Patriots Strike Back, Democrats PA Lawsuit Prove Trump Campaign Claims Of Fraud

A number of organizations answered the Trump campaign’s Pennsylvania lawsuit by filing a joint motion to intervene in the case, and that’s where it went all wrong. In the motion are affidavits by voters which prove the Trump campaign’s claims of fraud. It’s all in writing, so there is no way they can deny it. It’s astonishing but true. Don’t miss this.

Trump campaign surrogates protesting in front of Philadephia voting site (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

The Trump campaign’s contention in the state of Pennsylvania centers on the state’s existing election laws which were wrongly amended by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The other part of Trump’s contention includes Philadephia and Pittsburgh voting sites, which refused to allow GOP poll watchers to do their job.

You may be familiar with Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court’s (un-Constitutional) ruling of extending the counting by three days. That’s why Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito stepped in on the Saturday after Election Day and ruled Pennsylvania had to segregate those ballots, and reminding them that “curing” any ballots was against Pennsylvania law.

That did not happen according to the Trump campaign who are asking in their lawsuit that any ballots cast after 8 PM on Election Night must be thrown out. That’s what Pennsylvania law says.

So, along comes all these leftwing organizations who filed their own motion hoping to strike down the Trump campaign’s lawsuit. Well, they really screwed up.

The Trump Campaign alleges that in contravention of election law, certain precincts reached out to mail-in and absentee voters to “cure” their ballots before election day, or fix errors that would have otherwise made their votes invalid.

On page 35 of the complaint, found in full here, the Trump campaign spells out election law that was recently affirmed this year in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, as it pertains to mail-in ballots.

A large part of the case filed by the Trump campaign explains in detail how the Secretary of State in Pennsylvania sent out guidance to election boards, instructing them to ignore the law. According to the lawsuit, there was no even adherence to the law; some counties followed it, while others, namely in Democrat strongholds, did not.

On November 10, a number of Democrat organizations filed a joint motion to intervene in the case, and along with their filing, which suggests that these ballots should remain or risk disenfranchisement, were several affidavits from voters who swear under penalty of perjury that they were, in fact, contacted by County Board of Elections officials before the election, in order to cure their ballots of errors.

This is in direct violation of Pennsylvania law and is one of the arguments the Trump campaign makes in its complaint against the state. In other words, anyone contacting a voter from the Election Board to the Democrat Party to “cure” their ballot that has been marked “invalid” is going directly against PA law.

Witness Natalie Price sworeBetween Sunday and Monday, November 1 and 2, I received three calls from the Democratic Party notifying me my ballot had been rejected. I asked why and they told me they didn’t know. They instructed me to visit the voting center in Norristown to cure it. I never received a call from any election official to inform me that my ballot had been rejected.”

She goes on to explain how she ended up visiting two voting sites and was finally able to cure her ballot at that second site.

“I was not aware that I was supposed to hand-write my name and address in non-cursive print, next to where the information was preprinted on the envelope. Because that exact information was already there, I understood it would have been redundant to write it out again. My ballot was signed, dated, and otherwise complied with all other ballot instructions. To cure my ballot I showed the county employee my ID, added my information next to where it was pre-printed, and left…”

Here is Ms. Price’s sworn statement found in the “motion to intervene”:

Below are some more examples of the same, for witness Joesph Ayeni:

Witness Meril Lara:

The examples continue. The Judge in the case has set a scheduling deadline of today for motions of injunctive release and motions to dismiss, with Oral Argument scheduled for 11/17 at 1:30 PM, and an evidentiary hearing on 11/19 at 10:00 AM.

The Democrats admit to breaking the election laws in Pennsylvania. It boggles the mind what they think they are going to achieve with these witnesses who detail election officials and Democratic Party operatives contacting them to “cure” their ballots, which is not legal in Pennsylvania.

It just goes to show you the Democrats and their allies will break laws and boast of it if it means they can steal the election. Pride cometh before the fall. The sheer arrogance of the Democrats and their media allies is ripe to come all crashing down in the days ahead.

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