Cher Declares President Trump ‘A Murderer’ — She’s Forced To Retract Remarks

Cher went on a tirade making vile accusations against President Donald Trump. The leftwing actress and singer declared the president “a murderer” by accusing him of causing every death associated with COVID-19. The 73-year-old celebrity was so unhinged and so misinformed that she was forced to retract her remarks. You’ll love this.

President Donald Trump, Cher (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Cher has called President Donald Trump “a cancer ravaging our nation.” She demanded last week that the president step down before he ends up killing thousands of Americans. Now, the left-wing pop icon has declared President Trump a “murderer.”


Cher is just the latest unhinged celebrity to float a wild conspiracy about the president’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak that has thrown countries around the world into an economy-crippling health crisis and has caused nearly 12,000 death worldwide.

Well, Cher didn’t know what hit her as patriots gave her a rude awakening. So much so, the unhinged leftist was forced to delete her remarks. 

“I knew that a crisis like this couldn’t keep this societal medusa quiet. She & her Hollyweird ilk have so much misguided criticism. But any kind of solutions they may have sounded like they came from Mad Magazine. Whatever happened to her leaving the US?” tweeted “He Is Limitless.”

We need to stop providing these idiots a platform to spew their hate. Who cares what @Cher thinks?” tweeted “2020 WebWit.”

“Despite Hollywood — and the elite media spreading fake news about the president’s response to the global pandemic — a majority of Americans have confidence in Trump’s handling of this crisis. Cher is the latest unhinged celebrity to float a wild conspiracy,” tweeted John Johnston.

Shame on U ⁦@cher, but guess what, @realdonaldtrump & Americans r pulling together! We all want 2 help each other! U r either w us r against us & it’s obvious where u stand, not w our America!” tweeted “TexasFarmGirl1836.”

“Really?? Cher, you’re loon yourself, trying desperately to be important. You are an actress, and no longer relevant, just go away quietly with some dignity. Or keep making a bigger ass of yourself,” tweeted Greg Cooper.

“Cher, honey..don’t speak. You’re just confirming our suspicions that you have early senile dementia…or maybe not so early,” tweeted “JoySmo.”

Americans approve of the president’s handling and management of the COVID-19 crisis.

Despite Hollywood and the elite media spreading fake news about the president’s response to the global pandemic, a majority of Americans have confidence in Trump’s handling of this crisis. Indeed, an Ipsos poll, conducted with ABC News, found that 55 percent of Americans approve of the president’s management of the crisis.

Sadly, the Democrats are doubling down on playing politics with the crisis. Nancy Pelosi spent the weekend sipping cocktails and rejecting every proposal the GOP had on the latest economic rescue bill. In fact, the Speaker orchestrated another Stock Market crash on Monday morning by delaying signing the rescue bill.

Meanwhile, the leftwing elites at Google and in the mainstream media are blocking articles by experts who are rightly questioning what is behind the COVID-19 hysteria is faulty formulas.

The data collected so far on how many people are infected and how the epidemic is evolving are utterly unreliable,” John P.A. Ionnidis, a professor in disease prevention at Stanford said. 

Making matter worse is the World Health Organization (WHO). They are funded by the Chinese government. When this pandemic broke-out, WHO was behind the numbers that caused the panic. Now, our experts in disease prevention and stats are being censored for pointing out WHO’s numbers are all wrong.

“In some people who die from viral respiratory pathogens, more than one virus is found upon autopsy and bacteria are often superimposed. A positive test for coronavirus does not mean necessarily that this virus is always primarily responsible for a patient’s demise,” Dr. Ionnidis writes.

He is not alone in accusing WHO of spreading panic by using faulty formulas. Aaron Ginn and Justin Hart, both statisticians who are being censored, agree that the death rate is much lower than is being reported. They also make the case that more people will die due to an economic collapse from the coronavirus than from COVID-19 itself.

Numbers don’t lie, and the president appears to be listening to those who are being censored. On Sunday night Trump tweeted: “WE CANNOT LET THE CURE BE WORSE THAN THE PROBLEM ITSELF. AT THE END OF THE 15 DAY PERIOD, WE WILL MAKE A DECISION AS TO WHICH WAY WE WANT TO GO!”

Trump’s all-caps response is over-emphasizing his frustration. We all know he is extremely astute when it comes to the big picture in politics, and there is no doubt he sees what this high-stakes game with this pandemic is all about.

Let’s make sure he knows we all have his back. We cannot allow the Democrats to crash our economy bringing on something we haven’t seen since the Great Depression. On April 1, when the 15-day shutdown is over, we must make it known we demand the economic shutdown stopped. It’s the only way to save us all from those who care nothing about our jobs, our lives, and “keeping America great.”

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