Cher: Trump A Lazy Orange-Faced Miscreant Who Should Be Charged, Gets Smackdown

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Cher is really losing it while trying to stick to Calfornia’s archaic lockdown orders. The 74-year-old singer and leftwing activist shocked her fans when she had a recent meltdown and attacked President Donald Trump. The angry diatribe included calling the president a “lazy, orange-faced miscreant” who should be charged. Cher was just getting warmed up, and that’s when she got an epic smackdown. You’ll love this.

President Donald Trump, Cher (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Cher’s latest attacks on the president are getting harder to understand. While we hate to accuse the leftwing actress of using social media while intoxicated, many other reporters are wondering just what is going on with Cher.

Her use of Twitter using all-caps is nothing new, but her incoherent messaging and blatant anger is, and that’s why we are really worried about her well-being.

“Why do ppl keep expecting trump to act like a Human,” the Oscar-winning actress began, unleashing her tirade in her classic all-caps style.


“It remains unclear what specifically triggered the devoted Trump critic’s rant, but it is far from the first time in recent days — or years — that the pop icon has lashed out at the president,” Breitbart reports. 

Cher’s reference to “serum” on Jared’s face is something she brings up over and over. It seems Cher is a tad bit jealous of Jared Kushner’s smooth skin. We can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Meanwhile, in April, Cher got blasted for suggesting that Republicans are so desperate to win elections that they are willing to kill voters in Wisconsin in order to do just that. She made the comments in relation to the news that the Supreme Court had struck down an attempt by the state’s Democratic governor Tony Evers to postpone voting in their upcoming presidential primary and local elections.

“United States Supreme Court and Republican politicians in Wisconsin are saying you can exercise your right to vote and risk death, or stay home and allow Republicans to win. Who the f*ck are these people? Are Republicans so desperate to win they’re willing to kill Americans in their own state?” tweeted Cher.

Americans blasted Cher badly on social media. 

“What drugs are you using @cher Omg you’re messed up,” tweeted Twitter user “Laura.”

“I believe you are in denial Cher! The Democrats are the biggest problem and are working like you to make the US a socialistic country. That is a terrible thing to do, and our country will fall under such a state. I wish you would open your mind to the harm y’all have done!” tweeted Johnnie Timms.

“Back to the serum again? Are you jealous of his beautiful skin? How many facelifts have you had? Stick to entertaining,” tweeted Deana Owen.

“You shouldn’t talk about someone’s family. Joe Biden, his brothers, and son Hunter are real criminals! Go get an education! #QuidProJoe #BidenLosesToTrump #redwave,” tweeted Rocky Lion.

“Once a legend now a piece of trash, what a shame!!!! Trump 2020,” tweeted “Renata P.”

“The crypt keeper talking about someone’s face….that’s rich!” tweeted “Raging Conservative.”

“Dear @cher I’ve met you I really like you. I’ve also met @realDonaldTrump, in fact, @kelliwardaz @plutosavior I’ve met EVERYONE and know almost everything. The truth is: Trump is going to win 2020 and lead in a landslide, so that means 4 more years of whining. I’ve got you babe,” tweeted John Sullivan.

Cher is getting up there in age, and we would hate to have her legacy be tainted by her apparent Trump Derangement Syndrome. It’s so sad to see the 74-year-old singer who became a 1960s icon of political activism become so brainwashed at the end of her career.

Cher is a prime example of what can go wrong when celebrities use their platform to spew misinformation and vulgar rhetoric. It doesn’t hurt President Trump at all. Cher is only hurting herself as she loses fans every day who once held her in high regard. Now, all anyone will remember about her later years is how she lost her mind on Twitter.

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