DA Seeks Life In Prison For Rittenhouse, But His Attorney Reveals 1 Big Mistake

Prosecutors unveiled the six charges against suspect Kyle Rittenhouse which if convicted would lead to life in prison. The 17-year-old is being held at a juvenile facility in Illinois awaiting an extradition hearing later this month. Meanwhile, Attorney Lin Wood, who successfully sued in favor of Covington Catholic High School graduate Nicolas Sandmann, has just revealed one huge mistake the prosecutors made. Don’t miss this.

Attorney Lin Woods, Kyle Rittenhouse (Photo Credit: YouTube/Twitter/Screenshots)

The Kenosha County District Attorney on Thursday laid out six counts against Kyle Rittenhouse in the deaths of Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber, the attempted killing of Gaige Grosskreutz, and the reckless endangerment of Daily Caller reporter Richard McGinnis, after Rittenhouse was initially arrested and charged with homicide on Wednesday.

As we reported on Thursday, Rosenbaum, Huber, and Grosskreutz have long criminal records. Rosenbaum was a registered sex offender for a sex crime involving a minor. Huber has a criminal history that includes charges of battery and repeat domestic abuse.

Grosskreutz has a criminal record that includes being intoxicated and armed with a gun. He also had a mask with a Satanic pentagram from the Church of Satan known as the “Sigil of Baphomet” on it.

In both alleged murders, the DA’s complaint describes Rittenhouse being attacked first, suggesting he has a good claim of self-defense.

Daily Caller reporter Richard McGinnis is going to be a key witness for Rittenhouse. McGinnis is on the record stating Rittenhouse was “trying to evade these individuals.” McGinnis goes on to state, “Rosenbaum was trying to get Rittenhouse’s gun.” As Rosenbaum “is trying to grab the barrel of the gun,” Kyle pulls it away and it goes off.

The complaint against Rittenhouse goes on to say Huber hit him on the head with the skateboard and at the same time is trying to grab the gun.

“The defendant [Rittenhouse] rolls toward his left side and as Huber appears to be grabbing the gun the gun is pointed at Huber. The defendant then fires one round which can be heard on the video,” the DA’s complaint reads.

The complaint also notes that’s when Grosskreutz approaches Rittenhouse. The DA claims: “Grosskreutz then moves toward the defendant who aims his gun and fires at Grosskreutz. Grosskreutz was shot in the right arm. Grosskreutz appears to be holding a handgun in his right hand when he was shot.”

Most Americans view this as self-defense. The DA is charging him with first-degree murder which carries a life sentence in Wisconsin. However, Attorney Lin Wood has offered to be one of the attornies for Kyle, and he is all over this case.

Rittenhouse is also charged with a firearms violation for possession of a dangerous weapon under age 18, with a minimum penalty of nine months in jail, and allegedly twice drove across state lines carrying a firearm he was not legally permitted to possess.

Attorney Lin Wood quickly pointed out the DA didn’t do his homework and got those charges all wrong. 

“So the first guy who was shot in the face, was actually a result of Kyle shooting into the crowd, afterwards he still was carrying an illegal gun in a different state. That ‘self defense’ doesn’t come into play since it was illegal to beginning with,” tweeted “Zigtastic” to Lin Wood.

“When you start manufacturing facts to support false accusations, you get into trouble under the law of defamation. Kyle did not carry a gun across state lines. The gun belonged to his friend, a Wisconsin resident. The gun never left the State of Wisconsin. Truth always prevails,” Wood responded.

Lin Wood also pointed out he has the truth on his side. 

“The ‘media frenzy rumor mill’ is in full swing to discredit Kyle Rittenhouse, his family & his lawyers. I would urge caution before believing any rumors or accusations of wrongdoing. They may even attack & falsely accuse me. I am protected by truth. This is not my first rodeo,” he tweeted on Friday.

“At this time, I will not publicly address private facts about Kyle Rittenhouse or his family beyond telling you that is a fine young boy blessed with a good family. Take media rumors & accusations with a grain of salt. In time, lies are always revealed when truth is disclosed,” he added.

“Video eye does not lie. Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self-defense. Murder charges are factually unsupportable. An egregious miscarriage of justice is occurring with respect to this 17-year old boy. I love truth & justice. I deplore lies & injustice. Had those feelings ALL my life,” Wood declared.

So, stayed tuned. This case is about to heat up. 

Rittenhouse has been embraced by many Americans who have watched since Memorial Day as many Democrat-run cities have had a total disregard for their own citizens by allowing the anarchists to take over the streets.

Those same Democrat mayors have ordered their police departments to “stand down” in the face of this mayhem many times. Many say it was only a matter of time before something like this happened. This case will not only play out in a court of law, but it will also play out before all the American people who see Kyle Rittenhouse as a young man who doesn’t deserve to serve his life in prison.

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