‘Defund Police Targets Heroes’: Bongino Destroys BLM In Testimony, They Go Nuts

Dan Bongino was invited to give his testimony on Capitol Hill on Wednesday as Congress held hearings on police brutality. The former NYPD officer and Secret Service agent wasted no time to destroy the “defund the police” campaign which is backed by Black Lives Matter. In fact, Dan was so devastating to their “cause” they went nuts. You’ll love this.

Dan Bongino looks at George Floyd’s brother, Philonise Floyd, during Congressional testimony (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Shortly after Dan Bongino gave his testimony on Capitol Hill, the “woke crowd” on Twitter went berserk. “Dan Bongino” started trending, and for good reason.

The former NYPD officer and Fox News contributor wasted no time getting right to the point on Capitol Hill.

After explaining that with any profession, there are people who are not “suited to the job,” Bongino reminded Americans about 9/11.

“Special agents I worked with, and remain friends with, in the US Secret Service joined members of the NYPD and NY City Fire Department on that tragic day, September 11, 2001 and sprinted into those burning buildings and personally escorted people out,” Dan declared.

“The buildings collapsed, as we all know, taking many of those brave NYPD and FDNY souls with them,” Bongino added. “Those brave souls were running into the buildings, while everyone else was evacuating. These are the types of people I was honored and privileged to work with. Public safety first, everything else is second.”

Dan then started his honest and brutal attack on the “defund the police” campaign. 

“The defund the police movement will target these heroes. They are the police. It’s not some amorphous mass that will be affected, it’s real heroes, in real-time. Removing these heroes from communities will do nothing but ensure chaos and destruction,” Bongino said.

“Police officers are the frontlines, putting themselves between the evil-doers among us, and the honest, hard-working Americans yearning for security and prosperity,” Dan explained. “We can, and should, commit to police accountability without shredding the thin wall between civilization and chaos.”

Bongino brought people to tears as he explained what it is like to be a police officer in America today. 

“There are few jobs in the country as stressful as policing,” Dan proclaimed. “I receive an email or a text a few times a year notifying me about the death or injury of a police officer I knew or worked with. Imagine if that was happening at your job. God forbid you found out that co-workers of yours were killed or injured in the course of doing their jobs. And you received these messages multiple times each year. That’s policing. That’s what they do. They risk their own lives for yours.”

“I’ll say in closing,” Bongino said. “I spoke at an event for police officers years ago and a spouse of one of these heroes said this, ‘the most wonderful sound of the world for a spouse of a police officer is the sound of Velcro at night.’ Why Velcro? Because it’s how a police officer’s body armor is secured to their bodies. And when the body armor comes off, and that sound echoes in their ears, the families of our heroes know that they’re home safely.”

Right away, Black Lives Matter and their shills attacked Dan Bongino on social media.

Don Moynihan, a “woke” BLM hack who is a known leftwing agitator and professor at Georgetown, said, “It is insulting to the Floyd family that the Republicans would invite outrage grifter Dan Bongino to be a witness in these hearings. If you want to be taken seriously as lawmakers, call serious people to testify.”

This is the kind of drivel being posted. Do we need to remind these idiots that Dan Bongino is a former New York police officer and a retired Secret Service agent? Most people consider someone with that background a “serious person.”

When someone speaks the truth, it is a dangerous thing to the radical leftwing agenda. In fact, the leftist outrage machine knew Bongino was going to destroy them, so cable news networks, including Fox News, cut away when he began his statement.

This caused President Donald Trump to tweet: “Incredible! @FoxNews just took Congressional Hearing off the air just prior to important witness statements. More like CNN!!! Fox is lost!!!”

Bulwark Senior Editor Jim Swift remarked: “Dan Bongino finally got to Congress… and then Fox cut away. Brutal.”

If someone told you a few years ago that America would be having a conversation about “defunding the police,” you would laugh it off. Civilized nations all have one thing in common: law enforcement and a military to defend the homeland.

For those of us who believe in God, we know certain paths are ordained by our Creator. God instills in each and every one of us a “vocation” which is defined as “a strong feeling of suitability for a particular career or occupation.”

That’s how those police officers ran toward the World Trade buildings as they were crumbling knowing there was a good possibility they would not come out. They all were given a vocation from God to “protect and to serve.” That’s the 99.9 percent of police officers working today.

Defunding the police campaign is pure evil. That’s not from God, who is the opposite of chaos. That’s why we know in the end, these leftwing radicals will lose, and that’s why all Americans must fight against these anarchists who would love nothing more than to see evil win.

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