Fauci’s Model Says Keep US Shutdown Until May 31, Trump Says That’s Too Late

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s faulty data on the COVID-19 pandemic comes from the “expert model” from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. Well, that model is now saying Americans must stay in lockdown until the end of May, and Nancy Pelosi is backing that up. President Donald Trump is ready for a showdown saying “that’s too late.” You don’t want to miss this.

President Donald Trump, Dr. Anthony Fauci (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Dr. Fauci’s latest model prediction — which has been utterly unreliable up to this point — is now saying Americans must stay in lockdown until May 31.

“This is a policy demand masquerading as a projection,” said Jordan Schachtel about the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IMHE) Model predictions that says: “Based on our latest projections, we expect social distancing measures to stay in place until the pandemic reaches below 0.3 deaths per 1 million people, which is estimated to be the end of May.”

President Trump is working behind the scenes to make April 30 the day we end the lockdown despite Fauci’s projections. 

The Trump administration is seeking to reopen as much of the US economy as possible by April 30, the deadline for strict social-distancing measures President Donald Trump put in place to fight the coronavirus pandemic, The Washington Post reported on Thursday.

Citing four people familiar with the planning, The Post reported that Trump would soon announce the creation of a second coronavirus task force to set a date to reopen the economy.

The task force could include private-sector and top government officials such as Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow, and Kevin Hassett, the former chair of Trump’s Council of Economic Advisers, The Post reported.

The White House appears to be tilting toward opening the economy soon. In a CNBC interview on Thursday, Mnuchin said much of the economy could be open for business in May.

Get ready for the big showdown between Fauci and his Democrat cohorts versus Trump and the American people. 

There is no doubt the Fauci contingency will be arguing against opening up America for business in May. The Democrats lead by Nancy Pelosi are already laying the groundwork to claim Trump “is going against science” and is being “reckless.”

The truth is that “the science” behind the IMHE model is flawed.

“To describe as stunning the collapse of a key model the government has used to alarm the nation about the catastrophic threat of the coronavirus would not do this development justice,” National Review reports. “On April 8, the projected cumulative deaths were slashed to 60,145 (with the upper range again cut, to about 126,000). That is, in less than a week, the model proved to be off by more than 33 percent.”

“My use of the term ‘off’ is intentional,” National Review’s Andy McCarthy adds. “There is no shortage of government spin, regurgitated by media commentators, assuring us that the drastic reductions in the projections over just a few days powerfully illustrate how well social distancing and the substantial shuttering of the economy is working. Nonsense.”

The key to understanding why the IMHE model is so “off” is the claim it’s “social distancing” that has led to adjust the number of potential deaths down from 2.2 million to 60,000. The truth is “social distancing” was already baked into the data in the IMHE model.

As Alex Berenson points out on Twitter, with an accompanying screenshot data updated by IHME on April 1, the original April 2 model explicitly “assum[ed] full social distancing through May 2020.”

“The model on which the government is relying is simply unreliable. It is not that social distancing has changed the equation; it is that the equation’s fundamental assumptions are so dead wrong, they cannot remain reasonably stable for just 72 hours,” McCarthy declared.

We don’t have another month to waste. Our economy is already on life-support with the Associated Press reporting 16.8 million Americans going on unemployment in the last three weeks.

“Almost 100% of our labor market is under a state lockdown, yet shutdown supporters want even more. Nothing will ever be enough. This isn’t based on evidence; this is political,” tweeted Aaron Ginn.

Nationally syndicated radio host Jesse Kelly has been hearing from middle-class Americans who are in dire straits due to the economic shutdown.

“I own a CPA firm and had a client literally sobbing on the phone. A small business built by his grandfather and passed down to his father, and down to him…decades of blood sweat & tears and sacrifice, and his business will mostly likely not survive,” posted “Wuhan’s Gruber.”

“The emails I’ve gotten over the past month have been some of the most gut-wrenching stuff I’ve ever read in my life. All I’ve tried to do is present their side while people still getting a paycheck told them to shut up and go back inside,” Jesse Kelly said.

So, get ready to rumble. The Democrats and the mainstream media will claim the president is being reckless when he opens up the economy starting May 1.

They will blame Trump for all deaths that follow the new policies he initiates to get Americans back to work. CNN’s Jim Acosta asked the president on Good Friday: “Will you listen to the experts if they say opening up the economy should not be done until June?”

“Sure, I will listen to them. I will. But there is more at stake and to be considered,” Trump said.

That’s Trump saying we will have many more deaths if we go into another Great Depression. That’s what is at stake. So we must all do our part and back up President Trump from the naysayers. Locking down the country was never going to stop the coronavirus for good. The “experts” got this all wrong.

Now, let the American people do what we do best. It’s time to unleash the most productive workers in the world by ending the economic shutdown on April 30, and we all must stand by the president when the wolves try to devour him for doing the right thing.

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