Fonda Gets Torched For Demanding COVID Recovery Money To Fight Climate Change

Jane Fonda is adamant that the stimulus money should be used to “fight” climate change. “These historic sums of stimulus money aren’t going to happen again, maybe even during our lifetimes,” Fonda claimed during an online climate change rally. She went on the say that the Democrats are helping Americans while President Donald Trump is only aiding his rich friends. Well, poor Jane didn’t know what hit her as she got utterly torched. Don’t miss this.

Jane Fonda (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Leftwing actress and environmental activist Jane Fonda used May Day to renew calls to end fossil fuels and protect worker rights while she urged against corporate bailouts during the coronavirus pandemic, especially for oil and drilling companies.

Instead, the actress is demanding that the government allot recovery money to green or sustainable energy as well as to efforts to create a “level playing field” for workers.

“These historic sums of stimulus money aren’t going to happen again, maybe even during our lifetimes. And where they go and how they are spent will determine so much about what kind of future we have,” Fonda said Friday during her monthly “Fire Drill Friday” climate change rally, which was held online.

“So while we insist on more funding to heal the effects of this pandemic, we must also insist that the money is used to lay the foundation for a clean, sustainable energy future as well as justice and dignity and a level playing field for all workers,” she said.

Fonda began the virtual rally by accusing President Donald Trump of stiffing ordinary Americans during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, saying that his administration is trying “to ram through bailouts for the already privileged and the powerful.”

She then praised Democrats who, she claims, “have fought to include financial aid for workers and small businesses, hospitals… but more, much more needs to be done.”

In reality, Congressional Democrats recently blocked aid for small businesses — a Republican-backed measure that would have created $250 billion in coronavirus-related small-business loans.

Fonda also used the virtual rally to renew her assault on oil and drilling companies and their leaders.

“We have to say ‘no’ to bailouts for corporate executives and oil billionaires and ‘yes’ to immediately protecting the most vulnerable among us,” she said. “Fossil fuel executives don’t give a fuzzy rat’s ass about workers or communities’ well being.”

Fonda also demanded free COVID-19 testing and free medical care for workers diagnosed with the disease.

“Now’s the time to invest in economic relief and stimulus measures that put all workers and families first, not big corporations,” she said.

Americans torched Jane Fonda’s idiotic rally on social media. 

Woman of the people, Hanoi Jane, is demanding govt #COVID__19 recovery money be spent on renewables. She doesn’t stop screeching…another tiresome, out of touch Hollywood elite. #ClimateFraud #ClimateHoax,” tweeted Twitter user “Catherine.”

“Sounds like a great idea since one doesn’t have to do with the other! You old commies need to go away! The debt is staggering now,” tweeted “ltlgcoach.”

“Jane: put your own money where your mouth is- you spend all you got on [climate change],” tweeted “Andy’s Melon.”

“Wow… don’t worry about starving families locked in house to die due to lockdown and no work… democrats are blinded by hate..” tweeted “Grim Dawn.”

Use your own damn money @JaneFonda. You’re NOT ‘entitled’ to MINE!!” tweeted Michael J.Fell.

“SHE IS AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN A NUTCASE — ‘Hanoi’ Jane Fonda Demands Coronavirus Recovery Money Be Used to Fight Climate Change — NO WAY!” tweeted David Waddell.

Don’t do it @realDonaldTrump. Surprised she doesn’t want to give it to North Vietnam Once a traitor, always a traitor. Socialist wannabe,” tweeted Elizabeth Howe.

Jane Fonda wasn’t the only Hollywood activist who was calling for stimulus money to “fight climate change.” 

Several celebrities, including Little Women star Laura Dern, The Office star Rainn Wilson, and Thor star Natalie Portman, were promoting Greenpeace and Fonda’s virtual climate change rally.

“Hey, here’s a great way to celebrate Earth Day,” Wilson says in the promotional video. “Please take action with me,” Portman adds as a montage of celebrities, Step Up star Alyson Stoner, and model Brooklyn Decker make their pitch, asking viewers to take action and join Greenpeace and left-wing activist Jane Fonda for the virtual “Fire Drill Friday.”

Americans see these Hollywood celebrities just as tone-deaf as Nancy Pelosi with her $12 a pint ice cream inside her $24,000 dollar freezers.

The disconnect between middle-class Americans who support President Donald Trump and the Democrat elite couldn’t be more vast. Approximately 30 million Americans have lost their jobs, and this is what these leftwing nutjobs are worried about? Talking about “fighting climate change” by using money that is bailing out unemployed Americans is disgusting and disgraceful.

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