for Biden in recent days.

As for Joe Biden, well, he has called a “lid” on all campaign events until Election Day. Yep, Joe’s going to stay in his bunker basement for the rest of the campaign. Either, his campaign believes he is so far ahead, or there’s something else going on.

Dare we say it? Could this be a Trump blowout? It’s best we take nothing for granted. Get your family and friends out to vote like your life depends on it. We can’t risk turning this country over to the socialist agenda that Joe Biden would happily allow.

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