CNN’s Acosta Gets Caught In ‘Epic Fail’ After Trump Crowd ‘Hurts His Feelings’

Poor Jim Acosta. The CNN reporter had to endure the comeback rally for President Donald Trump in Sanford, Florida on Monday night, and the crowd was pumped up. The rallygoers also hurt his feelings, and that’s when Jim tried to strike back. Sadly, that was an epic fail. You’ll love this.

CNN’s Jim Acosta at Monday’s rally (Photo Credit: Twitter/Screenshot, Twitter/Screenshot)

If the Florida rally is any indication of the polls, then President Trump can look forward to a landslide on Election Night. Not only was the crowd fired up, but the president was also as pumped up as we have seen in weeks.

CNN’s Jim Acosta just couldn’t help himself. The pro-Trump atmosphere was contagious. It was lively and fun. The Floridians were ready to celebrate, and that made Acosta upset.

However, when the so-called journalist went live on CNN, the crowd decided it was time to make their sentiments known.

“CNN sucks! CNN sucks! CNN sucks!” chanted the Trump rallygoers. 

“And as this crowd is chanting that there are members of the press here who suck, I should also point out, Wolf, what also sucks- getting the coronavirus,” Acosta complained.

But that’s not all. 

“Hours before President Trump made his debut on the campaign trail following his recovery from the coronavirus, Acosta told The Situation Room anchor Wolf Blitzer about the planned rallies the president has on his schedule including Iowa and North Carolina, states Acosta asserted should have been ‘in the bag’ for the GOP incumbent,” Fox News reports. 

That’s Jim Acosta having wishful thinking. If the campaign season was judged by what states a candidate visits for an energetic rally, then Joe Biden would be looking at winning no electoral votes at all.

Acosta was also trolled on social media over his sarcastic remark about coronavirus. 

The CNN Trump-hating reporter thought he could get the leftists fired up by pointing out many Trump rallygoers were not wearing masks.

“Waiting for Trump rally outside Orlando, very few supporters wearing masks, including many senior citizens,” Acosta tweeted.

This only set him up for an epic fail. That’s exactly what happened when one Twitter user replied: “There is no mask mandate in Florida, Jim. FREEDOM!” 

Poor Jim also got caught looking rather foolish over his tired “coronavirus” remarks.

Remember, Acosta also quipped: “what also sucks- getting the coronavirus.” Well, Jimbo was caught mask-free at the rally himself.

“Jim Acosta at the rally, no mask…..” tweeted Filip Scheraldi.

“If covid sucks….Then why no mask when the cameras aren’t rolling ?” tweeted James Finegan.

“ANOTHER PIC IN SANFORD AND NO MASK,” tweeted “Trump Warrior.”

Acosta probably went nuts after hearing what the president said about coronavirus at the rally.

“An energized President Trump boasted to the Florida crowd that he felt ‘immune’ following his coronavirus diagnosis, hours after his physician Dr. Sean Conley revealed that the president tested negative,” Fox News reports.

Trump’s appearance and his remarks caused Democrats and their cohorts to freak out.

“Now they say I’m immune. I feel so powerful. I’ll walk in there. I’ll kiss everyone in that audience,” Trump told the cheering crowd.

“When you’re the president, you can’t lock yourself in the basement,” he added. “I’ll kiss the guys and the beautiful women, just give you a big fat kiss.”

Much to the Democrats chagrin, in a memo released shortly after Trump left Washington, White House physician Sean Conley said the president had tested negative for the coronavirus on consecutive days. Conley said those negative results, combined with data that White House doctors have collected from other various tests, show that Trump is not infectious.

Jim Acosta and his media allies love to mention the mainstream polls which say Biden is ahead by double digits. Well, don’t believe it for one second.

The Blaze’s Steve Deace drilled into the recent Rassmussen poll and made a shocking discovery. The data said the poll was based on 76 percent of Republicans voting for Trump. Here’s where you start shaking your head.

Come on, only 76 percent of Republican voters will cast their vote for Trump? That’s ridiculous. Trump got 94 percent of the Republican vote in the primaries. This is a flawed poll.

“According to Deace, voters would also have to believe that Democratic nominee Joe Biden is a stronger candidate than Barack Obama was in 2008, and Donald Trump is a weaker incumbent at this stage than George H.W. Bush was in 1992,” The Blaze reports. 

“Do you believe that?” Deace asked rhetorically.

Deace added that he does not buy into any polls because the current public polls’ methodologies are so flawed. We totally agree. It looks like the only way the Democrats can pull out a victory is to rely on deception.

That’s why all patriots must pay attention to your local polling places. Report anything that looks strange. The Democrats are desperate and will do anything at this point. Let’s ensure they are crying buckets of liberal tears on Election Night, once again.

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