Cher: ‘Trump Kills Americans Without a Thought’ — Gets Epic Smackdown

Cher is trashing President Donald Trump, but this time she went too far. The 74-year-old leftwing celebrity claimed the president doesn’t care about “vets, or Black Lives Matter, or kids locked in cages, or doctors and nurses who are dying because he won’t protect them.” She insisted that “he kills Americans without a thought, he kills for adulation at his rallies.” The unhinged actress then got an epic smackdown she won’t soon forget. You’ll love this.

President Donald Trump, Cher (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Poor Cher is brainwashed by the mainstream media. If half of the things she claimed were true about Trump, he would have been run out of Washington a long time ago by a great majority of Americans. However, the lies she spews are so outrageous that Cher has become a joke on social media.

“trump Cares Nothing About Our Vets, Our Country, Ppl Who Are Dying of COVID, Ppl From Black Lives Matter, Kids He Keeps [locked] In Cages, Nurses, & Drs Who Are Dying Because He won’t Protect Them, HE KILLS AMERICANS WITHOUT A THOUGHT, HE KILLS 4 ADULATION AT RALLIES,” the singer-actress tweeted.

Cher later added that President Trump “needs to be in solitary confinement for the rest of his life.”

The aging actress — who’s endorsed Joe Biden for president — is no stranger to wild and unfounded accusations against the president. She pushed a conspiracy theory earlier this month that President Trump only wants to save white people and white supremacists from the coronavirus. As evidence, she cited the president’s admiration for Andrew Jackson.

We can’t make this stuff up. On July 3, she claimed the president was out to kill “white liberals, people of color, and all people in blue states.” The elderly actress then said, “Trump only wants to save whites supremacists.”

Cher then declared she had found the evidence proving this was indeed Trump’s plan of action.

“He loves the statue of a slave owner and murderer,” she said referring to the statue of Andrew Jackson outside the White House, which Antifa rioters vandalized and attempted to pull down. Cher’s thinking is so unhinged against the president it can only be described as a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Americans also blasted Cher badly on social media for her utter ignorance.

“@Cher it a member of the communist party, only Ppl supporting Hollyweird, wants Biden’s agenda, communist, raising taxes, no jobs, everybody on welfare & controlled, like Hitler, vaccinated w/ chip, when you no longer contribute, kill switch activated!!” tweeted “Mercedes.”

“Can You Imagine Living Your Whole Life And Ending Up This Dumb And Sold Out To Dem Libs Trying To Destroy America?” tweeted “Trump Patriots Rising.”

“This is what too much Botox will do to your brain!” tweeted “CB.”

“Besides asinine unfounded/unverifiable conspiracy stories what is the logical reason people hate POTUS? Donates salary? Keeps his word? Supports law/order? America first? Wealthy prior to being elected? Economic recovery goat? Strong US Military?” tweeted Leroy Brown.

“Thank you, God. For not making me this dumb,” tweeted “Mel.”

“No One Listens to the Deranged Cher Who Spreads Her Lies To the Few That Still Listen: She Falsely Claims That ‘Trump Kills Americans Without a Thought,’” tweeted David, Ph.D.

“The only thing blacker than Cher’s fake blonde hair is….her sold-to-Satan black heart and soul!!!” tweeted Alex Graham.

“Take a nap and let the booze wear off,” tweeted Jan Whittlesey.

President Trump signed an executive order on June 26 to protect monuments and statues, promising “long prison terms” for people found guilty.

The president has also repeatedly stated his intention to protect Americans of all races from the Chinese coronavirus. “We need to protect ALL Americans!” he tweeted in March. “Someone needs to tell the Democrats in Congress that CoronaVirus doesn’t care what party you are in.”

Is it too much to ask that Cher do a little research before she blurts out lies and conspiracy theories to her 3.7 million followers on Twitter? You’d think someone with that large of a following would be extra careful not to spread such misinformation.

The leftist media’s depiction of Trump as this evil dictator along the lines of Adolf Hitler is so entirely devoid of any evidence. But that doesn’t stop them. Instead, the Hollywood crowd doesn’t care about the truth, and that’s why we have celebrities like Cher who continue to spew ridiculous conspiracy theories that no one in their right mind would ever believe.

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