Democrat Wants To Spread Coronavirus To Trump Rallies, Americans Torch Her

Candi CdeBaca, a Denver City Councilwoman, is finding herself in hot water after indicating she stands in “solidarity” with others who claim if they “catch the coronavirus” they will make sure to “attend as many Trump rallies as they can.” The Denver Democrat, who is called the next “AOC,” didn’t know what hit her as Americans utterly torched her. You’ll love this.

Candi CdeBaca, President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Instead of being embarrassed and apologizing for an ill-advised tweet, Denver City Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca is double down on her disgusting sentiments. It seems as if Trump supporters are fair game no matter what the context with certain leftwing nutjobs.

It all started with a tweet that caught CdeBaca’s eye. Susan Daniel posted: “For the record if I do get the coronavirus, I am attending as many Trump rallies as I can.” Daniel later deleted the original tweet, but unfortunately for her, it was screen captured by conservative reporters.

The Denver City Councilwoman responded, “#solidarity Yaaas!” It was followed by laughing emojis and the “OK” sign.

Candi CdeBaca blames Trump claiming he is calling the coronavirus a “hoax.” 

While the original tweet was rightly deleted, Candi CdeBaca loved the notoriety. Even though her hometown press had gotten wind of the tweet, the leftwing councilwoman decided it was totally appropriate.

“She said the message was actually about calling attention to President Donald Trump’s unsatisfactory response to the spread of the virus, COVID-19, which has not yet hit Colorado,” the Denver Post reports. 

“But the statement wasn’t meant seriously, said CdeBaca’s spokesperson Lisa Calderón in a text message. Instead, it was a ‘sarcastic tweet… to call attention to the Trump administration’s downplaying of the Coronavirus outbreak as a hoax no more dangerous than the common flu,'” The Post adds.

Well, not only is this councilwoman spreading vile sentiments toward Trump supporters, but she is also spreading the lie that the president called the coronavirus a “hoax.” This is a much-repeated lie by the mainstream media. Trump said exactly what CdeBaca is doing is the “hoax” — making allegations he has not handled the virus correctly.

Well, Americans utterly torched the pompous Denver Democrat. 

“These people are sick,” tweeted Donald Trump, Jr.

WTF? The left is constantly threatening to nuke us, infect us with their illness, or otherwise cause us harm. This is why I stand in ‘solidarity’ with the second amendment! #2A #TDS,” tweeted “Fendar.”

“Sounds like a terroristic threat that the secret service and the FBI should be investigating,” tweeted Tom Dixon.

“@CandiCdeBacaD9 your town should have you recalled! This type of comment should never be made on behalf of your constituents!” tweeted Rachel Grace.

Considering @POTUS is in attendance at those rallies & could become infected, it could rightfully be argued that her tweet is a threat on the President’s life. I wonder how she’d feel about a visit from @SecretService and @FBI?” tweeted “Skip the Bullsh*t.” 

“Just like ‘when they aim low we go high’. EVERY SINGLE thing they do and say is hypocritical – they love science, except when it proves a fetus is human and there are only two genders, etc. And they get away with it because the Media is the SAME PEOPLE,” tweeted Brian Huggins.

“Sick person. Infected with Cynicism and Envy and the desire to Be a chronic complainer, and constant critic of everyone and everything she doesn’t ‘like’ it fits in her comfort zone of Negativity and Victimhood. Very Sad way to live,” tweeted Mary Cullen R.N.

The virus has sickened 89,000 people across 66 countries, resulting in at least 3,061 deaths, including six in the U.S. Most of the deaths have occurred in mainland China.

Trump, on Monday, was asked whether it was “safe” for him to continue to hold his campaign-style rallies as the country battles the virus.

“You should ask the Democrats,” Trump said. “They’re all having rallies. They’re campaigning.”

He added: “I think it’s very safe.”

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi held up the funding for the coronavirus until after Super Tuesday.

The reason? Well, according to GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy: “What a scam—Speaker Pelosi held up the vote on coronavirus funding so that her campaign team could run ads against Republicans for Super Tuesday. Instead of putting America first, she is putting politics first.”

The Democrats moan and complain claiming President Trump isn’t handling the virus outbreak seriously when they are the ones playing Russian roulette with Americans’ health by withholding funding. We wonder what that arrogant Denver councilwoman would have to say about that.

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