Cher Snaps: ‘F**k Those Heartless Republican Gutter Rats,’ Patriots Destroy Her

If Cher was a politician, the Hollywood star said she would be raising a ruckus against Republicans. “F**k those heartless Republican gutter rats,” she ranted. The 74-year-old singer is blaming the president and the GOP for Democrat policies which are keeping people in lockdown and for Nancy Pelosi who is refusing to work on the extension of federal unemployment benefits. Well, patriots utterly destroyed Cher. You’ll love this.

Cher (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

Cher has been known to dabble in Trump conspiracy theories and spew all kinds of utter nonsense against Republicans, while she remains totally blind to the truth. Her Twitter account is infamous as “conspiracy central.” Also, you can tell the aging songstress gets her news straight from CNN and MSNBC.

“Washington is so lucky I’m not in office. I Would be protesting on capital steps, Swearing Like a Sailor, F**k Those Heartless Republican Gutter [rats],” the Moonstruck star tweeted. In an apparent reference to the coronavirus shutdowns, she claimed that Republicans are out of touch with ordinary Americans who have lost jobs and homes.

“They Probably Don’t, Know Anyone who Has Lost, or Is Losing Their Job, House, apt, No one in trumps Family is Sick Or Losing Anything,” she claims.

The Oscar-winning star appeared to be referring to the current fight between Republicans and Democrats in Congress over the extension of federal unemployment benefits. The $600-per-week federal boost to unemployment benefits expired last week after Nancy Pelosi failed to make a deal.

Pelosi is once again trying to pass a bill filled with pork.

In fact, the speaker is sticking to the HEROES Act — a $3 trillion, 1,815-page monstrosity passed by the Democrat-controlled House in May that includes a number of purely political provisions.

The HEROES Act was so radical that it was opposed by moderate Democrats. It provides massive giveaways to the “green” energy industry; provides $10 million in pork to the National Endowment for the Arts; requires national mail-in voting and “ballot harvesting“; and lifts the cap on the SALT deduction — providing a massive tax cut for the rich in blue states, Breitbart reports.

Pelosi and her radical Democrat cohorts hope that Republicans will eventually be forced to accept the pork-filled bill.

It’s clear that Cher has no clue what is really going on. She also pushed a conspiracy claiming Trump “kills” for the adulation of his fans at his rallies and only wants to save white people and white supremacists from the coronavirus. “No blue states” will survive, she said.

Meanwhile, it’s the Democrat-run blue states that are refusing to look at the “science and data.” It’s not an accident red states have faired much better in the fight against the coronavirus. Not only are their death tolls per capita lower, but their economies are doing better.

Cher has no idea she should be railing against her own party. That’s why Americans destroyed her lies on social media.

“You’re blaming the wrong folks. #DrAnthonyFraud #NovelCuomovirus20 #CuomoKilledGrandma #Scamdemic #DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica,” tweeted “Sparbanie PIXburgh.”

“@cher, are you talking to me, care to debate? One problem with labeling people without knowing them, you show yourself as a racist, ignorant, self-absorbed, narcissistic, sociopath. Debate you anytime or are you afraid? Actions speak louder than words,” tweeted Bill Conley.

“@Cher really? GOP responsible? And people say our great president is dumb! They should listen to you talk!” tweeted “Joel D.”

“Brainless vulgar and bizarre statement and they are always left-liberal celebrities,” tweeted “Myerikd.”

“Cher, a know-it-all high school dropout just like Jim Carrey and Neil Young,” tweeted Terry Newberry.

“Now that she’s made all her money from those ‘Heartless Republican Gutter Rats’ this ‘HAS BEEN’ opens her foul mouth to sing for SOCIALIST!” tweeted “Bhappyil.”

Many are also saying it’s obvious it was Sonny Bono who was the brains behind “Sonny & Cher.”

Cher was married to Sonny Bono, who turned to politics following his showbiz career. Bono was mayor of Palm Springs and later served as a Republican congressman from California’s 44th district for three years until his untimely death in 1998.

There’s no doubt if Sonny was still alive he would be shaking his head over his ex-wife’s crazy rants on politics. Cher has become a downright embarrassment who is in for an epic meltdown when President Trump gets re-elected.

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