Cusack: Trump A Test Run For True Evil & Anti-Christ For Dummies – Gets Torched

Actor John Cusack is once again making headlines. The 54-year-old far-left agitator and conspiracy monger fired off his latest unhinged rant theorizing that President Donald Trump is “a test run for true evil” and “the anti-Christ for dummies.” Well, immediately, poor John got torched. You’ll love this.

John Cusack (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

Hollywood D-list actor and Trump-hater John Cusack unleashed a ridiculous rant on his 1.6 million Twitter followers. Part of Cusack’s problem is his acting career is dead. Having nothing better to do, the unhinged leftist uses social media as therapy.

“Trump is basically a test run for true evil: the anti-Christ for dummies,” John Cusack said. “The gods saying We’re going to give you a version so obvious with such Unimaginable Stupididty & abject cretinism & sloth – to show how decadent & empty yr culture & institutions have become – change.”

The last time we heard from the Sen. Bernie Sanders supporter and regular Trump-basher, Cusack was asking if America needs “to see massacres torture & mutilated corpses to act?”

“Trump & criminal thug barr with mc connel & the many deathkkult apparatchiks deep in their death spiral endgame – Secret police burning cities – gassing mothers Shooting protestors in face Billy clubbing vets,” the 2012 star’s conspiracy-filled tweet read last month.

In fact, John Cusack was obsessed with the idea that the violence that has gripped the city of Portland, Oregon, was apparently part of President Trump’s supposed plan to create mass unrest in a major American city so he could “illegally hold power.”

This guy is a real nutjob. 

“Straight up stormtroopers – secret police – fascism,” John Cusack said in July, posting a video of law enforcement officials standing in the streets of Portland. “Storm troopers – Barr’s secret police maybe ice border people – prison guards – who knows – soooo…no prisons or borders in Portland, bill – go to jail.”

Americans immediately torched poor John on social media.

“WOW! Cusak is now an expert in Christian theology & the Anti-Christ? Does he even own a Bible? What a nut!!” tweeted Twitter user “Kaci 150.”

“The Hollyweirds babble more idiotic nonsense. They really need to curb their drug use! #Trump2020LandslideVictory,” tweeted “Jeannie.”

“John Cusack Has An Anger Problem—One That Appears To Interfere With His Mental Health: He Rages That ‘Trump a Test Run for True Evil, the Anti Christ for Dummies’,” tweeted “David, Ph.d.”

“What amazes me is these low life’s in Hollywood think what they say matters. They have no idea how people think or live outside of their delusional lives,” tweeted Duane J. Baker.

“More proof of how dumb some people are! Cusack is PATHETIC! 452020! Cusack please leave the US!” tweeted Twitter user “Jim.”

“The more I hear him talk, the more he reminds me of one of the idiot demons on ‘Supernatural.’ Can someone throw some holy water on him and see?” tweeted “Liberty Bella.”

John Cusack also had a run-in with the Chicago Police Department that left him shaken.

At the end of May, as the riots kicked off, Cusack was on hand to support the rioters.

“Cops didn’t like me filming the burning car so they came at me with batons. Hitting my bike. Ahhm here’s the audio,” he wrote in one tweet with a video of the incident attached.

In another, he claimed he was “hit” with pepper spray. “I haven’t seen tear gas – but was hit by pepper spray – don’t know how a curfew can be started at nine with bridges blocked CTA not running – Be back out tonight a to see what I can,” Cusack said.

The video Cusack posted did not show much, but one can hear angry voices (purportedly the police) yelling for Cusack to “get out of here,” while the actor can be heard replying, “alright, I’m going.”

Cusack predicted that the rioting would continue through the night. Then, he got really excited claiming that the riots may mean “the end of Trump.”

The left-wing actor also blamed all the chaos on President Trump and added that he hopes that the riots continue and would somehow lead to Trump’s demise.

That didn’t work out so well for poor John. Even more pathetic is the 54-year-old leftist running around with 20-year-old anarchists burning and looting Chicago. How did Cusack not look around and think maybe this isn’t protesting?

Well, consider the source. John Cusack borders on being a full-blown lunatic in his rants. He is the perfect example of those who are supporting Joe Biden, and why the majority of Americans reject the Democrats and will re-elect Trump this November.

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