De Blasio: I’ll Construct Fences At Beaches To Keep Americans Out; Gets Torched

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has made it clear he will go ahead and construct fences at beaches to ensure no one can access the waterfront as part of his Gestapo-like coronavirus plan. This is coming from the “open border” guy who hates fences along our Southern border to keep illegal aliens out. Well, ole Bill got utterly torched. You’ll love this.

Mayor Bill de Blasio (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

With Memorial Day coming up, Mayor de Blasio is refusing to re-open beaches under his jurisdiction even though state beaches plan to reopen with some restrictions. Not only will he not re-open the beaches, but the mayor is also freaking out that anyone may defy his order. That’s why he threatened “fences.”

The failed 2020 Democrat presidential candidate acknowledged the beach closures in an interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo who held his feet to the fire on various key issues.

“Our beaches get very crowded very quickly,” de Blasio said. “We’re not going to allow it…We’re not opening on Memorial Day as we normally do. For folks in local communities who walk on the beach, walk on the boardwalk, they can still do that. But no swimming, no lifeguards, no congregating.”

“If people are smart about, and listen to the rules, great,” the mayor adds. “If not, we actually may have to put fencing to keep people off the beach. I don’t want to do it, but if I have to, I will. We are so far from being out of the woods here in New York City. We’re still the epicenter. Until we’re safe, no beaches open.”

The New York City Police Department already has an extremely low opinion of Mayor de Blasio. We are pretty sure the cops, who are in the middle of another big crime wave, will not want to be dispatched to the beach to make people leave, or watch as a fence is built against their own citizens.

Americans blasted Mayor de Blasio on social media in ways he never saw coming. 

“I thought New York City Mayor Deblasio did not like fences or walls… But it’s OK for him to put them up for the beaches…,” tweeted Frank White.

“America, turn it into Normandy and take back the beaches!!” tweeted radio host Wayne Dupree.

“As a hot, humid summer approaches, Kaiser Wilhelm permits walks on NYC beaches but forbids swimming (while N.Y. state beaches will allow walking + swimming). On the Left Coast, Generalisimus Newsom permits swimming, but forbids sitting on the beach,” tweeted Jared Beck Al Bot.

“I have been going to LI beaches for years. Now because of the ineptitude of @NYCMayor & @NYGovCuomo my family can’t go on the holiday. Are you working to get us all depressed. What a mess for all!” tweeted Twitter user “Mimi.”

“Time to set the people free de Blasio. Get your jackboot off the people’s neck and stop getting drunk on the power you think you have. You can’t stifle freedom or the spirit of the people of NYC,” tweeted Robert Hornak.

“Many water parks and public swimming pools are remaining closed, even though the CDC guidance is ‘there is no evidence that the virus that causes COVID-19 can be spread to people through the water in pools, hot tubs, spas, or water play areas’?” tweeted Jim Geraghty.

“The best is that my city’s idiot @NYCMayor won’t open the beaches here. But since 2 nearby suburbs are opening theirs, he’s encouraging city ppl to go there & overwhelm the burbs’ attempts at avoiding crowds there. And to think we could’ve had this genius as POTUS,” tweeted Leslie Feffer.

The New York Post has had enough of Bill de Blasio’s shenanigans: 

“Amazing: Mayor Bill de Blasio turns from imperiously telling New Yorkers they can’t hit the beach in the city to just as imperiously telling Long Island it can’t keep city residents off its beaches,” NY Post reports. “Outdoor transmission of the virus is minimal, and many New Yorkers are already defying distancing mandates. Full lockdown isn’t sustainable now — and summer is coming, with temps soon to hit the 90s.”

“Try trusting the public, Mr. Mayor. And, please, think things through before you open your mouth again,” they add.

The East Coast and the West Coast are two tales of what happens when Democrats are in charge at times of crisis. It always comes back to these Democrats becoming drunk on their own power, and nothing else matters to them. Bill de Blasio’s political career is over thanks to his horrendous response to the COVID crisis. At least that is one good thing we can take away from this pandemic.

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