Cher: Force Trump Out Or He’ll Kill Thousands of Americans, Gets Reality Check

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Cher has officially gone bonkers. She is making it known that it’s time we force President Donald Trump out of office because his coronavirus plans will end up killing thousands of Americans. That’s right, the Hollywood celebrity is panicking people by claiming Trump is on his way to committing mass murder. Well, that’s when she got a reality check she never saw coming. You’ll love this.

President Donald Trump, Cher (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Cher says President Donald Trump is on his way to committing the mass murder of thousands of Americans as the administration continues to push through plans to tackle the coronavirus.


This latest screed from the Grammy-winning singer comes just as the Trump administration announced a national emergency to fight the spread of the coronavirus.

The president declared a national health emergency and imposed a ban on travel to and from China on January 31. But on Friday, President Trump’s actions included sweeping financial relief, “to ensure that working Americans impacted by the virus can stay home without fear of financial hardship,” he said.

“I will soon be taking emergency action, which is unprecedented, to provide financial relief,” President Trump said, noting that the assistance would be offered to “workers who are ill, quarantined, or caring for others due to coronavirus.”

Even California Gov. Gavin Newsom praised Trump: “He said everything that I could have hoped for, and we had a very long conversation, and every single thing he said they followed through on,” Newsom said.

Poor Cher is a victim of her own stupidity. The Democrats have been spreading lies about COVID-19 on social media. They have also been attacking anyone who calls them out on their lies.

“Is it just our imagination or does it seem medical professionals or government types who were in any way associated with Obama are front and center pushing as much terror, panic, and fear as they can? Even when the math doesn’t quite add up?” Twitchy reports. 

Cher was probably exposed to this joker on Twitter, Dr. Kashif N Chaudhry, who is a good buddy of Barack Obama. “I just superimposed Italy’s #COVID19 case data onto ours here in the US. Take a look at this closely. We are following the EXACT SAME trajectory as Italy, just 10 days behind,” Chaudry tweeted.

“He’s comparing the number of cases to one another which really doesn’t have quite the same impact considering America has over five times the population of Italy. When you have 3700 cases of coronavirus in a country of 60 million versus 3700 in a country of 327 million that’s not the same thing … at all,” Twitchy adds.

“You can’t compare the number of cases from Italy to America and pretend the curve is the same. We have more than five times their population … dude, do the math,” tweeted “The FOO.”

Not to mention northern Italy, which has been the hardest hit, has a high population of Chinese workers. Some have come on travel visas and stay, and some have been smuggled into the country to manufacture “made in Italy” designer brands.

Well, Americans gave Cher a reality check. Blaming President Trump and causing panic is getting old, real fast. 

“President Trump’s early action to halt flights from China SAVED lives You’re confusing it with the last administration,” tweeted “Tngirl37.” She added a post by Chuck Woolery: “61 million people had the swine flu in 2009. REMEMBER? Obama was President. Thousands died, many children, 300,000 were hospitalized. We are no where near those figures and yet PANIC? Trump is President. Where was the media in 2009?”

“Simmer down Cher! You are either ill-informed or deliberately misleading your ‘love me’ fans! Either way, stay out of politics. You CLEARLY don’t understand,” tweeted “MSA.” They also added, “No one blamed Obama when the Swine flu killed 12,469 Americans in 2009-2010.”

“These people have lost their minds. They are not rational. Just look at their nominee, look at them! OMG they are beyond disturbed,” tweeted Angry Americans United.

“Time for Hollywood to zip their lips. Their comments show how ignorant they really are,” tweeted David Rice.

Barack Obama waited until 1,000 Americans had died of the Swine flu before he invoked a national emergency.

60 million Americans were infected with Swine flu also called the H1N1 flu. We had over 300,000 Americans hospitalized. Now, compare that to COVID-19 with 61 Americans dead, and 1,629 infected. The over-reaction by the Democrats is causing panic buying in supermarkets.

As more and more get tested in America, the number of infected will go higher. Brace yourself as the Democrats use that to create more panic and spread more lies. Any medical professional sowing panic has a political agenda, period. 

As a Registered Nurse who worked at the largest trauma center in America, I can tell you our hospitals will not be “overloaded.” The vast majority of people who are infected will recover. This panic is one big hoax. So, please beware of those who are spreading panic with bogus statistics. The elderly who are immunosuppressed are at the highest risk, as they are with any flu virus.

This too shall pass. Take precautions, and those who spread fear will end up looking like fools.

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