ESPN To Televise “Social Justice” & Singing Of Black National Anthem – Regret It

ESPN is scheduled to launch the National Football League games and has made a major announcement about the pre-game festivities. The players have said they will protest, and ESPN says they will televise it. But that’s not all. ESPN is proud to announce they will also televise the singing of the “black national anthem,” which will be sung five minutes before kickoff. Well, that’s when Americans gave them all a huge reality check.

NFL Payers kneeling during the national anthem (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

The NFL and ESPN just put the final nail in their own coffins.

Normally, ESPN only shows the honor guard and singing of the Star-Spangled Banner prior to games. However, for their opening Monday Night Football doubleheader, ESPN will also televise the “black national anthem,” a song known as Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing.

In addition, the network will also “show social justice movements, actions, as they happen.”

“Our policy is to cover the anthem when it’s newsworthy. That’s not going to change,” ESPN Executive Vice President of Event and Studio Production Stephanie Druley told reporters. “We are going to continue as we’ve done with the NBA and the WNBA. We will cover social justice movements, actions, as they happen. We’re not going to shy away from that.”

Druley stressed that ESPN does not view the social justice protests as being political.

Well, she can call them whatever she wants. The big problem is the majority of Americans see all of this nonsense as “political” pandering at its worst.

“Look, we’re going to keep our main rule, which is when it intersects with sports, we’re going to cover it, and look, we don’t see the social justice movement as being political. It’s social justice,” said Druley.

What? “Social justice” is a buzz word made up by the Marxists to define their political movement to instill their own radical agenda. This ESPN executive, Stephanie Druley, isn’t fooling anyone with her doublespeak.

She can’t say if they’ll show the anthem for half the season or just two of 10 games.

“I don’t know. We will make a judgment call every week. But I can tell you that Week 1, that first game, you will see the anthem — and you will see ‘Lift Every Voice,'” Druley added.

ESPN’s first Monday Night Football game is scheduled for September 14, when the Giants take on the Steelers and the Titans face the Broncos.

Well, some Americans are done with the NFL, ESPN, and their radical BLM players.

“The dumb asses of the @NFL think this will somehow not permanently damage their already damaged product?” tweeted Joe Patriot 77.

“Before the banner ceremony, ‘Lift Every Voice and Sing’ will be played at 6:55 p.m. According to ESPN, this is traditionally known as the ‘Black national anthem.’ The NFL is an absolute disgrace! How to disrespect our country’s anthem!” tweeted Lane Osborn.

“@espn @NFL @nflcommish playing ‘black’ national anthem but not actual national anthem on tv? I hope it tanks your ratings like the NBA. That’s absurd. Just added ESPN to the boycott. Don’t need it since don’t watch NBA or NFL anymore,” tweeted Mike Deg.

“America is voting by turning off the NFL and other major sports leagues! Can you hear them? Or are you just too woke! You’re going to woke/cancel culture yourselves out of business! So be it,” tweeted James Griffin.

“@ESPNNFL cancelling ESPN from cable package. All lives matter and there is no such thing as a Black National Anthem. Stop pandering!” tweeted “Hammaguy.”

“Hey @espn and @nfl, there is no black national anthem. BLACK is not a nation, it’s a color. There are no national borders for black. The USA is a nation – how about you just play the US national anthem!!!!” tweeted Keith Hammerschmidt.

As Front Office Sports reports:

The NFL’s 1,700 players, meanwhile, will be encouraged to salute victims of police brutality by placing decals with their names on their helmets. The league will also stencil social justice statements such as “End Racism” and “It Takes All Of Us” in end zones this season. The league will play “Lift Every Voice and Sing” before each game during opening weekend.

It sure seems like the NFL and ESPN are hellbent on self-destruction. They forget what made professional sports become the great American pastime. Sports teams and rivalries gave the American worker a few hours of escape from the worries of everyday living.

Now, we have overgrown millionaire athletes spitting in the face of the American way of life which gave them a comfortable living and lifestyle. They are condescending to veterans who watched as their buddies gave the ultimate sacrifice so these Black Lives Matter athletes could sully the flag they gave their lives for.

No one cares anymore about who is “taking a knee” or what ridiculous song they are going to play before kickoff. Patriotic Americans are done with these useful idiots spitting on our great nation and have turned off the NFL and ESPN for good.

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